The Banned Reviews Takeover 11/11/12

So, that happened!  We just took over Somojo Magazine’s radio stream like amazing ninja pirates and filled it with an hour of some of Kent’s finest local music!

We’re surrounded by so much local talent it makes us feel like The Inbetweeners’ Jay on an under 30’s female nudist holiday.  These are the incredible local bands we played this week!  Missed some of them?  That was silly but if you did or you just want to hear them again (we wouldn’t blame you) it’s repeated again on Friday at 6.30!  Tune in again next Sunday at 8pm to Somojo for more amazing local bands.  Somojo play unsigned and independent music 24/7 – check them out for a few new discoveries at anytime!

  1. Crashgate – B.O.B / On Facebook
  2. Atlantica – Heroes and Thieves / On Facebook
  3. Blacken the Name – Speeding Fist / On Facebook
  4. Slaves – Beauty Quest / On Facebook
  5. The Tied – It Takes Two To Make An Accident / On Facebook
  6. Vivid Nation – We’re Not Built The Same / On Facebook
  7. The Zolas – Strange Girl / On Facebook
  8. Blaise Paisel – Magical / On Facebook
  9. Wheres Billy – Aches and Pains of The Quiet Life / On Facebook
  10. The Black Waterside – A Requiem for Mary-Anne / On Facebook
  11. Mr Payne – Waste What You Got / On Facebook
  12. Syd Arthur – Dorothy  / On Facebook
  13. Seba – Painted Sky (MELOKI remix) / On Facebook
  14. Rebirth Records Mini Mix / On Facebook

See you next week!!


The Gig Guide: 5th – 11th November

Morning, happy Monday!!

We don’t know about any gigs for today, but starting from tomorrow there are plenty.Have a day off from gigs tonight but maybe do a few stretches and get your ears warmed up.  We don’t know about any gigs for today, but starting from tomorrow there are plenty.  In Canterbury on Tuesday check out four great acts at The Beercart Arms with Below the Radar!  Insult, Left of the Right Side, Slaves and Electric River are gracing the pub for a night of punk, rock and ska.  Interested?

On Wednesday get to The Westcoast, Margate for loud and heavy night!  Underground Music Promotions are bringing I’ll Stay In Memphis, Avagrace, Atlantis and Broadway together for a big night!  Take a look.

On Thursday back at The Westcoast there’s a night of electronic based weirdness (of the best kind!) as Hawklords and Aurora play the venue.  These bands will generate more sounds than you thought existed, well worth a look.  Alternatively in Folkestone at K College check out Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne!  These two bands make moving and powerful folk based music.  Fancy it?

Feel like a weekend of punk?  The Westcoast, Margate do and starting Friday they’ve got one.  The event will feature many bands and includes UK Subs and The Anti-Nowhere league.  Running Friday and Saturday this should keep you entertained.  Three of the bands also played on this gig, just to give you and idea.  If your closer to Ramsgate catch another leg of ScreamDon’tWhisper and Third Place Victory‘s tour, also featuring Atlantica, Careless Rumour and Vivid Nation.  Find more information here.

Saturday you get another chance to catch Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne at Chambers in Folkestone.

And rest!  What are missing out on?  Find more gigs on our gig guide.

Blaise Paisel (Now Skies) – What If It’s Too Late?

Blaise Paisel – not some exotic tropical disease or even a French historical figure – they are in fact a decidedly awesome Kent band with two E.Ps under their belt.  E.P number two is What If It’s Too Late? This live E.P contains six precisely crafted songs all of which evolve and shift while even stirring the odd emotion.

Magical opens proceedings with a sonic combination bound to mesmerize.  With a big chorus the song manages to have low moments just as intense – combining the two to imbue the track with an uplifting vibe.  Keyboard flourishes add to inviting guitars, warm drums and thought provoking lyrics to give a perfect sense of the band.This level of quality is consistent throughout as every track takes you to a different space, every part of the music thoughtful and deliberate.  A major strength of the band is the journey each track takes, this is seen through the stories woven by the lyrics but also the songs themselves.  This can be seen in tracks such as No, I Never Asked You For Anything which has a longer title than some songs have lyrics. It starts off with at a jaunty pace with light guitars and drums before the energy builds and the drums explode into play.

The greatest strength of the music is its honesty, the lyrics echoing your thoughts with music setting the tone to a tee.  This honesty is most apparent on tracks such as Scared, saying things we’ve all thought but probably never voiced.  Honesty isn’t all insecurities and low vibes though.  Songs such as A Perfectionist deliver it in an energetic and inventive way keeping your ears as busy as the cogs in your brain.

This is an E.P full of genius instrumental parts and thoughtful lyrics, with a sound unique to itself.  The annoying thing about the release is the final track What If It’s Too Late which is so relentlessly catchy it’ll be in your head for days like that joke that makes you laugh at moments you really shouldn’t.  See the the band live.  Buy the E.P or stream it from their Bandcamp.

David Horn

Blaise Paisel on Facebook

Blaise Paisel on Bandcamp

Review: Blaise Paisel – Magical

Track listing:

  1. Magical
  2. You Never Know
  3. A Perfectionist
  4. No, I Never Asked You For Anything
  5. Scared
  6. What If It’s Too Late?