The Banned Reviews Takeover 17/03/13

What an awesome show!  The underground and unsigned music in Kent and across the UK is incredible!  We want to congratulate Tank Trap again on earning a slot at this years Isle of Wight Festival and Syd Arthur for their appearance at this years SXSW.  Both these and all the bands we play have bright futures.  See who we played below and go find them live, you won’t regret it.  Listen now for great independent music and again on Sunday at 8 … and Friday at 6.30.  There’s no escape … wait, no excuse not to check it out.

Track Listing:

Blacken the Name – Jekyll and Hyde / On Facebook

Wheres Billy – Tears and Essays / On Facebook

Tank Trap – My Animal / On Facebook

CzechMate – With Me / On Facebook

Skies – Magical / On Facebook

Klac Tik – Reborn / On Facebook

The Alamo – More to Learn / On Facebook

The Lightwings – Revolution / On Facebook

Syd Arthur – Ode to Summer / On Facebook

Optional Rubber Duck – Jackie Chan / On Facebook

Internal Skars – Undertaker / On Facebook

Border:Line Fire –  I Wanna Go / On Facebook

Mr Beane (Rebirth Records) – July Mix / On Facebook


Blaise Paisel Change Their Name

In favour of a name easier to find Blaise Paisel have changed their name.  After several releases including their debut single Magical, Blaise Paisel have changed their name to Skies.

Skies had this to say about the name change:

BLAISE PAISEL served us very well, but our music’s also changed alot since we named the band back then and we feel our new name is going to be the best thing for us! We’re all really excited! Hope u are too! Here’s to the future! Much love x

Find Skies on Facebook.

David Horn

name change

Blaise Paisel (Now Skies) Release Video For Magical

Yesterday evening Blaise Paisel debuted their first official video for the single Magical.  For their first official video, the Folkestone based indie folk (findie) band have released something which suits the track perfectly.  Directed by Sidney Diongzon, the video is as quirky as the track and features all kind of stop motion magic.

Cardboard flowers and clever back drops show the band falling. flying and getting harassed by sheep.   Lead singer Alie Cotter even gets hit out of shot at one point by a park bench.  Original and funny, this is an entertaining way to get the word magical stuck back on repeat in your head.  The track Magical is available on iTunes and directly from the band.

David Horn


Free Download: Elle Rayenne – Rayguns

Review: Blaise Paisel – Magical

Review: Blaise Paisel – What If It’s Too Late

Blaise Paisel (Now Skies) – Magical

Let’s start off with a test, fill in the blank: It’s _____________.

a)      Raining sideways

b)      Magical, magical, magical

c)       Hurting my brain, who does a test?! I mean I chose to read this and you’re giving me a test?

If you picked C you’re very angry and should probably sit down with a cuppa for a few minutes.  If you picked A stop laying on the pavement in the rain, it always starts smelling bad.  If you picked B you’ve heard Blaise Paisel’s debut single and it’s repeating on loop in your head.

A live track, this has now been recorded into sonic velcro by Dan Lucas and sent out into the world.  Magical is built on a creative riff, strong bass line and delicate keys, joined by sincere and honest vocals.  Drums complete the wave of sound, and show Blaise Paisel’s sound at it’s most unique and undefinable.  This is the point where Magical will start to embed in your head.  A bit like crumbs in the butter it won’t leave easily either, but hopefully you don’t mind.

Magical shows Blaise Paisel’s ability to showcase all the elements of their sound.  Each instrument getting it’s moment to dominate your ears whilst also sounding genius together.  Magical also sees the strength of the vocals, working with the other sounds and holding the song together at some points.  The lyrics give the song a whole new level of infectiousness as a criminally hooky chorus temporarily replaces every word you ever learnt with ‘magical’.   Beyond the chorus however the lyrics tell a very honest story that everyone can identify with, laced with an edge of hope and self-reliance.

Just when you think it’s ending the band explodes in again.  Magical is a very strong and honest song showing a band at the peak of their powers, with more surprizes to come.   Check out gig guide to see the song live and to get a hold of it from Blaise Paisel face to face.

Blaise Paisel on Facebook

Review: What If It’s Too Late?

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Magical

Blaise Paisel (Now Skies) – What If It’s Too Late?

Blaise Paisel – not some exotic tropical disease or even a French historical figure – they are in fact a decidedly awesome Kent band with two E.Ps under their belt.  E.P number two is What If It’s Too Late? This live E.P contains six precisely crafted songs all of which evolve and shift while even stirring the odd emotion.

Magical opens proceedings with a sonic combination bound to mesmerize.  With a big chorus the song manages to have low moments just as intense – combining the two to imbue the track with an uplifting vibe.  Keyboard flourishes add to inviting guitars, warm drums and thought provoking lyrics to give a perfect sense of the band.This level of quality is consistent throughout as every track takes you to a different space, every part of the music thoughtful and deliberate.  A major strength of the band is the journey each track takes, this is seen through the stories woven by the lyrics but also the songs themselves.  This can be seen in tracks such as No, I Never Asked You For Anything which has a longer title than some songs have lyrics. It starts off with at a jaunty pace with light guitars and drums before the energy builds and the drums explode into play.

The greatest strength of the music is its honesty, the lyrics echoing your thoughts with music setting the tone to a tee.  This honesty is most apparent on tracks such as Scared, saying things we’ve all thought but probably never voiced.  Honesty isn’t all insecurities and low vibes though.  Songs such as A Perfectionist deliver it in an energetic and inventive way keeping your ears as busy as the cogs in your brain.

This is an E.P full of genius instrumental parts and thoughtful lyrics, with a sound unique to itself.  The annoying thing about the release is the final track What If It’s Too Late which is so relentlessly catchy it’ll be in your head for days like that joke that makes you laugh at moments you really shouldn’t.  See the the band live.  Buy the E.P or stream it from their Bandcamp.

David Horn

Blaise Paisel on Facebook

Blaise Paisel on Bandcamp

Review: Blaise Paisel – Magical

Track listing:

  1. Magical
  2. You Never Know
  3. A Perfectionist
  4. No, I Never Asked You For Anything
  5. Scared
  6. What If It’s Too Late?