18/12/2012: Then The Wave Came – This Will Not End Well (For You)


I don’t know about you but all this super sweet and cheery Christmas music does our nuts in.  So for this weeks free download we bring you some deathcore, you know just to re-address the balance.

Then The Wave Came are a relentlessly heavy and pounding band that will take your ears hostage and make so many loud noises you’ll forget what silence is.  Just like all kidnappings though you’ll get Stockholm Syndrome.  This Will Not End Well (For You) is driving behemoth of a track.  Starting with a foreboding but light riff the energy builds and builds closer to a thunderstorm of noise.  As this storm breaks Then The Wave Came reveal their true colours.  Riffs and drumbeats smash hurl around your brain as other worldly vocals convey a dark and angry place.  This Will Not End Well (For You) is the perfect antidote to Christmas music.  Get it here and let every bad Christmas track you’ve heard 5oo million times just slip away.

Then The Wave Came also have two other tracks available if that wasn’t enough.


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The Gig Guide: 3rd – 9th Dec

It’s a week.  A new week.  A new week full of gigs!  As always there’s plenty to keep you entertained this week!

Our week starts on Tuesday at The Beer Cart, Canterbury with Below the Radar.  Ska band Imperial Leisure are touring the country, they’ve done some dates with Sonic Boom Six and are doing their own headline tour.  They’ll hit Canterbury supported by some big local talent!  Canterbury’s own ShyChlo, Riskee and the Ridicule fresh from Camden, ska punk band My Third Leg and indie ska band Firstborn Heroes will make all kinds of good noises.

Wednesday at The Lantens in Folkestone get some beats in your life with The Winter Warmer.  A night filled with great local talent this night is also in support of the local homeless shelter!  As well as the tunes get your hands on the local music compilations with all profits going to the shelter!

Thursday it’s back to The Beer Cart, or the future – which ever works, for another big night.  Come down for Phatta Sounds first gig.  It’s a big line-up!  Sincerity, Then the Wave Came, Within the Silence and Locusts will put on an big show.   Sincerity alone have just supported Fear Factory with a genius light show!  Alternatively if you’re feeling some indie folk get down to The Windmill in Ashford for Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne.  Celebrate with Blaise Paisel as they launch their video for Magical.

I’f you’re want another fix of Imperial Leisure they’re playing The Tubman in Hastings on Friday.  Alternatively The Forum in Tonbridge Wells has Weezish!  The Weezer tribute band will give you an epic fix of college rock with some big tunes!

Saturday get yo’self down to new venue The Rafters in Maidstone!  The mighty Vivid Nation will playing there.  If you’ve not seen them they combine atmospheric guitars with passion and performance!  If you have seen them, see them again!  Closer to Tonbridge?  Get back to The Forum for a big night of rock! All The Above + Zombie Met Girl + Ugly Love + Nod and Toxic Rock DJ’s  will loud noises for you!

Have a great week!  What have we missed?  Check our full gig guide for more!