26/11/12: Artemis Redeemer and Fish Tank

Two big tracks for you from two amazing bands (we’ll be honest, we couldn’t decide)!

Starting things off it’s Artemis Redeemer!  A group of solid musicians, they’ve come together to make plenty of loud and awesome noises for your ears.  Artemis Redeemer are starting off big, hitting fans with a new E.P, Rumours, nearly as soon as they hit fans with themselves.  From Rumours the track Something More is doing nice things to our insides.  Loud, punishing and unrelenting this is a serious slice of metal!  It’s great.  Download it and the whole Rumours E.P here for free.

Like this?  Try Lynchpyn.

We saw the Fish Tank over the weekend and they pressed some buttons in our collective music brain, it was great!  Fish Tank make fast paced and big sounding indie music with some great lyrics.  Not only this but their E.P has a genius name, Henry.  The whole thing is all kinds of good but we kinda like Ginny.  Big group vocals start the track and a joyous guitar tone give this track a great vibe, not to mention some crashing drums.  The Henry E.P is yours again for free here, unless your feeling generous then you can give them what you think it’s worth.

If you like this try the Canadian band The Zolas.

There’s one more thing we can’t get enough off, American Rapper Kilo Kish.  Great soulful electronic backing with nice flows and words.  Check her E.P out here.


Dark Theory, Lynchpyn, Silas and Wretched Soul at The Bar Below, Folkestone 16/11/12

Dark Theory, Lynchpyn, Silas, Wretched Soul; with words like this you’re probably thinking the end of the world is close.  And it is, for your hearing the next day.  Happily though for y’know, the world, this was the line-up of metallers that made it their mission to rock the Bar Below on Friday 16th November.  These four bands filled the subterranean bar with more metal sounds than Magneto coughing up nails.

First on were Dark Theory.  The four piece took to the stage with their faces painted and battle dress on.  Then their own brand of black metal jumped out the amps and into peoples faces.  Hellish vocals from lead singer Ryan Wigley joined the guitars, drums and keyboards.  Then something surprizing happened.  Backing vocals from Olivia Kennet joined the fray and added opera to the mix.   All this gave Dark Theory a unique sound.  With all these elements in place the band have shown the unique sound they have, and their potential.  A little more development as a band with more flow between songs in the live set will see Dark Theory showcase their unique sound at its best.

Following this were Lynchpyn.  Out for their debut gig the band didn’t pull any punches.  Coming out to an intro so big the sound desk could barely handle it they slammed their sound into the crowd.  The crowd responded, by getting closer and forming up around the stage.  The five piece filled the stage as much as peoples brains, as lead vocalist Justin Lloyd delivered hard vocals into the room.  Even on a first gig the bands tightness and ability was evident, proven most by their ability to interact and create suspense within the audience.  Not even the promise of pain could deter anyone. Tracks like Sepultura’s Reprise Resist went down well.  Their own Can You Speak Now and Drop The Blade sounded even bigger live than recorded, not even stopped by a unfriendly bass amp.

Silas took to the stage next, and so did their beards.  Fusing heavy riffs with versatile vocals the band let metal so hooky it pierced your brain loose into the room.  This was the Bromley bands first Folkestone gig and they connected with audience.  Tracks like What We See sounded awesome in the live environment.  One thing that was evident throughout Sila’s set was the enjoyment the band felt playing live.  Something echoed by the audience.  Another tight and talented band with a genre defying sound.

Closing the night was Wretched Soul,  Joined on stage once more with more hair than a wookie during Movember.  The band filled and commanded the stage with an intense performance.  Not letting the crowd get lazy at every opportunity front man Chris Simmons constantly growled encouraged.  The result was the hardcore few going for it like they had a spare neck at home.  Furious and driven metal leaped across the room, fueled by pounding drumming, powerful vocals and frantic guitars.  In the true metal way there was even a track about a whore, Veronica, which sounded like a beast as it filled the room.

A big night of metal hosted by Below the Radar Events and Promotions!  Find these bands and see them live.

Dark Theory on Facebook

Lynchpyn on Facebook

Silas on Facebook

Wretched Soul on Facebook

GIGgle Pics on Facebook

Below the Radar Events and Promotion on Facebook

David Horn

The Banned Reviews Takeover 18/11/12

Boom! Our magic ninjas (from SPACE!) just took over Somojo radio for the second time!  With their help we just stuck in another hour of amazing Kent music!!  What did you think?  Here’s the track listing in case you missed any of it, it’ll be replayed Friday at 6.30 so you can hear it all again (we know you want to)!

Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now / On Facebook

Seconds From Ruin – 442 / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound / On Facebook

Common Outlaw – Reborn / On Facebook

7 Day Conspiracy – Someday / On Facebook

History of the Trade – One Arm’s Length / On Facebook

Clacket Lane – Girl That Looks Like Sunshine / On Facebook

Andy Robinson of The Tied – Louder (DJ Fresh cover) / On Facebook

The Objectors – There and Back / On Facebook

Elle Rayenne – Celestial Navigation / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – Jack of All Trades / On Facebook

Mandem Productions feat. Matt Appleby – Working Class / On Facebook Mandem Productions Matt Appleby

Breeding Sequence – Jump Up (Vocal Mix / On Facebook

Rebirth Records Mini Mix by Mr Beanie / On Facebook

See you next week!

Lynchpyn – Drop The Blade

They say music should make you feel something.  Lynchpyn will make you feel like you’ve been punched in the face by Chuck Norris.  Lynchpyn are here with their debut release Drop The Blade.  Over two tracks they show you their mission statement.  Loud, direct and so riff heavy the stage probably sinks a little at gigs.

Leading you into their world is Can You Speak Now.  This slams into you instantly with a big riff.  Big riff could get used quite often in this, time to start a swear jar.  But Can You Speak Now storms along. Surfing the riffs are demonic and tortured vocals that sound like they’re coming from another place.  Probably from below the stage.  Punchy and rapid Lynchpyn show you what they’re about, complete with more guitar break downs than a strung-out rock star.  A few well timed stops manage to jolt your mind just that little bit more.  There’s no getting away from the fact this is a metallic beast.

Compared to the release’s other track though this is the pop hit.  Drop The Blade is somehow even heavier, the opening riff sounding like the sinister intro to some evil being.  Then it breaks into a riff even more destructive.  More tortured vocals crawl down your ears as the guitars wreak havoc.  The sheer pace of metal the monster drags you along by your feet, slamming your head into every note along the way.  Lynchpyn somehow manage to sound concerned through the sound storm of pounding drums and guitars as ‘I am here/Drop the blade’ escapes the maelstrom.  A menacing bass line completes the scene.

This is just a starting point.  This band can only get heavier and more destructive, and bigger.  Find them and enjoy them, because they’ll probably come and find you anyway.  Enjoy!  Get Can You Speak Now free here.

Lynchpyn on Facebook

Lynchpyn on the internet

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Can You Speak Now
  2. Drop The Blade

12/11/12: Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now

Fancy some metal?  Whether you do or not Lynchpyn are going to give you some!  The track is Can You Speak Now and it’s a beast!  The band ooze riffs and heavy energy!  Kick the week off in a big way!!  See them live on Friday, more details can be found in the Gig Guide!

Get the track here, enjoy!

The Gig Guide : 12th – 18th November

Gigs everywhere!  What gigs are we missing? Let us know!

Starting tonight in Canterbury head to The Lady Luck for a Rock and Metal night courtesy of Dirty Drew.  Start the week like a boss!

Keeping it in Canterbury you’re spoilt for choice on Thursday.  You could head to The Attic and catch Blaise Paisel and Dog Is Dead! Or you could get down to The Beercart Arms and check out some of Canterbury’s finest.  See 48Hours (ok so they’re not from Canterbury but they are awesome), After the Enclave, Anchors Down and Predicting the Fall!

Friday its all about Folkestone!  Head to The Bar Below to watch Dark Theory, Lynchpyn, Silas and Wretched soul fill your ears with loud metal noises!  From 6.30 till 7.30 catch a repeat of our hour take over on Somojo Radio, featuring amazing tracks from these bands!

On Saturday head to The Westcoast Bar for another heavy night!  Watch Orange Goblin, Seven Deadly and Wretched Soul again!  Feeling a little more acoustic?  On Saturday in Hythe at The Globe Matt Appleby makes his comeback with his first UK gig! Alongside Adam Jerome this will be huge!

Find all our gigs at our gig guide!