12/03/2013: Optional Rubber Duck and Up For The Let Down

Another free download of the week, two more awesome bands!

Optional Rubber Duck caught our eye instantly, I mean who wouldn’t say yes to an optional rubber duck.  Especially when it comes with inspired and playful pop-punk.  Released on the 3rd September 2013 it even somehow comes from the future.  Jackie Chan is a short and punchy pop-punk track with a focus on the punk.   Starting with the line ‘I love you like I love the smell of bacon’ your word senses should already be tingling.  The lyrics only get more genius as gang vocals and a oriental inspired riff fly down your ears.  Short at just under two minutes this is well worth the clicks.  A hard riff and driven sound combine with humour to create something that will do nice things to your insides.

Click here to get your free download of Jackie Chan and a second track My Kingdom here.  Scroll down for Up For The Let Down!

Optional Rubber Duck

Included in a forth coming post check out Up For The Let Down’s track I Fear Sharks.  Another fast paced track, I Fear Sharks opens with a bright riff and dominant drumming.  This is completed by a big and infectious chorus that will climb into your head and like an angry student protester, never leave – but you’ll be ok with that we think.  I Fear Sharks comes to a big finish as the whole band raise the level and join in on vocals.  Read more about Up For The Let Down very soon, better yet – catch them live!

Click here to download your copy of Up For The Let Down’s I Fear Sharks.  Scroll down for related posts.

Up For The Let Down

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Hi, I’m Mitch – I’m New Around Here

Why hello there all! My name is Mitch Emery and I shall be your host for the next couple of hundred words! So, I’m now writing for the awesome Banned Reviews thanks to Head-Man/Top-Boss/The Guv’nor, David Horn!

Well, I’m going to be writing lots of music related stuff, including reviews, interviews and general thoughts of the world of music and all related to it. I think though, it’s probably best to introduce myself to all you lovely folks. I’m a Singer/Songwriter, DJ, Radio Presenter and Music Technologist, so yeah… Music is pretty much my life. I’m also currently studying for my Music Performance degree at Canterbury Christ Church, which I’m enjoying very much!

So, it’s my first article, so I better discuss some sort of controversial topic. In fact, I may write a conflicting argument with a recent article concerning bacon being a lie (yes, this is a non-musical related topic, but one I strongly feel should be addressed). This is what I consider an almost blasphemous statement to be making… Obviously not properly blasphemous though, due to the fact that as far as I’m aware, there is no Church of Bacon, in which people go to celebrate the existence of bacon in all its deliciousness (although maybe the infamous meat dress as controversially worn by Lady Gaga was a nod to some form of secret cult of bacon worshipers  Wow, less than 250 words into my 1st article and I may have started a conspiracy theory to rival the Illuminati).

Anyways, back to bacon… Ask most people (and here I am not counting vegetarians or vegans, because that would be a very biased set of people to ask, what with the whole ‘no meat’ lifestyle and all) what there number one miracle food is and the answer would be bacon! Even many of the vegetarians I know state that the smell of bacon frying is the one thing that could convert them back to the ways of a meat eater… Even the most militant vegan I know has been heard to admit that the smell of frying bacon could tempt him back to the ‘path of darkness’! Need I say more?  Ok then, yes I do say more. Within this same article, the writer claims that he has survived 5 days of music festivals on bacon, yet has grown weary of it by day 4 and would exchange it for an apple!?!?! AN APPLE!!!! A BLOODY APPLE OF ALL THINGS!!! NO NO NO!!!! NOT IN MY LIFETIME!!!!

Well, that’s me guys, hope you enjoyed reading the last few hundred words as much as I enjoyed writing them! Hope you guys enjoy my next article, where I will discuss the controversial subject of laptop DJ’ing.  If you have any opinions to add on the subject of bacon (or on any subject at all), please feel free to leave them in the comments section, but until next time, I leave you with this picture of a bacon loving dog 😀

Mitch Emery