The Banned Reviews Takeover 10/03/13

Another great night of music!  Bands from the UK, Canada and America fell out your speakers into your ears!  There was even a twenty minute portion of Pawse’s most recent DJ set!  Our ears are still feeling happy!  Check out tonight’s show for more great Kent and underground music!  Listen anytime for independent music here.

Track Listing:

Artemis Redeemer – Something More / On Facebook

Voodoo Brother – Still Water / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

The Gang – Mania / On Facebook

High Tide – Home / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

The Zolas – Escape Artist / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – One Sided Dice / On Facebook

Insult – Young and Reckless / On Facebook

Insult – Our Money Your War

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown /On Facebook

Pawse – Live at Wooly’s 03-02-2013 / On Facebook

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Banned Reviews

The Banned Reviews Takeover 03/02/13

Another show, more awesome Kent bands.  Well mostly they’re from Kent, if we’re being strictly honest Seven Deadly and Imperial Leisure aren’t from Kent but we hope you agree they’re pretty awesome still.  Discover all these bands and see them live!  Catch this show again on Friday 6.30 – 7.30!  Listen now for great independent music here.

Track Listing:

Seven Deadly – From This Darkness / On Facebook

Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook

Insult – One More Day / On Facebook

The Reason I Failed History – Doom De Doom / On Facebook

Andy Robinson – What Would You Do? (Bastile/City High Cover) / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

Fish Tank – Oliver Postgate / On Facebook

Imperial Leisure – London to Brighton / On Facebook

Wildfowl – Carousel / On Facebook

Seba – Painted Sky (Meloki Remix) / On Facebook

Mr Beane Smith – Trap Mix Vol. 2 / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

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Banned Reviews

Mistiksin, After the Enclave, Escape the Ocean and Insult at The Bar Below, Folkestone : 12/01/2013

Well that happened. This is the only way to describe what happened Saturday night at The Bar Below, Folkestone.  The Below the Radar gig started with angry punk and ended with a performance from  Bat Girl.  It was as much a spectacle as it was dominated by big sounds across a range of genres.

The night began with Insult.  The Fokestone based punk band, something they were keen to deny, started the night in a frenzy of noise, aggression and attitude.  After a strong 2012 Insult’s sound and presence were at new heights.  Happily for their first gig of 2013 this meant nothing but make the band better at being raw, raucous and in your face.  Something that those new to Insult in the crowd fully understood. Josh Battams and Jak Colins sharing the role of front man and getting right into the crowd.  As well as live favourites such as The Old Bill, Insult played newer songs such as one dedicated to Folkestone’s homeless.  Insult played an energetic set, entertaining people whilst also giving their brains something to munch on.  The set even featured reluctant guest vocals from The Half-Wits’ Konrad Harris.


Escape the Ocean took to the stage next.  Starting in a cloud of distortion, they left the crowd hanging until guitars climbed out the storm of sounds.  Joined by the rest of the band the thing that struck you first, especially your ears, was the power of front man Lee Morrison’s voice.  Even as Lee Morrison hung back from the mic like the moon orbiting the earth his voice powered out the P.A.  The whole band played a tight set, delivering their songs in a strong and accomplished way – aided by some special facial expressions.  Driven forward by powerful drumming, this continuously threw out exciting moments.  Another band on form, Escape the Ocean are a band to see in 2013.

Escape the Ocean

Keeping the momentum, After the Enclave claimed the stage next.  Their first gig of the new year, they didn’t hold back.  Bringing their heavy sound to the small basement bar they filled the room with riffs and dominating vocals.  As After the Enclave brought track after track to the audience they carried across a Disturbed vibe, the band – not people needing help, which is never a bad thing.  The band impressed as they played tracks such as their signature song Crucified.  Good crowd interaction made After the Enclave the devil on everyone’s shoulder, tempting them into a cheeky head bang.  Coming at people like a shark with knees the out of town band are a strong live band!

After the Enclave

After over a year since their last gig, Mistiksin finally reached the stage.  An all star line-up took to the stage.  First up was a six foot something Bat  Girl, followed by Ryu from Street Fighter.  The line-up was completed by a drumming skeleton, Batman and …. a sailor.  After a few jokes the music started.  Something tells me these weren’t the original characters however.  The expectant crowd was treated to some big metal as it screamed across the room.  The crowd approved, starting a mosh pit.  Playing strong originals like Unleash the Beast it was clear Mistiksin had been missed.  You also wouldn’t have been able to tell it was new guitarist Nick Price’s first gig with the band.  Alongside originals were strong covers of Killing in the Name and a destructive cover of Let The Bodies Hit the Floor.  The band put on a show, with Bat Girl aka vocalist Andrew Lawence singing from the bar and a sofa.  As the show came to an end a beer keg emerged.  This then got smashed by the band and crowd alike ringing across the room and bringing the gig to a close.

See band, promoter and photography links below.


This was another good gig put together by Below the Radar Events and Promotions.  All photos are courtesy of GIGgle Pics.  See all these bands if you get the chance, another quality gig at The Bar Below.

Below the Radar Events and Promotions on Facebook

GIGgle Pics on Facebook / See all images from the event here

Insult on Facebook

Escape the Ocean on Facebook

After the Enclave on Facebook

Mistiksin on Facebook

David Horn


The Banned Reviews Takeover 25/11/12

Another hour of big sounding Kent music thanks to our highly trained music ninjas!! Plus a couple of bonuses that have been doing nice things to our insides all week!  What do you think?  Join listeners in Europe, Russia and the USA and catch it again on Friday at 6.30!!  Listen 24/7 for independent and unsigned music. Promise Me Tomorrow are sadly no more, here’s to big musical futures to you all (and everyone!).

I.R.I.S – Lie for Me / On Facebook

Left of The Right Side – Skyward / On Facebook

Blind Ambitions – Headlines / On Facebook

Insult – Face In The Mud / On Facebook

Adam Jerome – The Price You Pay / On Facebook

Audiowhores – Citizen /On Facebook

The Alex Beharrell Band – Bermondsey Square / On Facebook

Promise Me Tomorrow – Knock Backs and Heart Attacks / On Facebook

Loaded Pistolas – Underground / On Facebook

Promise Me Tomorrow – You Haven’t Seen The Best of Me / On Facebook

Bastile – Of The Night / On Facebook

Kilo Kish – Navy / On Facebook

Krafty – Tell Me The Truth / On Facebook

Skizor – Riot / On Facebook

Rebirth Records Mini Mix / On Facebook

You stay classy, planet Earth!

The Gig Guide: 5th – 11th November

Morning, happy Monday!!

We don’t know about any gigs for today, but starting from tomorrow there are plenty.Have a day off from gigs tonight but maybe do a few stretches and get your ears warmed up.  We don’t know about any gigs for today, but starting from tomorrow there are plenty.  In Canterbury on Tuesday check out four great acts at The Beercart Arms with Below the Radar!  Insult, Left of the Right Side, Slaves and Electric River are gracing the pub for a night of punk, rock and ska.  Interested?

On Wednesday get to The Westcoast, Margate for loud and heavy night!  Underground Music Promotions are bringing I’ll Stay In Memphis, Avagrace, Atlantis and Broadway together for a big night!  Take a look.

On Thursday back at The Westcoast there’s a night of electronic based weirdness (of the best kind!) as Hawklords and Aurora play the venue.  These bands will generate more sounds than you thought existed, well worth a look.  Alternatively in Folkestone at K College check out Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne!  These two bands make moving and powerful folk based music.  Fancy it?

Feel like a weekend of punk?  The Westcoast, Margate do and starting Friday they’ve got one.  The event will feature many bands and includes UK Subs and The Anti-Nowhere league.  Running Friday and Saturday this should keep you entertained.  Three of the bands also played on this gig, just to give you and idea.  If your closer to Ramsgate catch another leg of ScreamDon’tWhisper and Third Place Victory‘s tour, also featuring Atlantica, Careless Rumour and Vivid Nation.  Find more information here.

Saturday you get another chance to catch Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne at Chambers in Folkestone.

And rest!  What are missing out on?  Find more gigs on our gig guide.

Charity Show at Platform 5, Ashford Kent : 20/10/2012

Gigs.  You don’t need an excuse to go to them but if there is one it’s always good.  Charity has to be the best excuse for a gig; enjoying plenty of tunes and occasional moments of rhythmic violence.  On the 20th of October one such gig happened.  In aid of the Meningitis Research Fund Ashford’s Platform 5 witnessed a musical tidal wave.

The earthquake that trigged this tidal wave of sound was Jessica.  Armed with just an acoustic guitar she took to the stage and delivered a set of powerful and sometimes genius songs.  As originals and covers sauntered out of her guitar one moment of genius occurred when she covered Slipknot.  When acoustic Slipknot starts your gig it’s never a bad thing.  Later during her set she was joined by Matt Finn, the two of them extending the genius with a cover of Korn’s Freak on a Leash.

The momentum kept coming as Topaz played a lively set of covers.  Ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Black Keys it took the mental strength of a monk not to sing along, proving I am not a monk.  There was even a moment John Peel himself would have smiled at as Teenage Kicks sailed across the room.

Push the Boundaries took to the stage bringing with them energetic and lively pop-punk.  The first thing that hits you about this band is the energy they have on stage.  The drummer smashs the kit like a Greek guy in a plate shop whilst the bassist stands still for a maximum of 15 seconds at a time (I counted).  Add to this some gritty real vocals and what you get is pop punk at its live best.  The band covered pop-punk by bands like Blink 182 and even caused controversy when covering Green Day’s Basket Case like Topaz before them.  In the mix were originals like Mr Negative standing up to the covers, complete with CD plug and charity donation.

People re-appeared in the tent as Atlantica took to the stage.  This was the point the wave of sound broke the surface.  With more guests than a Jay Z album the set featured guest vocals from Rob Hall and guest bass from The Homecoming’s Jake.  Kinetic and melodic hardcore followed; personified by front man Elliot Dixon’s energetic performance, getting right into the audience.  The tracks sounded big, with a few unreleased songs thrown in just ‘cause.  With equally big stage presence the band proved why they recently played a New Blood night at The Westcoast Bar.  See them live!

Next up were Insult.  As potent as ever, moshing began at the first note.  The band slammed harsh guitars and drums into the path of onlookers.  Knowing how to make the friends the Fokestone punk band took a few digs at the Ashford crowd as they dedicated a song about chavs to the town.  Braving the mosh pit main vocalist Josh couldn’t be called lazy, going for it so much he fell over and continued singing laying on his back.  With live standards like Down That Beer agreeing with the audience guitarist Jak stepped up and did a unique cover of Nirvana.  The whole set was spectacle in all the best ways, every band member giving it some.

Now the wave of noise was getting big.  I say big, I mean a tidal wave you see in films smashing ships around.  Blacken the Name had reached the stage.  A loud and heavy assault from the start the band intensified the mosh pit just a tad.  Even louder than normal it was the debut of new guitarist John Shaw.  Powerful tracks bounced around the room as front man Dan Wyatt joined the festivities.  Singing the eye of the storm even the crowd got in on some vocal action.  And then something happened.  The band suddenly busted out a lounge version of Jekyll and Hyde.  Strangely this worked, well.  After the metal scene Blacken the Name could be playing an expensive restaurant near you.  Ending in style the Ricky Martin cover sounded genius, before coming back for an encore.

Now the wave had hit land and just like New York in The Day After Tomorrow the audiences ears had been thoroughly destroyed in the best way by the nights music.  Circle of Rage appeared on stage.  The band went straight into fast and heavy tunes as front man Tommo exploded into life.  Layered with meaning and importance the tracks stormed down the crowd’s brain holes, compelling them once more move .. violently and fast.  Smashing the it like Thor wanting more coffee the band showed how skill and passion can meet in the middle to make a monster of a set.  A big way to end a big the gig the band came back for an encore, not taking too much persuasion from the audience.

All in the name of charity this event showcased a lot of great live music and raised over £300 for the Meningitis Research Fund.  The event was made by the audience, both donating generously and showing the bands a lot of love.  This is a testament to the hard work put in by the organisers and promoters and something to look out for in the future.

David Horn

Jessica on Facebook

Topaz on the Internet

Push the Boundaries on Facebook

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