The Banned Reviews Takeover 10/03/13

Another great night of music!  Bands from the UK, Canada and America fell out your speakers into your ears!  There was even a twenty minute portion of Pawse’s most recent DJ set!  Our ears are still feeling happy!  Check out tonight’s show for more great Kent and underground music!  Listen anytime for independent music here.

Track Listing:

Artemis Redeemer – Something More / On Facebook

Voodoo Brother – Still Water / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

The Gang – Mania / On Facebook

High Tide – Home / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

The Zolas – Escape Artist / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – One Sided Dice / On Facebook

Insult – Young and Reckless / On Facebook

Insult – Our Money Your War

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown /On Facebook

Pawse – Live at Wooly’s 03-02-2013 / On Facebook

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Banned Reviews

The Zolas Release Video For Escape Artist

Escape Artist is one of the deeper and more thoughtful moments on The Zolas’ album Ancient Mars, and has now been put to moving pictures – commonly called a video.

Escape Artist is the half way point of Ancient Mars.  A reflective piano starts the track  as bare and honest vocals tell the story of someone forced to hide their true self from the real world.  Restrained and subtle drumming add to a dynamic edge to the song as the story picks up. As the person lives their dream Escape Artist finds a new and sense of energy and positivity.  Escape Artist is a feat in story telling and  delivery.

The Zolas

The video shows the duel life of the protagonist, at first fitting in with friends before returning home to live out what makes him happy.  Escape Artist translates into a video which shows the contrast and of these two worlds and the level of happiness each brings.  The video shows story in an engaging and human way, ending bitter sweet as the main character rejoins the life he has to live.

David Horn

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26/11/12: Artemis Redeemer and Fish Tank

Two big tracks for you from two amazing bands (we’ll be honest, we couldn’t decide)!

Starting things off it’s Artemis Redeemer!  A group of solid musicians, they’ve come together to make plenty of loud and awesome noises for your ears.  Artemis Redeemer are starting off big, hitting fans with a new E.P, Rumours, nearly as soon as they hit fans with themselves.  From Rumours the track Something More is doing nice things to our insides.  Loud, punishing and unrelenting this is a serious slice of metal!  It’s great.  Download it and the whole Rumours E.P here for free.

Like this?  Try Lynchpyn.

We saw the Fish Tank over the weekend and they pressed some buttons in our collective music brain, it was great!  Fish Tank make fast paced and big sounding indie music with some great lyrics.  Not only this but their E.P has a genius name, Henry.  The whole thing is all kinds of good but we kinda like Ginny.  Big group vocals start the track and a joyous guitar tone give this track a great vibe, not to mention some crashing drums.  The Henry E.P is yours again for free here, unless your feeling generous then you can give them what you think it’s worth.

If you like this try the Canadian band The Zolas.

There’s one more thing we can’t get enough off, American Rapper Kilo Kish.  Great soulful electronic backing with nice flows and words.  Check her E.P out here.

The Banned Reviews Takeover 11/11/12

So, that happened!  We just took over Somojo Magazine’s radio stream like amazing ninja pirates and filled it with an hour of some of Kent’s finest local music!

We’re surrounded by so much local talent it makes us feel like The Inbetweeners’ Jay on an under 30’s female nudist holiday.  These are the incredible local bands we played this week!  Missed some of them?  That was silly but if you did or you just want to hear them again (we wouldn’t blame you) it’s repeated again on Friday at 6.30!  Tune in again next Sunday at 8pm to Somojo for more amazing local bands.  Somojo play unsigned and independent music 24/7 – check them out for a few new discoveries at anytime!

  1. Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook
  2. Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves / On Facebook
  3. Blacken the Name – Speeding Fist / On Facebook
  4. Slaves – Beauty Quest / On Facebook
  5. The Tied – It Takes Two To Make An Accident / On Facebook
  6. Vivid Nation – We’re Not Built The Same / On Facebook
  7. The Zolas – Strange Girl / On Facebook
  8. Blaise Paisel – Magical / On Facebook
  9. Wheres Billy – Aches and Pains of The Quiet Life / On Facebook
  10. The Black Waterside – A Requiem for Mary-Anne / On Facebook
  11. Mr Payne – Waste What You Got / On Facebook
  12. Syd Arthur – Dorothy  / On Facebook
  13. Seba – Painted Sky (MELOKI remix) / On Facebook
  14. Rebirth Records Mini Mix / On Facebook

See you next week!!

The Zolas – Ancient Mars

What do you get if you combine Canada, the guy that mixed Aphex Twin and guitars?  The answer is The Zolas.  I would also have accepted ‘saaaay whaaaat?’ however.  The Zolas make guitar and piano driven indie music fuelled by a strong beat and soaked in sincerity.  The cult Canadian band are unleashing their album on the world, Ancient Mars.

All the best indie music has a unique quality to it, alongside insightful lyrics that will possess your body to move.  The moment In Heaven rolls out your speakers you’ll hear that The Zolas have this down better than Liam Neeson at getting family members back.  A major strength of this album is the variety within it.  In Heaven has a calamitous  riff and crisp drums, giving it a quirky sound.  Knot In My Heart changes this before you’re even sure what you’ve just heard.  A down beat opening and verse opens the before breaking into a deceptively bright chorus.  These shifts happen so frequently by the end of track ten you ears will be ripped from the sonic work out.  Tracks like Local Swan will make you move as a clear and powerful drum beat vibrates through your mind.  At the same time the piano driven simplicity of Escape Artist will bring out your thoughtful and reflective side.

Being a band and all, a major part of the record is the instruments.  The band have used their musical weapons with more creatively than most.  Some things are consistent, like the drumming.  Whether your reflecting or singing along badly (like a boss) this is always clear, crisp and powerful.  Local Swan shows this off to a tee.  The verses show it at it’s restrained best whilst the chorus sees it jump into an indie dance floor filler.  The guitars are a major factor in the bands versatility.  They can sound subtle and supportive in tracks like the final bonus track. Equally they can hit your ears with maximum swagger in tracks like Strange Girl.  The piano adds an interesting addition to the sound, giving the songs another level.  The piano and guitars have let the band create even more brain surprizing soundscapes.  Some songs drop the piano or guitars entirely creating entirely different vibes.  Strange Girl shows the guitar used to devastatingly catchy effect with that big riff whilst the guitars get a rest with Escape Artist.

Now about those lyrics.  Like all the best indie music they give your brain something to do and make you smile.  Whether it’s Ancient Mars with an ode to college/Mars or holding up an observatory they’ll tickle.  “Hands in the air/listen to me/this is a stick up at the observatory” from Observatory will rattle around your head for days, whilst giving you one of those creepy random smiles that’s causes people to give you a funny look.  Underneath the imagery though they echo emotions and desires well, tracks like Local Swan won’t fail to stir a feeling or two.  Delivery is everything though, and happily they’re delivered brilliantly.  The sincerity of the music runs into the vocals and gives them a bare and honest feel.  There are also a few sneaky vocal harmonies with some interesting flows.

A very strong album, it’s hard not to change your mind about favourite tracks with every song that greets your ears.  With that in mind here goes nothing.  Strange Girl is a big tune, energetic with a big riff the lyrics will make you smile as they make you picture your own strange girl.  Observatory is another standout track with a tropical guitar riff and some inspired words.  Limiting it to three (no mean feat) Cold Moon is a stripped back beauty with a sultry piano riff, soulful synths and a haunting beat.  The lyrics again will make you smile and think as they remind you ‘I found the stomach to deny/the urge to look you up online … but sometimes I still do”.

This record will take you a trip filled with reflection, sounds and variation.  Whether you’re in the mood for a guitar banger or a thoughtful track The Zolas have something for you packaged in awesome sounds and words.  If you like your indie music original and meaningful this is a band for you.

The Zolas on Facebook

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. In Heaven
  2. Knot In My Heart
  3. Ancient Mars
  4. Strange Girl
  5. Escape Artist
  6. Observatory
  7. Local Swan
  8. Euphrates and Tigris
  9. Cold Moon
  10. Cultured Man *Bonus Track

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