Wheres Billy Win The Vote To Open For OPM

Wheres Billy have topped a poll of 33 bands to win the chance to open for OPM on their Kent tour date in March.  Wheres Bill fought of competition from a sea of other talented Kent acts and even beat Rhianna, Justin Bieber and Slayer to the top.

Wheres Billy finished on a total of 1037 votes, followed by After the Enclave on 780 votes and Stone Kings with 280 votes.  Wheres Billy join Riskee and the Ridicule and Third Place Victory in support of OPM, brought to Kent by Below The Radar Events and Promotions.  The event itself will be on the 27th of May at Canterbury’s Beer Cart Arms and will make up OPM’s only Kent date.

Scroll down for links to free music from the bands playing on OPM’s Kent date.

Find Wheres Billy on Facebook.

See event details here.

David Horn


Free Download: Wheres Billy – Anxiety

Free Download: Riskee and the Ridicule – King of the Dole

Free Download: Third Place Victory – Against Me


Circle Of Rage Release New Video

Circle of Rage, Fear, Does, Not, Exist, In, This, Dojo

Circle of Rage have released the video to their latest track Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo.  Produced by Kent based OYFE Productions the video is set in a dark and smoke filled room.  The video suits the track perfectly as the dark  and confined environment hosts foreboding drumming and an opening riff that sounds like it’s climbed out of hell.

Professionally shot and edited Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo captures the live spirit of Circle of Rage and the aggression of the track. There’s even a TV that gets smashed.  Watch Circle of Rage live on the 28th March at Canterbury’s Beer Cart Arms.   Scroll down for links.

Circle of Rage on Facebook /Circle of Rage live in Canterbury 28/03/13

The OYFE Production website

David Horn

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Feature: Phatta Sound Promotions

Exploring the streets of Canterbury you’ll notice the image of headphones has started to mark shop windows everywhere.  Nope, not a graffiti problem – these mark the arrival of Phatta Sound Promotions to Canterbury’s diverse music scene.  The brain child of Charlie Vanstone, Phatta Sound Promotions have already hosted their first gig featuring Sincerity, Then The Wave Came, Within The Silence and Locusts.  With much more planned they’re a promoter to look out for.

So, Phatta Sound Promotions then.  They began in September powered by Charlie Vanstone’s passion for music.  Recently called ‘the last bastion of live music in Canterbury’ by BBC Kent Introducing The Beer Cart Arms is Phatta Sound Promotions’ main home.  Phatta Sound Promotions came into existence as a way for the team to put on gigs their own way in conjunction with Phatta Sound Solutions.  Joining founder Charlie Vanstone is Loz Regan, previously of Save Target As, stage managing alongside members of Canterbury band ShyChlo.  Joe Dawson manages the door, Joel Prince supervises proceedings with Shane Elvy and Rick Whale completing the crew.

The crew have a wealth of experience between them; Save Target As and ShyChlo both playing to a high standard with numerous gigs in a variety of venues.  Whilst not in a band, Charlie began his involvement with music at the age of 13 at the Sellindge Music Festival.  Since then he has worked with sound engineering company Rs-blu, working with famous acts and big festivals along the way.

Phatta Sound Promotions’ goal is to bring bigger acts to Canterbury, and to put it on the map.  Only one gig in the team already have events headlined by The Shallow and Hindsights lined up.  Done for all the right reasons founder Charlie finds the best bit of the job seeing ‘the smiles on people’s faces enjoying themselves at our events’, as well as working with the team.  The team have been tight lipped about their future plans but they’re Facebook activity suggests it’s going to be a bit special.

Phatta Sound Promotions offer a variety of services.  They book and manage live events whilst also providing P.A systems.  Providing bands from across the UK with the opportunity to gig in Canterbury they manage bands, including Magnitude and Perks.  Based on this experience Phatta Sound Promotions offer advise on how to begin in music and how to make the most of your band.  If you were wondering where the posters come from, well that’s local designer Reese Designs.

A young team, they have big ideas and big drive.  Come to their shows to see for yourself, as well as great local and out of town bands.

David Horn

Phatta Sound Promotions on Facebook

Reese Designs on Facebook

Magnitude on Facebook