Go-Zilla – Self Titled

Robot dinosaurs.  They’re great; arguably they should be the mark of quality for any good album.  This bodes well for Go-Zilla.  Their debut album not only has a robot dinosaur on the front but eleven diverse and brain hijacking tracks. Having played established venues such as the Tonbridge Wells Forum interest around Go-Zilla is starting to swarm like … people running from a robot dinosaur.

Go-Zilla introduce themselves with an ominous and pounding instrumental opening.  This reveals Go-Zilla’s inspired fusion of  drums and guitars alongside synths and electronic vibes.  Following straight out of this audio entrance music is the first contender, Camden Queen.  Camden Queen maintains the same level of energy and intensity as it storms out your speakers and down your brain holes.  Camden Queen starts off with an aggressive riff and urgent drumming before descending into driving synths.  Go-Zilla blur the lines between these two worlds skillfully as Camden Queen ends in a flurry of charged synth lines and guitars.

Go-Zilla, Self Titled

Vocals provide complete the tri-force of elements that make Go-Zilla’s sound so compelling.  They switch from melodic deliveries to rapping and spoken word with ease and even encompass female vocalists.  This creative approach to vocals is shown in Our Tomorrow. A triumphant and determined track, Our Tomorrow gives a platform for nearly all of the above complete with fitting moments of vocal production.  Chasing Shadows is another example of Go-Zilla’s vocal talents.  A moody electronic opening becomes a striking and brain hooking synth line.  Reflective and melodic vocals share the story with spoken word to help create a soulful and captivating track.  They give life to honest lyrics which are easy to relate to, something true across the album.

Go-Zilla cover a range of moods across the album, covering tracks such as the somber sounds of the stripped back Don’t Wait For Me to the demanding nature of Throwdown.  Throwdown features dominant guitars and synths that will make you bristle with energy, and think of pirates (you don’t believe me now I know but wait til it hits your ears).  This dominant nature peaks with tracks such as Get On The Dancefloor.  A statement of Go-Zilla’s live intent Get On The Dancefloor is laced with energy and intention.  The formula is completed by a direct and infectious chorus.

Go-Zilla Live

A strong album throughout, Go-Zilla have created some tracks that shine brighter than most.  The first of these is Keep Breathing.  Keep Breathing is a stripped back and bare track that shows Go-Zilla using guitars and synths in a more subdued and thoughtful way.  The second is the albums closer Wolfpack.  From the first second this is the sonic fusion at its best.  Wolfpack begins with a floor filling EDM influenced synth line which hijacks your ears instantly before entering the dubby and driving chorus.  The vocals are again diverse as a distinctive female vocal turns into melodic and spoken word deliveries.

This is a highly accomplished album using the combination of sounds to explore a variety of soundscapes.  A strong live band, Go-Zilla are a band you should experience .  A creative and versatile album Self Titled is entirely free.  Get it.  Find links to the album below alongside related posts and a video at the bottom of the page.

Go-Zilla on Facebook / Album Download

Live Photography from GIGgle Pics

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Go-Zilla (Intro)
  2. Camden Queen
  3. Our Tomorrow
  4. Get On The Dancefloor
  5. Throwdown
  6. Chasing Shadows
  7. What Would You Give
  8. Don’t Wait For Me
  9. Keep Breathing
  10. The Rise
  11. Wolfpack

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Release Review: AudioWhores – AudioWhores


AudioWhores – AudioWhores

Genre terrorists.  That’s how Richard Peek describes AudioWhores.  Add to this a love of head banging, coffee and … cling film and you’ve got yourself something your ears need inside them.  Hailing from Tonbridge the AudioWhores have a unique blend of subtly, big riffs and funk.  This is AudioWhores’ second release and sees a shift in sound from Fresh Pots whilst still preserving their sound.

Incident starts the album, and is probably your brain will log hearing it.  A menacing opening riff and ominous drums make the intro to Incident the perfect music for a film villain.  Incident then goes into AudioWhores unique sound.  Heavy riffs combine with strong basslines to make seductive music that will refresh your ears more than a Sprite after a music festival.  Returning to a dominating chorus Incident builds and builds as the riff grows in menace.  A  sculpted and tense riff increases Incident’s feel as the track charges to an end.  Across all of this are vocals which complete the unique feel of Incident, they manage to achieve another smooth but fiery tone.


Tracks such as D.I.M, Slice of Life and Half Hundred continue the heavy vibe.  A hard but funky riff opens D.IM which builds as the track continues.  The drums and guitar give D.I.M swagger as vocals surf the music, managing to sound smooth and moreish but also to growl.  Starting in an energetic and aggressive guitar frenzy Slice of Life is the first single from AudioWhores’ self titled album.  The heavy sound of the verse storms down your ears before breaking into an instantly sing-able and funky chorus.  As Slice of Life continues the band’s sounds erupts into a new level of energy and volume.  Half Hundred is a ten minute epic that flits between light and punishing guitars.  Drums provide a powerful constant as Half Hundred showcases both extremes of AudioWhore’s sound.  The track detonates into a sea of energy and sirens as it reaches three minutes.  This mushroom cloud of sound  grows and grows, gaining momentum until a light but groove laden riff climbs out.  With less than a minute to go one final riff breaks before bringing the track to stop.

Reprise brings out another side of AudioWhores entirely.  Reprise warms up slowly as a gentle piano and a soft but dark riff seep out your speakers.  The track builds slowly, sounding like a sonic mist.  As the sound gradually becomes more complex and layered you find yourself getting lost within the track.  Even the addition of a powerful riff doesn’t lose Reprise’s sense of calm.  As the track continues it gives off an increasingly Pink Floyd vibe whilst never loosing the uniqueness of AudioWhore’s sound.  As the aurora borealis of sound peaks with big stretching riffs a piano line returns to finish Reprise in a gentle close, welcoming you back to reality.  This is echoed by We Played On.  A reassuring piano line begins the track as a Latin guitar joins.  Both carry a sense of anticipation as haunting vocals complete the sound.  We Played On also sounds like a movie soundtrack, scoring the part at the end were people rebuild.  Two thirds in energy enters We Played On as the anticipation is turned into a sound with an epic feel to by drums and a charged guitar riff.  Tracks that surely improve with the size of your headphones, these both show the talent and versatility of AudioWhores.


Decayed Words shows the twin worlds of Audiowhores in harmony as it manages to be funky whilst having an edge.  The energy steps up half way through as the sound hardens and the latin feel increases.  42 Hand Man show’s a glimpse of the AudioWhores from their E.P Fresh Pots.  A soft piano and duel vocals from both the singer and a female vocalist start the sone.  This peaceful sound is interrupted by crisp drumming and a funk driven new sound. Sounding like their previous E.P AudioWhores continue to show the range of their sound.   42 Hand Man takes on a lounge before winding back down to its opening sound.  Before you can feel to blissed out however the drums and a cheeky ‘der der der der’ spur the track into a funk heavy close.

AudioWhores’ self titled album is a crafted and creative piece of work.  It is much more an album than a collection of sounds and continuously surprizes as it goes on.  An album  that challenges anything locally or nationally, it is one you should get in your life!  See the video for Slice of Life below.

AudioWhores on Facebook

AudioWhores on Bandcamp

David Horn

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