The Banned Reviews Takeover 03/03/13

We hope you enjoyed more great underground and unsigned music.  It pressed lots of nice buttons in our brains, like a kid hitting lots of red buttons.  The end result was plenty of amazing sounds from artists and producers from across the UK, and even one band from Chicago.  AudioWhore’s album is just out and a bit good! Meanwhile we’re expecting great new material from Atlantica soon.  We hope their tracks got you excited!  Hear it again on Friday at 6.30 or listen now for great independent music.  Do you like what you hear?  Any requests?  Email

Track Listing:

AudioWhores – Slice of Life / On Facebook

Tyrannosaurus Alan – S.T.B feat Jak Brown / On Facebook

Atlantica – In Vivid Colour / On Facebook

Fish Tank – Kakapo / On Facebook

The New Diet – See Millions, Saw Few / On Facebook

Matt Appleby – By Night / On Facebook

Common Outlaw – Catalyst / On Facebook

Wildfowl – She Opened Her Legs / On Facebook

Up For The Letdown – I Fear Sharks / On Facebook

Slaves – Cease Fire / On Facebook

Slaves – Nervous Energy

Wolfstone Ft. Romy Harmony & Alexander – I’ll Never Let You Go (Fade Remix) / On Facebook

Afro Dizzy Jack Remix – Talking with myself 2012  Afro Dizzy Jack Remix / On Facebook

Mr Beanie – Trap Mix / On Facebook

Much Love.


The Banned Reviews Takeover 20/01/13

Ahhhhhhh.  It’s good to be back!

Tonight we played some big sounding Kent music, and if we’re honest it did nice things to our inner jelly.  We can’t wait to bring you more weeks of underground and regional music.  We hope you like it, but we’re also open to suggestions!  Comment or email us on  Listen again on Friday 6.30 – 7.30 for a repeat!  Listen right now for awesome independent music!

Tack Listing:

YaMaHaRaHaRa – Hit Red / On Facebook

Tyrannosaurus Alan  – S.T.B feat. Jak Brown / On Facebook

Slaves – Nervous Energy / On Facebook

Wildfowl – You Tripped Me / On Facebook

Elle Rayenne – Rayguns / On Facebook

Lizzie Andrews – Rock, Paper and Scissors / On Facebook

Common Outlaw – Catalyst / On Facebook

The Rebecca Riots – Not One Step Back / On Facebook

Tank Trap – Burdened Smile / On Facebook

Pawse – I Need You / On Facebook

Krafty – The Memory of You / On Facebook

Mr Beanie, Rebirth Records – Bass and Dub Mixtape / On Facebook

Much love,

14/01/2013: Slaves and Tyrannosaurus Alan

Start the week proper with some free music goodness!  We’ve got two tracks for you this week, a brand new track seething with punk energy and a oldie from a band sadly no longer with us.

Firstly, Slaves are back; and feeling generous.  A new track called Nervous Energy  is waiting on their Bandcamp for free or whatever you want to pay.  The Maidstone punk band have one minute and fifty three seconds of angry and dark sounds.  As socially critical as ever, the harsh tones of Laurie Vincent dive down your ears over the sinister riffs of Isaac Holman.  Another big track, Slaves have once again delivered punk at its finest.  All your’ for free!  Get Nervous Energy for yourself here.

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Because we’re feeling extra generous have one more track on us, well Tyrannosaurus Alan.  It’s been kicking around the dark recesses of this site for a while.  Tyrannosaurus Alan sadly stopped as a band at the end of last year after a pretty good run, let’s be honest.  S.T.B features Jak Brown.  A slice of hard and driving ska, you’ll feel happy to have it in your ears and sad Tyrannousaurus are no more.  Trumpets play over energetic snarling  guitars and raw vocals.  Genius!  Get your copy here!

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News: Tyrannosaurus Alan Play Their Last Gig

Tyrannosaurus Alan Play Their Last Gig

It’s a sad day for the Kent music scene.  To add to the sad loses of bands such as Save Target As. and Promise Me Tomorrow, Tyrannosaurus Alan are calling it a day.

Tonight at the Beacon Court in Gillingham Tyrannosaurus Alan will play their last ever gig.  For four years the band have pedaled their unique sound, built on ska, punk, hip-hop plus more other genres than there are words for.  During their four year life span Tyrannosaurus Alan have even played across Europe, playing over 680 gigs or one million by their own count.  They’ve rocked crowds from our own Kent to places like London, Bristol and Newcastle.  Across the channel they’ve made friends in countries such as France and the Netherlands.  All this has gained them over 5000 fans.

Musically the seven piece have released one album, Campaign, which received high praise including this from one unknown reviewer.

“here’s a notice to you all: the band’s album, ‘Campaign’ (picked up tonight), is storming. It’s skacore with a wit and intelligence, and just a bloody big sound, and it’s very reminiscent of tonight’s headliner. This band will be followed closely next year.”

Tyrannosaurus Alan also have a track free to download called S.T.B.  Beyond Kent however the ska scene has lost a vibrant and entertaining presence.  The band have played with the likes of Imperial Leisure.  Tyrannosaurus Alan have achieved international airplay and played a Maida Vale session for the BBC, voted one of the best punk sessions recently.

Catch them tonight and hear what all the hype was about at the Beacon Court, Gillingham with Slaves, AvaGrace and Clay Pigeon.

David Horn

Tyrannosaurus Alan on Facebook

Tyrannosaurus Alan on Bandcamp

The Week in Gigs: 8th-15th of October

This week there a load more awesome gigs to get stuck into!!

The first is happening this Tuesday at The Beercart Arms in Canterbury!  Check out Evarane, Vivid Nation, Where’s Billy? and Atlas!  It’s big one.  It’s Evarane’s first time at the venue, Vivid Nation are raising for charity, Where’s Billy? are awesome and it’s Atlas’s E.P launch!!  Boom!!  Find more information here!

Next up there are three gigs competing for your ears on Thursday! In Fokestone go to Chambers and check our Funk & the Two Tone Baby doing their thing!  A night not to be missed.  Find details here.  At Mojo in Chatham check out Dead Reckoning, Bury the Hatchet, Atlantica, Down to My Last and Avenge Thee + Naime!  Find more information here.  In Canterbury go to The Lady Luck and watch Tyrannosaurus Alan and Fish Tank – details here.  Some tough choices!

Make it a chilled one on Friday at Imperial Sounds.  Taking place at the Imperial Hotel, Hythe check out the acoustic event featuring Hank Foreman, Ben Milberry and Some Kind of Symmetry.  Find details here.

On Saturday there’s another chance to see Atlantica alongside Blackwater Revue, Broke Banjo, Ugly Love and Crow Lane at The Ivy in Sheerness!  Find details here.  Alternatively go see some classic punk at The Westcoast Bar in Margate with Rebel Truce – a tribute to The Clash.  You guessed it, find more information here.

Even Sunday has something going on!  At Ashford’s Platform 5 check out Selective Noise featuring: Ziphedz, The Epicycle, ShyChlo, Jesta, Mic B, DJ Ideal and Moley MC!  A big line-up!  Check it out.