Atlas Put The Band On Hold

Atlas have put the band on hold.  With the members of Atlas also involved in Artemis Redeemer (one of this weeks free downloads) they want to focus on this new project.  It’s not all doom and and gloom though, Atlas are going to keep their page going and the E.P they’ve made which is also yours to enjoy for free.

The band are buzzing about their new metal (not nu-metal) project Artemis Redeemer, as are many.  Look forward to big things from this band.


Atlas, Wheres Billy and Vivid Nation at The Beercart Arms, Canterbury, Kent : 09/10/12

The 9th of October started with some sad news.  Headliners Evarane had to pull out due to illness.  Happily though for the gig going adventurers of Canterbury there were still three bands ready to fill their ears with sweet noises.  Atlas, Where’s Billy and Vivid Nation were the weapons of choice organised by Below the Radar Events and Promotions.  If you were twelve and playing Pokémon ‘Super Effective’ would have come up on the screen as these bands did music related things on stage.

The first band up were Atlas.  A big night for them, it was the launch of their debut E.P Hit the Deck.  Right from the start a crowd gathered around the band as they played their new tracks.  The best thing about the bands performance was the enjoyment streaming from their faces like illegal downloads from a torrent.  This happened despite the show also having a sad milestone attached to it.  Guitarist Cairns played his last show with the band, not that you could tell looking at them on stage.  Along with some tracks avid fans enjoyed the band also threw in a cover of Foo Fighters.  Never a bad decision!  Bring back some memories or hear what you missed by getting their E.P for free on Facebook.

Wheres Billy took over next, another band that clearly enjoy having a stage to make loud noises from.  The Tonbridge Wells band used The Beercart to end their summer tour.  As the band played, their hard hitting brand of rock cartwheeled into people’s faces (in a good way).  Not just there to kick out sounds though the band demanded a little participation from the audience.   Friendly and relaxed with the crowd they even dedicated songs to random audience members. Whilst the whole set sounded accomplished tracks such as Tears & Essays stood out and showed the bands calibre.  Lucky fans that were there got their hands on a copy of the E.P Forcibly Fed.  Being one of them I have to say it’s a bit good!  A highlight, for the band at least, came when they were asked to turn their guitars up.  The band even converted at least two new people to the cause.  As tour endings go this has to be a good way to end one.

Vivid Nation headlined the affair.  The bands atmospheric sound drifted around The Beercart like sonic mist.  The bands atmospheric guitars and insistent vocals, along with a powerful backline soon showed why the band don’t have many equals.  The band matched the energy levels set by Atlas and Wheres Billy as concentration and passion etched their way over the bands faces.  The band played a strong set filled with standards like We Are Not Built the Same as well as their latest single You Just Gave It Away.  The set built to a frenzied ending which saw Vivid Nation’s Rhys Taylor playing from the crowd.  Finishing the set the band yielded to demands to do an encore.  They launched into Don’t Let Me Down, not a cover of the Beatles track but a good song in it’s own right.

Even at three band this was a strong line-up that delivered three strong sets.  Find all these bands live and watch them!  You won’t be disappointed!

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Atlas on Facebook

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David Horn

The Week in Gigs: 8th-15th of October

This week there a load more awesome gigs to get stuck into!!

The first is happening this Tuesday at The Beercart Arms in Canterbury!  Check out Evarane, Vivid Nation, Where’s Billy? and Atlas!  It’s big one.  It’s Evarane’s first time at the venue, Vivid Nation are raising for charity, Where’s Billy? are awesome and it’s Atlas’s E.P launch!!  Boom!!  Find more information here!

Next up there are three gigs competing for your ears on Thursday! In Fokestone go to Chambers and check our Funk & the Two Tone Baby doing their thing!  A night not to be missed.  Find details here.  At Mojo in Chatham check out Dead Reckoning, Bury the Hatchet, Atlantica, Down to My Last and Avenge Thee + Naime!  Find more information here.  In Canterbury go to The Lady Luck and watch Tyrannosaurus Alan and Fish Tank – details here.  Some tough choices!

Make it a chilled one on Friday at Imperial Sounds.  Taking place at the Imperial Hotel, Hythe check out the acoustic event featuring Hank Foreman, Ben Milberry and Some Kind of Symmetry.  Find details here.

On Saturday there’s another chance to see Atlantica alongside Blackwater Revue, Broke Banjo, Ugly Love and Crow Lane at The Ivy in Sheerness!  Find details here.  Alternatively go see some classic punk at The Westcoast Bar in Margate with Rebel Truce – a tribute to The Clash.  You guessed it, find more information here.

Even Sunday has something going on!  At Ashford’s Platform 5 check out Selective Noise featuring: Ziphedz, The Epicycle, ShyChlo, Jesta, Mic B, DJ Ideal and Moley MC!  A big line-up!  Check it out.