Riskee and the Ridicule

All the best things grow with time.  Riskee and the Ridicule started as a two piece by Scott Picking and Jimbo Aglony before expanding to become the full band they are today.  They fuse acoustic guitars with energy and aggression, a powerful rhyme section, vocal harmonies and raw and relevant lead vocals.  The end result is a gritty, infectious and fierce sound.

Riskee and the Ridicule

Riskee and the Ridicule have several releases to date.  They released their  E.P The Success Pill in May 2012.  Recorded at Emeline studios The Success Pill contains four big tracks that showcase the bands energy and individuality.  The songs detail everyday life in a refreshingly relatable way.  Followed by a live E.P Riskee and the Ridicule’s latest release is King of the Dole.  Another everyday tale that will capture body and your brain, this was released as a free download to celebrate the survival of Ashford’s Platform 5.  These tracks have reached radio stations across Kent and beyond, with Riskee and the Ridicule being played on stations such as the BBC’s introducing show in Kent.  Alongside The King of the DoleThe Success Pill is also available for free.  Links are below.

On the back of their music Riskee and the Ridicule have played many gigs for a variety of bands and venues.  As well as playing venues across Kent the band have played shows at The 1o0 Club and at the Indigo2 inside the O2 Arena.  During their time as a band Riskee and the Ridicule have supported bands such as The Skints, Victims of Circumstance and Imperial Leisure.  Like an illegal firework display, Riskee and the Ridicule’s are always far more explosive than you anticipate.  The band have many live favourites such as Pool Water which always generate a reaction.  Moshing and high energy are standards for their shows, and much like a talking dog it’s something you have to witness.

Riskee and the Ridicule

The band have a new video and new recordings planned, Riskee and the Ridicule are definitely one to watch for the future!  Find download links below for the Success Pill E.P and King of the Dole.

Riskee and the Ridicule on Facebook

The Success Pill Download

King of the Dole Download

David Horn

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Left Of The Right Side Play Their Last Gig

Last night (Tuesday 19/02/13) Left of the Right Side played their last gig.  Playing alongside IRIS, Wheres Billy and Escape the Ocean the band.  Their last gig happened at The Beer Cart Arms in Canterbury, it was put together and run by Below the Radar Events and Promotions.  Left of the Right Side had this to say after the event:

Thank you so much to every fan, friend, promoter and band that has supported us over the last few years. We’ve had an amazing time, and I’m glad we ended with such a great gig – what a brilliant crowd!

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Despite ending as a band Left of the Right Side are releasing one more song to join tracks such as Skyward.  Despite being a sad day for the Kent music scene we look forward to hearing future musical projects from all members of the band.  Keep up to date with Left of the Right Side for more news on new material.  Find a link to Skyward under Related Posts below

Photography from Their Last Gig

Left of the Right Side on Facebook

Below the Radar Events and Promotions on Facebook

David Horn

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Tank Trap and Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers at Platform 5, Ashford, Kent : 09/02/13

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

Every band has a gift.  Some have great songs, some are great at making new fans and others are great at breaking things.  Saturday the 9th February at Ashford’s Platform 5 saw all these talents.  Tank Trap & Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers filled the music venue with energy and sound.  One of the first gigs since the venues brush with closure, the night showed why Platform 5 is so pivotal to Ashford’s music scene.

As the night’s music began the four members of Tank Trap emerged from the crowd and took to the stage.  Tank Trap brought their style of blues rock to Ashford.  Showing their many talents front man Ian Day revealed a new one.  The ability to break any mic just by touching it.  One by one he fearlessly slayed mics like they were marauding dragons until he made peace.  A harmonica down Tank Trap were still able to deliver tight and well played songs.  Well received by the audience Tank Trap played classics like My Animal as well as tracks from their new E.P and even a brand new song. One member of the audience was moved so much he began to mosh.  Throughout the set Tank Trap proved why they have such a strong reputation across Kent and London venues.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

Following this were  Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers.  Their special skill was making friends, and they made one friend in particular.  Thumbscrew & his barbers played to a crowd of new faces and fans as they unleashed some potent punk into the room.  Favouring one particularly offensive C word Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers whipped up the crowd as more moshing and rhythmic moving occurred.  The Flicknife Barbers played tightly as Thumbscrew delivered vocals in distorted punk perfection.  The band proved their popularity as they played songs that managed to draw the audience in even further, getting them to participate.  Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers managed to bring the night to a big close with big songs and spectacle.  Find free music from them on their band page.

Thumbscrew & The Flicknife Barbers

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

See both the bands live!  Whilst playing two different styles of music both Tank Trap & Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers made the night memorable in all the best ways.  They left your ears ringing in the morning, so you know their good.  This was just another of the great gigs that happen at Platform 5.  See below for a link to all the nights photography.

Platform 5 on Facebook

Tank Trap on Facebook / Bite the Bullet E.P

Thumbscrew & The Flicknife Barbers on Facebook / Free Music

GIGgle Pics on Facebook / GIGgle Pics Blog / Full Photo Album

David Horn

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ROAM – No Common Ground

Roam; to travel aimlessly over a wide area.  One part of this is true of pop-punkers ROAM  Hailing from Eastbourne they have played across Kent and Sussex including Canterbury and Brighton.  ROAM bring together big hooks and copious amounts of energy as they blast melody driven tracks through your speakers.  They have already fans in high profile Kent bands, Vivid Nation’s drummer wore their merch at the bands last Canterbury gig.  Roam have also supported bands such as We Caught The Castle.


ROAM’s E.P No Common Ground begins with Variable.  A building drum roll leads into big sounding hooky riffs and passionate vocals that press all the right buttons in your head, like a game of Whack-a-Mole in your brain.  Variable sets a strong standard for No Common Ground and shows the bands vision.  More than just a collection of songs Variable flows perfectly into the second track Set the Standard.  This is echoed later with the minute long instrumental BROAM.

No Common Ground showcases ROAM’s talent as a band and pop-punk as a genre.  Across the six tracks ROAM play with the pop-punk genre and create exciting music.  You’ll catch yourself shouting along AND dancing at the same time.  If you’re a man, film it – finally proof we can multi-task like a boss.  Tracks like Compass show the fiery side to ROAM as it starts instantly with a punchy and driving guitar riff.  The track has a rapid and urgent feel, and even sees vocalist Alex Costello talk at the listener in a way that would make Scroobius Pip ask ‘why are you using two different voices?’  Conversely Naviety has a much more tentative opening before kicking into another vibrant and bouncy track, complete with a vocal breakdown followed by a tasty guitar solo.

No Common Ground

Less Than Productive stands out on No Common Ground.  It carries all the elements of ROAM, and highlights the bands ability to write.  ‘So put down your phone  and do something useful’.  The line will will catch you out and make you smile.  It will also make you think back to the pub when everyone sits on their phone pressing buttons like its the only way to make their hearts beat.  Less Than Productive is just one example of the bands insightful lyrics.

ROAM are  band you should discover.  They deliver accomplished pop-punk that wouldn’t sound out of place on any national music outlet.  No Common Ground is even free!  Get the No Common Ground from ROAM’s Bandcamp!  Least of all for the genius album art.

ROAM on Facebook

ROAM on Bandcamp

David Horn

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11/02/2013: Go-Zilla and Enter Shikari

So far this year we’ve bought you a lot of things.  Let’s keep up the variety with some electro based rock!  Variety is the spice of life though, so wash your hands before touching anything … delicate.

First up are Go-Zilla!  The band fuse synths, beats and guitars seamlessly to create energetic and charged music.  Formed just less than a year ago the band support bands such as Sonic Boom Six.  See Go-Zilla support Sonic Boom Six tonight (11/02/2013) at the Ivy, Sheerness!  The songs are then brought to life by a big and entertaining live sets.  Check out the track Camden Queen.  Synths and drums build and break into an electrical storm of sound.  Guitars cut through as passionate and sincere vocals surf the music.  The song is laced with energy like a Russian dissident’s cup of coffee as it fills your head and moves your body.  Camden Queen then picks up the pace even more before ending abruptly.

To get your free download of Camden Queen click here.  There is also a full album available!  Scroll down for Enter Shikari and videos.


Image courtesy of Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

See more images of Go-Zilla live here.  Because our Dave loves Enter Shikari MORE than biscuits have this download of Rou’s remix if Solidarity!  It adds a new feel to the track and still sounds huge!  There’s even a free E.P and more tracks to choose from.  They’re all yours for the small cost of an email address

Download Solidarity and all the tracks by clicking here.

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Dakota Ruins Are Coming

Dakota Ruins

The state of Dakota lies in ruins, and the culprits are on their way here.  Only kidding, Dakota is fine.  Causing fear and paranoia by using the media, I mean who would do that.  Six individuals under the name of Dakota Ruins are on their way here however, but hopefully you’ll like it.

Dakota Ruins are a metalcore six piece from Worcestershire.  They have a wide range of influences covering Kill Switch Engage, Bring Me The Horison and even Young Guns.  Dakota Ruins are supported in their quest to conquer the nation’s ear drums by Dry Ice Promotions and Etych Bodyart .  They’ve even played with local lads Artemis Redeemer, who recently gigged with the band at The Unicorn in London.  With this support Dakota Ruins aim to bring their own brand of metalcore to a place near you.

Dakota Ruins’ brand of metalcore is like a house party drinking mix without the bad taste or risk of internal melting.  Tracks from their debut album such as Respawn bring together their influences but also show their own creativity.  Respawn pounds forward with a foreboding tone.  The vocals go from dark growls all the way through to clean vocals, giving Dakota Ruins intensity and sincerity.  Underneath this the powerful riffs and ear catching effects help to keep you more hooked as the track drives on than a teenager that’s just discovered porn.

Dakota Ruins1

Making these tracks work live is important to Dakota Ruins, and the live experience is a kinetic one.  They believe in doing their music and crowds justice on stage with a big stage presence.  There’s a high chance you’ll feel moved.  You won’t laugh or cry, but you will bounce around a mosh pit.  See Dakota Ruins for yourself in June, they’ll be playing Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone.

Get your ears around this band!  Visit their Bandcamp for a free download to tempt you and visit their Facebook to hear even more music.

Dakota Ruins on Facebook

Dakota Ruins on Bandcamp

David Horn

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