The Pantomime Villains – Dreamland

Dreamland  is an infectious and energised slice of indie from the Margate band The Pantomime Villians.

The Pantomime Villains have created an E.P which if anything is too short, although a psychiatrist might have something to say about the band’s attitude to relationships.  Even still if indie is your thing, this won’t fail to do nice things to your insides.

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David Horn

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The Pantomime Villians – Dreamland


22/10/12: Blind Ambitions – Headlines

Wrap you’re ears around this weeks free download of the week!  Blind Ambitions are a very accomplished Hardcore band!  Melodic and dramatic guitars join pounding drums and growling vocals to make a powerful track!  Check it out here along side the other 1o tracks on  this free to download album!  Full gig listings can be found here.

If you like this give Atlantica a try as well.