The Gig Guide: 19th -25th November

All the gigs!  Yes, we have quite a few things to keep you busy this week!

Starting with Tuesday in Canterbury at The Beercart.  A loud and heavy night of rock and metal awaits as Mistik Sin, Crashgate and Blacken the Name kick out the jams like bosses.

Wednesday it’s off to The Forum in Tonbridge Wells for another big gig.  Atlantica, Careless Rumour, NOD and Pleasure Set will make plenty of loud noises!

Thursday it’s back to Canterbury and The Beercart for some vintage sounding tunes.  All orginal bands with a foot in the past Wild Child, The Eyes, Wires Faulty and Generation Graveyard will make one awesome night.  Alternatively head back to The Forum, Tonbridge Wells, for Lureno, The Orange Circus Band and The Good Ship.

Get all acoustic on Friday at Imperial Sounds.  Happening at the Mercure Hotel, Hythe see Ted Clark and Paul Brasington, The Paul Dunton Ensemble and The Alex Beharrell Band.  Fancy a little more grr?  Head back to the Forum for two gigs, at the same time! Maybe clone yourself to.  See The Burlesque Fever Show + Constance Peach + Doll Baby + Kitty le Creme + Freya Fox + Alethea Rose and Miss Chantilly Lace  or HONNINGBARNA and Tonight We Ride.

On Saturday Folkestone’s Rokanrolla has the awesome Project Plenty, Fish Tank and Es Muss Sein.  In Ashford get acoustic sounds with Live in the Living Room presents Jordan Mann, Small Crusades and The ALex Beharrell Band at Platform 5.

There’s even a gig on Sunday!  At Sellindge Village Hall stand up to Meningitus with help from Vicky Barker and The Mushrooms.

What have we missed?  See full gig listings here.

Wild Child and Crashgate – The E.P Launch at The Walmer Castle, Deal : 04/10/12

Where were you on the 4th of October?  Don’t worry I don’t know what you did (or do I? *mind freak*) but hopefully you were at The Walmer Castle in Deal.  If you were then you’ll know that two bands filled the place with more awesome noises than The Avengers movie.  When those two bands are Wild Child and Crashgate you know you are on to a winner!  The two bands slammed sound into the crowd in the name of Crashgates new release, B.O.B – a very worthy cause I think you’ll agree.

Going on first were Wild Child, frozen during the 80’s and thawed out only for gigs the band crammed into the back of The Walmer Castle, complete with headbands and barely a sleeve between them.   In true 80s style the band played so loud the gig nearly ended, and that was only three songs in.  Happily they kept on playing, tracks like Trouble still bouncing around your head now, well mine anyway.   The band are well worth checking out, if only for the facial expressions of their front man Rikky Slease.  Before the band were taken back to their cryo-tubes they even debuted a brand new track.  The band kicked out riffs like no ones business, and Rikky’s vocals .. the guy has skills!  Mutual respect overflowing, people even saw the heart-warming moment when it clocked that the bands were related.  Shortly followed by the epic line ‘Keeler to Keeler, tequila!’

The moment then came for Crashgate to take the stage.  Mildly drunk guitarist Brian Andrews deserved a high five and maybe a coffee for getting through the whole set.  Apart from snapping a string that is, but anyway.  The band took their positions and the crowd funnelled into the narrow space in front of the stage until it was hard to move.   After a chilled (by Crashgate’s standard) guitar opening the band exploded into life and slammed into their first track.  A few tracks in the band played one of their new tracks Back on Track, a powerful and driving rocker.  The bands set was made stronger by passion etched on their faces, suiting the music perfectly – like a hangover and bacon.  As the set pounded on the crowd got treated to a slightly angry song about an ex-girlfriend. If you were there you’ll know this is probably an understatement.  One persistent member of the audience requested Metalingus at least ten times.  Despite not rehearsing it for six months the band gave in and pulled it off.  Bringing the set to an end was B.O.B – loud, building and big the track acted as a perfect close.

B.O.B must have gone down well as at the end of the night cds were flying out the box like all the Malteasers in a new box of Celebrations.  The band’s fame though was underlined at the start of the gig when a fan made them cookies.  If that’s not dedication, what is?  Crashgate’s unofficial member, possibly the most awesome guitar tech/roadie also deserves a lot of credit and his own homemade cookies! Both bands performed amazingly and left many happy people in their wake.  See both the bands live, it’s the only way!

David Horn

This Week in Gigs

Pinch, punch, first of the month.  That might work better in person  in all honesty – which is good because there are a lot of gigs this week to meet you at!  There are gigs from a lot of Banned Reviews favourites to sink your ears into.

First things first, Crashgate have their E.P launch party on Thursday (4th of October).  The new material sounds amazing and live they’re an awesome and entertaining band.  Don’t take my word for it though head to The Walmer Castle pub in deal and decide for yourself.  Wild Child plus two bands TBC are supporting.  Click here for more details.

Dye your hair green and put on a London accent, Friday (5th of October) see’s Folkestone’s View and Bar Below host a punk night.  It should be eventful!  Check out 7 Day Conspiracy, Ted Diabiase and The Million Dollar Punk Band, Insult and The Half-Wits!  Click here for more information.

If you find yourself closer to Margate than Folkestone on Friday then The Westcoast Bar have you covered.  They have a night of new blood.  Head down to see Atlantica, Escape the Ocean, With Open Arms and Anchors Down.  Find more information here.

Saturday is all about Canterbury and Equafest.  Click here for more information but check this out for a line-up!


Headline act – TBA

Foreboding Ether –

Then the wave came – The Storm –

Magnitude –

Dead Reckoning –

Third place victory –

The homecoming –

Throughout our Fears –

Wretched Soul –

Transcending the Flesh –

Locusts –



Faultline –

Predicting the Fall –

Avenge thee + Naime –

Within the Silence –

The Blissful Mop –

Find full listings here!