ROAM – No Common Ground

Roam; to travel aimlessly over a wide area.  One part of this is true of pop-punkers ROAM  Hailing from Eastbourne they have played across Kent and Sussex including Canterbury and Brighton.  ROAM bring together big hooks and copious amounts of energy as they blast melody driven tracks through your speakers.  They have already fans in high profile Kent bands, Vivid Nation’s drummer wore their merch at the bands last Canterbury gig.  Roam have also supported bands such as We Caught The Castle.


ROAM’s E.P No Common Ground begins with Variable.  A building drum roll leads into big sounding hooky riffs and passionate vocals that press all the right buttons in your head, like a game of Whack-a-Mole in your brain.  Variable sets a strong standard for No Common Ground and shows the bands vision.  More than just a collection of songs Variable flows perfectly into the second track Set the Standard.  This is echoed later with the minute long instrumental BROAM.

No Common Ground showcases ROAM’s talent as a band and pop-punk as a genre.  Across the six tracks ROAM play with the pop-punk genre and create exciting music.  You’ll catch yourself shouting along AND dancing at the same time.  If you’re a man, film it – finally proof we can multi-task like a boss.  Tracks like Compass show the fiery side to ROAM as it starts instantly with a punchy and driving guitar riff.  The track has a rapid and urgent feel, and even sees vocalist Alex Costello talk at the listener in a way that would make Scroobius Pip ask ‘why are you using two different voices?’  Conversely Naviety has a much more tentative opening before kicking into another vibrant and bouncy track, complete with a vocal breakdown followed by a tasty guitar solo.

No Common Ground

Less Than Productive stands out on No Common Ground.  It carries all the elements of ROAM, and highlights the bands ability to write.  ‘So put down your phone  and do something useful’.  The line will will catch you out and make you smile.  It will also make you think back to the pub when everyone sits on their phone pressing buttons like its the only way to make their hearts beat.  Less Than Productive is just one example of the bands insightful lyrics.

ROAM are  band you should discover.  They deliver accomplished pop-punk that wouldn’t sound out of place on any national music outlet.  No Common Ground is even free!  Get the No Common Ground from ROAM’s Bandcamp!  Least of all for the genius album art.

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David Horn

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