The Banned Reviews Takeover 24/02/13

So, last night happened.  An hour of big local music from bands across Kent and a few cheeky extras (the best kind).  We have to be honest, it did some nice things to us.  With new material from Crashgate and The Black Waterside we enjoyed it a lot.  Check out all the acts we played live, they’re all kind of awesome.

Track Listing:

Stone Kings – Psycadelic Lady / On Facebook

Tank Trap – Shot Down / On Facebook

IRIS – Long Walk to Sleep / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – King of the Dole / On Facebook

The Doctorates – Don’t Stop / On Facebook

Andy Robinson – Louder (DJ Fresh Cover)

Elle Rayenne – De-Construction / On Facebook

Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers – Faceache (No Money) / On Facebook

The Black Waterside – Ole Death / On Facebook

Crashgate – As One / On Facebook

Mr Beanie (Rebirth Records) – Deep n Tech Mix / On Facebook

Pawse – Contact / On Facebook

Kilo Kish – Navy / On Facebook



Crashgate – As One

Crashgate have been going for almost two years and have their debut album Crude Jokes, Death Notes and Unicorns ready for release.  The band have been busier than a supermarket denying knowledge about horse meat and it shows.  Crashgate have a new single ready, an album launch party and a tonne of merch ready for you to get your ears, eyes and hands around.


The first single from Crude Jokes, Death Notes and Unicorns is As One.  A live favourite from their sets, this has received some studio treatment from Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios.  From the moment you press play a chunky riff hits you right in the face as Craig Sheridan uses all his lung power to drop an impressive ‘yeah’.  As the verse kicks in you’re struck creative production and delivery, complimenting the track perfectly. Energetic and furious riffs fused with pounding drumming drive As One forward.  As One only gets louder as it continues, building in energy like a storm made of sound.  From vocal effects and the band’s chant of ‘As one’ to the riffs and drumming As One is a strong and solid rock track which hooks your ears like a piece of candy does to James Woods.

Crashgate Album Launch

Their best release to date, As One points towards good things for their forth coming album.  Head to their Facebook to see information about a chance to win merch and entry to the album launch.  Or, just go to the Astor Community Theatre on the 15th March.  It promises to be a big gig.

Crashgate on Facebook

Crashgate’s album launch details

David Horn

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Interview: Craig Sheridan

Interview: Craig Sheridan

It’s Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ve been snowed under with cards.  Today is also the day Craig Sheridan’s love song Nitewish comes out, almost like it was planned or something.  See what Craig has to say about being signed, Nitewish, love, videos and his music in general.

Nitewish is your first single since becoming signed, how as being signed changed the way you approach and make music?

Being signed enables me to relax a little knowing I have a team behind me as passionate about what I do as I am.  It also enables me to concentrate on writing more. Which is what I’m all about; and making music for others to enjoy and relate too.

The themes in Nitewish are clear, what inspired you to make such a love themed song?

My girlfriend …. Monica…. that simple …..  It’s about meeting someone who’s a soulmate after many years of thinking or not being fully happy or in love.  She is also the theme behind Crashgate’s B.O.B. song along with parts of it written about my nephew in wales.

Craig Sheridan

Nitewish speaks about love and closeness, whats the most touching or unlikely place you’ve seen this?

The most touching thing is when you see an old couple still holding hands like they were in they’re teens again!!

You’ve written an ideal soundtrack to Valentine’s Day. Have you ever felt the urge in the past to write anti-Valentine’s Day songs?

Not really; I have written a very dark , angry song called Deal With It for Crashgate’s new album.  Listen to the words.  I wont need to tell you who its about ………… but someone who used to be in my life but isn’t anymore, ( take a guess ) after you listen to it.

How was it filming the video for Nitewish? What’s it like to see someone else interpret your track creatively?

Honestly I feel really uncomfortable filming, it’s just not me at all ( lol ) but i know Matt Barker from Mosh Motion Movies.  his work is very good.  He plans meticulously and is very passionate about his work.  He works alongside me and asked were the images were when I wrote the song.  We worked on a story board and the video was born.


Nitewish is part of the album As I Am, whats next for you musically?

Next it’s to continue writing for my next acoustic album due out at the start of 2014, at my pace and not to push too hard and to let it flow whilst giving Crashgate all I can.  To try and give it and the boys the best shot at the title so to speak!

Where can people find Nitewish?

On iTunes and most download sites.  I’m also releasing a special edition CD single in a special presentation metal case with a bonus track from my first album, Red On Maroon, as well.

Describe Nitewish in three words.


David Horn

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The Banned Reviews Takeover 03/02/13

Another show, more awesome Kent bands.  Well mostly they’re from Kent, if we’re being strictly honest Seven Deadly and Imperial Leisure aren’t from Kent but we hope you agree they’re pretty awesome still.  Discover all these bands and see them live!  Catch this show again on Friday 6.30 – 7.30!  Listen now for great independent music here.

Track Listing:

Seven Deadly – From This Darkness / On Facebook

Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook

Insult – One More Day / On Facebook

The Reason I Failed History – Doom De Doom / On Facebook

Andy Robinson – What Would You Do? (Bastile/City High Cover) / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

Fish Tank – Oliver Postgate / On Facebook

Imperial Leisure – London to Brighton / On Facebook

Wildfowl – Carousel / On Facebook

Seba – Painted Sky (Meloki Remix) / On Facebook

Mr Beane Smith – Trap Mix Vol. 2 / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

Much love,

Banned Reviews

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish

craig sheridan1Everyone has a wish. I wish right now I had a pack of biscuits next to me and Ron Burgundy wishes he’d never had milk. Craig Sheridan has an entirely more romantic wish though. Craig explains all with Nitewish, his first singe as a signed artist. Taken from his forthcoming album As I Am, this will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Nitewish begins on a gentle guitar riff that drifts through the air like a probably heart shaped cloud. Gentle and soothing this suits the lyrics perfectly, helping to create a melody you could easily lose yourself in. Nitewish has a patient and unhurried feel to it as the guitar picks up a Latin feel and draws you in further. Simple and stripped back Nitewish shows the importance and effectiveness of craftsmanship and good writing.

Key to the ambiance of the track are the lyrics. Delivered in a smooth and sincere voice it is hard to believe Craig Sheridan’s other project is the rock band Crashgate . The lyrics paint a picture of a highly romantic scene and show Craig Sheridan’s softer side. Nitewish manages to be a love song without the need for big hooks or by being in your face. It is the reverse, subtle and understated. It doesn’t taste like bubble-gum or sail too close to the disturbing seas of Fifty Shades of Grey. It has a happy medium.

Craig Sheridan

Nitewish invites you in to its world by your own free will. It is without question a love song in every sense. It does it well though without pretending to be anything it isn’t  Perfectly timed for release on Valentine’s Day, this will make Valentine’s Day 2013 even more special for those with someone to share it with. I don’t think anyone will disagree with Craig’s wish, in the mean time I still don’t have those biscuits and I think Ron is trapped in a glass case of emotion.  Find the track on iTunes and all good download sites.

Craig Sheridan on Facebook

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Nitewish

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News:  Crashgate Break 1000 Views

Crashgate Break 1000 Views

Crashgate’s debut video for the track B.O.B has broken the 1000 views limit in only four days.  Filmed by Mosh Motion Movies the video answers the unique question posed by vocalist Craig Sheriden via Facebook.

Has anyone got a generator we could borrow for a forest?

Featuring the actress Lucy Dutton this feat shows the growing popularity of the band.  With an album being recorded soon expect more tracks and more great videos.

Crashgate on Facebook

Mosh Motion Movies on Facebook

Crashgate: B.O.B Review

Crashgate: Live Review