26/02/2013: The Black Waterside – Ole Death!

Ole death, it reaches all of us sometime.  Which is why it’s important to fill the time between with fun happenings and lots of good music!  One song we recommend to keep your ears entertained is The Black Waterside’s newest track.  Ole Death! is another blusey monster from the band and yours to own for literally no more effort than some keyboard taping and a mouse click.

The Black Waterside once again use vocal samples to genius effect to enhance Ole Death! further.  As a thick southern drawl fades out the powerful voice of Adam Bray storm  in and fills Ole Death! with raw urgency.  Ole Death! soon finds its groove as creative drums add a new element to the track.  The feel of Ole Death grows and grows as the track continues, gaining a bigger and more accomplished sound as it goes on.  Adding to all of this is gritty and powerful guitar playing.

The Black Waterside

Get your free download of Ole Death! here!

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The Banned Reviews Takeover 24/02/13

So, last night happened.  An hour of big local music from bands across Kent and a few cheeky extras (the best kind).  We have to be honest, it did some nice things to us.  With new material from Crashgate and The Black Waterside we enjoyed it a lot.  Check out all the acts we played live, they’re all kind of awesome.

Track Listing:

Stone Kings – Psycadelic Lady / On Facebook

Tank Trap – Shot Down / On Facebook

IRIS – Long Walk to Sleep / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – King of the Dole / On Facebook

The Doctorates – Don’t Stop / On Facebook

Andy Robinson – Louder (DJ Fresh Cover)

Elle Rayenne – De-Construction / On Facebook

Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers – Faceache (No Money) / On Facebook

The Black Waterside – Ole Death / On Facebook

Crashgate – As One / On Facebook

Mr Beanie (Rebirth Records) – Deep n Tech Mix / On Facebook

Pawse – Contact / On Facebook

Kilo Kish – Navy / On Facebook


Wildfowl – The Carousel E.P

I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to you about wildfowl.  Don’t worry this isn’t a hack by the RSPB.  Wildfowl are actually a Medway based  band playing swagger laden blusey rock.  Wildfowl formed in August and are releasing their debut, The Carousel E.P.  To show off even further the E.P was recorded in just one day.  What waits on it are six dirty and infectious tracks.

The first of these is Shackles.  Instantly an inviting riff climbs out of whatever your using (speakers, headphones, singing squirrels, y’know).  Carried along by a strong bass line your ears are then treated to the vocals.  With the vocal duties shared across the Carousel E.P you’re treated first to Rory Asten Bell’s smokey warblings before Genevieve Gore joins to complete the harmony.  Driven by that hooky riff and strong drumming Shackles jaunts along, setting up the sound of Wildfowl perfectly.

Influences such as Jack White and Miles Kane shine through in Wildfowl’s delivery of raw guitar driven blues.  Rory’s guitar works well with the rest of the band, helping tell stories.  Equally however it can take center stage and impress.  Denials Your Friend shows this guitar work at it’s best as a supportive riff pulses through verses before building to hooky crescendo as the song enters it’s final minute.  Always helpful in a band is the drumming, which is powerful throughout the Carousel E.P.  The beats laid down by Adam Green drive the songs forward, and are at their most pounding in tracks such as Half Cut.  The clarity of the recorded drum sound is also impressive.  Sean Meaney’s bass creates a pervading sense of rhythm across the Carousel E.P, but particularly beasty in tracks like such as Carousel.

Stand out tracks on the E.P include You Tripped Me and Carousel.  This Opens with an uncertain chime before an attention grabbing riff straight from a Bond film kicks in.  You Tripped Me also shows Genevieve leading the vocal duties.  Her clear vocals deliver the lyrics straight to the center of your brain and contrast the dirty (in all the best ways) music beneath them.  Add a catchy chorus to that big Bond riff and raucous drumming and this song won’t leave your mind.  As the raucous and energetic end approaches this track is a world away from its opening.  The title track Carousel is a five minute epic with a body possessing rhythm.  The song shows the band at their most versatile.  It has a big and infectious sound in places.  However it also has a slow vocal breakdown  and a cheeky false end as more bluestastic (that’s totally thing..now) storms down your ears.

Wildfowl have started off big.  The Carousel E.P is a six track blues manifestos of energy, soul and passion.  Wildfowl wear their influences on their sleave but leave their originality ringing in our ears.  See the band live and get a copy from iTunes.

Wildfowl on Facebook

Track Listing:

  1. Shackles
  2. Half Cut
  3. You Tripped Me
  4. She Opened Her Legs
  5. Carousel
  6. Denials Your Friend

David Horn


Interview: Rory Asten Bell of Wildfowl

Free Download: The Black Waterside

The Banned Reviews Takeover 11/11/12

So, that happened!  We just took over Somojo Magazine’s radio stream like amazing ninja pirates and filled it with an hour of some of Kent’s finest local music!

We’re surrounded by so much local talent it makes us feel like The Inbetweeners’ Jay on an under 30’s female nudist holiday.  These are the incredible local bands we played this week!  Missed some of them?  That was silly but if you did or you just want to hear them again (we wouldn’t blame you) it’s repeated again on Friday at 6.30!  Tune in again next Sunday at 8pm to Somojo for more amazing local bands.  Somojo play unsigned and independent music 24/7 – check them out for a few new discoveries at anytime!

  1. Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook
  2. Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves / On Facebook
  3. Blacken the Name – Speeding Fist / On Facebook
  4. Slaves – Beauty Quest / On Facebook
  5. The Tied – It Takes Two To Make An Accident / On Facebook
  6. Vivid Nation – We’re Not Built The Same / On Facebook
  7. The Zolas – Strange Girl / On Facebook
  8. Blaise Paisel – Magical / On Facebook
  9. Wheres Billy – Aches and Pains of The Quiet Life / On Facebook
  10. The Black Waterside – A Requiem for Mary-Anne / On Facebook
  11. Mr Payne – Waste What You Got / On Facebook
  12. Syd Arthur – Dorothy  / On Facebook
  13. Seba – Painted Sky (MELOKI remix) / On Facebook
  14. Rebirth Records Mini Mix / On Facebook

See you next week!!

Feature: Dan Lucas and Anchor Baby Recordings

The Mighty Boosh went all the way to the desert to the find the new sound.  Kent doesn’t have a lot of deserts (unless you’re reading this in the year 2100) but hidden away in the Garden of England is a place.  In this place not only will you find the new sound, but you’ll leave with the new sound sounding better than ‘want a cuppa?’  This place is called Anchor Baby Recordings.

Anchor Baby Recordings is the creation of Dan Lucas.  A musician and producer, he has connections running out throughout the music scene.  You could play the Seven Degrees of Separation game, it probably wouldn’t take seven degrees to link a band to Dan/Anchor Baby Recordings however.  Dan has a few musical skills (which helps with the general concept of being a musician).  He can sing, play piano, play drums, guitar and bass.  Not bad going, let’s be honest.  The musical call beckoned at the humble age of eight when he heard Pink Floyds ten minute epic Sheep, followed by Disintegration by The Cure.  Diverse from the beginning, it’ll come as no surprize that being a musician has helped Dan get around a bit.  He has toured with Unwed Sailor, an Oklahoma based instrumental band, and garage band The Higher State on their tour of Germany.

Maintaining this spirit of diversity Dan plays in three bands currently. I hope whoever first said men can’t multi-task is reading this.  If acoustic sounds are your thing then Dan’s band Tener Duende has you covered with alarmingly funky jazz and flamenco sounds.  If you want something a little louder however Jairus will send frantic energy towards like a sonic bulldozer. Dan has toured with Jairus in 26 countries! Fiery bluesy rock even comes into the picture via The Black Waterside.  Get your hands on a track for free right here.  Surely it’s only a matter of time before there’s a DJ/Rap project to complete the set.

So that’s Dan.  With all that variety it stands Anchor Baby Recordings in good stead.  Unsurprisingly with the amount of bands making up Dan’s musical history he’s been on the other side of a producer a few times.  The perfect environment for a love of producing to grow.  Like all the best this happened by basically pressing buttons to see what they did.  Having said this some respected engineers also imparted their wisdom.  Anchor Baby Recordings is armed with an 88 channel analogue desk as well as more musical equipment than Arcade Fire on tour.  Whilst a musician at his core Dan finds that ‘in the recording and production environment that I get to be extremely creative too’.

Enjoying sharing the experience of creating new music with the bands that go through Anchor Baby Recordings the list is building up.  The varied list includes fip fok band Coco and the Butterfields, rising indie band Chutes and grunge metallers Tortilla Army.  These are only three bands though; the list is longer than I know numbers for.  This says a bit about my maths skills but a lot about the reputation held by Anchor Baby Recordings.  Dan’s ambition for himself and Anchor Baby Recordings is to do what he does on a slightly grander scale, but just to keep working in and with bands.

With fifteen years of experience Dan at 29 years old has plenty more time to make an impact on music both locally and on a larger scale.  Not just a talented musician and engineer, he’ll give you tuition to.  Whether you want to learn the drums or how to produce sounds so good they actually sound shiny Dan has a service for you.  If you’re a band though thinking about where to record, Anchor Baby Recordings should definitely be on the list.

Dan Lucas/Anchor Baby Recordings on Facebook

Anchor Baby Recordings

Tener Duende on Facebook

Jairus on Facebook

The Black Waterside on Facebook

David Horn (not on facebook)

15/10/12: The Black Waterside – A Requiem For Mary-Anne + Wheres Billy

Bluesy rock’n’roll – there’s something special about it and Kent band The Black Waterside do it in style!  A Requiem For Mary-Anne storms along, the vocals really bringing this song to life and adding to the fire already created by the rest of the band.  All yours as ever for free we strongly suggest you get it, even more strongly however we suggest you catch them live.  The song intros and timing alone are a spectacle!  Download it here!

You’re in for a treat though, we’re slightly taken by Wheres Billy to and couldn’t decide between the two so check out this track to!  Check out their track Anxiety.  A pounding and honest track –  the E.P is very cool to!

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