The Banned Reviews Takeover 10/03/13

Another great night of music!  Bands from the UK, Canada and America fell out your speakers into your ears!  There was even a twenty minute portion of Pawse’s most recent DJ set!  Our ears are still feeling happy!  Check out tonight’s show for more great Kent and underground music!  Listen anytime for independent music here.

Track Listing:

Artemis Redeemer – Something More / On Facebook

Voodoo Brother – Still Water / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

The Gang – Mania / On Facebook

High Tide – Home / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

The Zolas – Escape Artist / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – One Sided Dice / On Facebook

Insult – Young and Reckless / On Facebook

Insult – Our Money Your War

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown /On Facebook

Pawse – Live at Wooly’s 03-02-2013 / On Facebook

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High Tide – Free CD

Not renowned for its tide or coastal features Canterbury does have something you should be aware of.  You won’t even need arm bands!   High Tide are a three piece from Canterbury that will wash soulful acoustic sounds across your brain.  Their free CD is a lo-fi wandering collection of five tracks that will leave you calm, relaxed and feeling minty fresh in your soul.

A tale of longing and the ending of a relationship starts off this journey with Reeling.  The lyrics will take you back in your life as you relive events whilst having a little JD in Scrubs dialogue moment with yourself.  The delivery if these lyrics and the song however is what sets it apart from a lot of other music.  The guitars carry the song well, little moments of creativity.  The vocals complete the delivery, quiet but heartfelt.   Their recording could be called a little raw by some.  In the context of this and the other songs on the E.P however they add an organic quality which fits with the tone.  These individual deliveries combine to create a refreshing amount of space within the tracks.  There isn’t a new sound or noise screaming for your attention every other second.  Instead, the music sinks into your skin.

This track sets a high standard followed throughout the tracks.  Something that does change however is the tone and mood.  Tracks such as Hall of Mirrors have a dark tone as sullen and moody guitars set the atmosphere.  The lyrics speak about absence as the vocals take on a bitter edge.  Tracks like Crown counter this darkness.  With guitars bursting with good vibes, the lyrics take you by surprize speaking about failure sounding a little like The Smiths long lost acoustic equivalent.  As they go on however they show themselves to be doggedly positive despite rather than because of events, ‘I am living proof’ ringing in your ears.  The effort towards production shows in moments such as the intro to Hills.  Dark and industrial sounds haunt the track before giving way to gentle guitars.  Feeling effortlessly calm and floaty this is one of the stand-out tracks of the E.P

Overdrive closes the E.P.  Telling another tale of the heart the vocals have a double aspect, smooth and soulful whilst becoming longing and insistent within the same line.  The track is the E.P’s shortest and also the direct, and another new side to the band.  Each track takes the musical foundations of the three piece and adds twists ensuring your ears can’t and don’t want to go cruise control.  The sense of space within the music helps you to come out the other side feeling more chilled than a pirate in a rum bar.

A fine example of acoustic music, this is once again yours for free from the world of Facebook.  Check it out and find the band live!  Playing in Canterbury, Kent on the 21st of October as part of the Canterbury Sounds Project they’ll be alongside many other great bands.  Details of this and other gigs can be found here.  It all points to their E.P  Aviary Days Ending being a bit special.

High Tide on Facebook

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Reeling
  2. Hills
  3. Hall of Mirrors
  4. Crown
  5. Overdrive