The Banned Reviews Takeover 17/03/13

What an awesome show!  The underground and unsigned music in Kent and across the UK is incredible!  We want to congratulate Tank Trap again on earning a slot at this years Isle of Wight Festival and Syd Arthur for their appearance at this years SXSW.  Both these and all the bands we play have bright futures.  See who we played below and go find them live, you won’t regret it.  Listen now for great independent music and again on Sunday at 8 … and Friday at 6.30.  There’s no escape … wait, no excuse not to check it out.

Track Listing:

Blacken the Name – Jekyll and Hyde / On Facebook

Wheres Billy – Tears and Essays / On Facebook

Tank Trap – My Animal / On Facebook

CzechMate – With Me / On Facebook

Skies – Magical / On Facebook

Klac Tik – Reborn / On Facebook

The Alamo – More to Learn / On Facebook

The Lightwings – Revolution / On Facebook

Syd Arthur – Ode to Summer / On Facebook

Optional Rubber Duck – Jackie Chan / On Facebook

Internal Skars – Undertaker / On Facebook

Border:Line Fire –  I Wanna Go / On Facebook

Mr Beane (Rebirth Records) – July Mix / On Facebook



Voodoo Brother – Voodoo Brother

Check out the Cleveland rockers Voodoo Brother with their self titled release, written for Somojo Magazine.

There’s a reason people rock the mic whatever their genre of choice.  From the word itself to the music rock conjures up energy, passion and intensity.  Voodoo Brother are a prime example of this.  The Cleveland, Ohio based rock band pack more substance, volume and riffs than there are Chuck Norris facts.  Voodoo Brother have their self-titled five track E.P out and are ready to pound your ears in the best kind of way.

Read the full review here.

Voodoo Brother

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The Banned Reviews Takeover 11/11/12

So, that happened!  We just took over Somojo Magazine’s radio stream like amazing ninja pirates and filled it with an hour of some of Kent’s finest local music!

We’re surrounded by so much local talent it makes us feel like The Inbetweeners’ Jay on an under 30’s female nudist holiday.  These are the incredible local bands we played this week!  Missed some of them?  That was silly but if you did or you just want to hear them again (we wouldn’t blame you) it’s repeated again on Friday at 6.30!  Tune in again next Sunday at 8pm to Somojo for more amazing local bands.  Somojo play unsigned and independent music 24/7 – check them out for a few new discoveries at anytime!

  1. Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook
  2. Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves / On Facebook
  3. Blacken the Name – Speeding Fist / On Facebook
  4. Slaves – Beauty Quest / On Facebook
  5. The Tied – It Takes Two To Make An Accident / On Facebook
  6. Vivid Nation – We’re Not Built The Same / On Facebook
  7. The Zolas – Strange Girl / On Facebook
  8. Blaise Paisel – Magical / On Facebook
  9. Wheres Billy – Aches and Pains of The Quiet Life / On Facebook
  10. The Black Waterside – A Requiem for Mary-Anne / On Facebook
  11. Mr Payne – Waste What You Got / On Facebook
  12. Syd Arthur – Dorothy  / On Facebook
  13. Seba – Painted Sky (MELOKI remix) / On Facebook
  14. Rebirth Records Mini Mix / On Facebook

See you next week!!

Rudy Warman and Syd Arthur at The Bar Below, Folkestone : 26/10/2012

Written for Somojo Magazine.

Both Rudy Warman and Syd Arthur pulled out all the stops to make a great event.  Take a read, and see them live!  Get some free music here.

Warm ups, I know what you’re thinking.  School day flashbacks involving stretches and threats that if you pick any more grass you’ll have to cut the field with scissors.  Luckily Syd Arthur have a very different idea of a warm up.  Alongside Folkestone’s own Rudy Warman the Canterbury based psycadelic band played The Bar Below, Folkestone as a warm up show to their imminent tour.

Read the full review here.

Savaging Spires – Savaging Spires

Originally written for Somojo Magazine.

This album will mess with your head.  Psycadelic folk music at its best. Check it out!

Put away your mind altering substances (all strictly legal of course), you don’t need them anymore!  Instead put on Savaging Spires by Savaging Spires.  I can’t guarantee your mental state as track twelve winds its way to an end, but what a journey you’ll have!  Savaging Spires have prepared a lo-fi sonic assault which will savage your ears in a soothing and undeniably trippy way.

Read the full review here.

The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This …

Written for Somojo Magazine this is an album of audio worlds waiting for you to explore!  If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecombe is a quality album and it’s even free from their Band Camp.

Put the kettle on, get comfy and don the chunkiest pair of headphones you have.  Got all that ready?  Good, because The Fierce and the Dead have something that requires your full attention.  If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecombe is an album full of soundscapes and sentiment.  Jump in and let it carry you away for a while.

Read the full review here.