Free Download of the Week

Check out this music! Amazing, free and local – what more could you ask for?

See all our free downloads of 2012 here.


25/03/2013: Coco and the Butterfields – Low/Encore

18/03/2013: Stone Kings – Armageddon

12/03/2013: Optional Rubber Duck and Up For The Let Down

04/03/2013: The Gang – Mania


26/02/2013: The Black Waterside – Ole Death!

18/02/2013: Circle of Rage – Society’s Secret

11/02/2013: Go-Zilla and Enter Shikari

04/02/2013: Riskee and the Ridicule – King of the Dole


28/01/2013: The Reason I Failed History – Doom De Doom

21/01/2013: Melrose and YaMaHaRaHaRa

14/01/2013: Slaves and Tyrannosaurus Alan

09/01/2013: Audiowhores and Elle Rayenne

01/01/2013: The Rebecca Riots – Not One Step Back

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