Melic – An Hour to Anywhere

Melic create versatile, talented and creative rock music with pop hooks and an uplifting spirit.  This was written for GIGgle Pics.

Variety is the spice of life they say.  Probably because much like a curry plenty of variety will leave you with a big smile, a red face, streaming eyes and a runny nose; but all in a good way except maybe that last one.  With this in mind I hope your ears enjoy a good musical curry because Melic certainly give you plenty of sound spices.  Melic, on Beatnik Geek Records, are here with their debut album An Hour to Anywhere.

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Klac Tik – The Servants

Klac Tik.  As names go it’s original and unique; some might go as far as weird.  These are just three of the words that describe the ten track experience that is The Servants.  Klac Tik combine sounds effortlessly and creatively to create sound-scapes that will transport your mind and give it something to ponder in the process.  Sit back, ideally with headphones the size of a small house strapped to your head, and get ready to visit more places than an indecisive millionaire.

St Barnaby’s Lurch introduces you to Klac Tik’s sound.  Within the first minute you’re treated to a dark but persistent acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies that verge on choral.  As St Barnaby’s Lurch reaches it’s chorus the tone of the track becomes happy and uplifting.  A warm bass line and trumpets cement this in your head and help make your first trip a pleasant one.  Underneath a multitude of sounds however the lyrics explore a damaged emotional state as lines such as ‘They gave you nothing/If not everything’ echo down your ears, before getting enveloped by the chorus.  Acting like Robin to the instrument’s Batman these catch you by surprize.  St Barnaby’s Lurch is an ideal introduction to Klac Tik’s sound.

Klac Tik, Soren Bonke, Jonathan Beyer, Matthew Mitchinson, Andy Joseph

Much like a person with many moods, The Servants feels like one individual experiencing a spectrum of emotions in a highly human and relatable way.  Reborn is simple yet harmonious tale of finding happiness in the world around you.  A kind and organic drum beat leads you along assisted by another wide assortment of instruments.  The sense of peace delivered by Reborn is echoed in Nympherous, an oriental lullaby.  Supported by lilting sounds Nympherous is a story of finding comfort in others.  It’s not all peace and comfort however.  Fire Souls shows a timid but quietly positive side to Klac Tik as they celebrate the effect life events have on clearing indecision.  Kierkegaard highlights this indecision with a muddled forced feel and a sense of inaction as more sounds than you can keep track of float around your head.  Kierkegaard has the feel of a track that will only improve with listens.

Not all the places Klac Tik take you to are as pleasant as the above.   As the emotional tour flies into illegal airspace tracks such as Quenched Man explores risk taking and what happens when the risk wasn’t worth talking.  Set to a somber soundtrack Quenched Man highlights the power of Klac Tik’s music.  Curved Mirror doesn’t improve the mood as it shows the power of negative reflection, somehow in a way that makes you want to keep listening.  Cool Luke Hand manages to capture an eerie mood, be it one with inspired vocal production, as it speaks of the way people can lock themselves away.

The Servants, Klac Tik

After Lohrengrin highlights again the musical ability of Klac Tik, Landing Party finishes the trip.  Bi-polar in nature, the initially trumpet led intro becomes something murky and uncertain.  Finding it’s strength again Landing Party ends in a new and balanced place.  Start to finish The Servants by Klac Tik is an emotional and musical journey.  Written very much as a complete  entity this is a rare and enjoyable experience.

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David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. St Barnaby’s Lurch
  2. Kierkegaard
  3. Reborn
  4. Fire Souls
  5. Quenched Man
  6. Curved Mirror
  7. Nympheous
  8. Cool Luke Hand
  9. Lohengrin
  10. Landing Party

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Voodoo Brother – Voodoo Brother

Check out the Cleveland rockers Voodoo Brother with their self titled release, written for Somojo Magazine.

There’s a reason people rock the mic whatever their genre of choice.  From the word itself to the music rock conjures up energy, passion and intensity.  Voodoo Brother are a prime example of this.  The Cleveland, Ohio based rock band pack more substance, volume and riffs than there are Chuck Norris facts.  Voodoo Brother have their self-titled five track E.P out and are ready to pound your ears in the best kind of way.

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Voodoo Brother

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Rudy Warman and Syd Arthur at The Bar Below, Folkestone : 26/10/2012

Written for Somojo Magazine.

Both Rudy Warman and Syd Arthur pulled out all the stops to make a great event.  Take a read, and see them live!  Get some free music here.

Warm ups, I know what you’re thinking.  School day flashbacks involving stretches and threats that if you pick any more grass you’ll have to cut the field with scissors.  Luckily Syd Arthur have a very different idea of a warm up.  Alongside Folkestone’s own Rudy Warman the Canterbury based psycadelic band played The Bar Below, Folkestone as a warm up show to their imminent tour.

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Savaging Spires – Savaging Spires

Originally written for Somojo Magazine.

This album will mess with your head.  Psycadelic folk music at its best. Check it out!

Put away your mind altering substances (all strictly legal of course), you don’t need them anymore!  Instead put on Savaging Spires by Savaging Spires.  I can’t guarantee your mental state as track twelve winds its way to an end, but what a journey you’ll have!  Savaging Spires have prepared a lo-fi sonic assault which will savage your ears in a soothing and undeniably trippy way.

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Down to My Last – Live Statement

Written as a member of Below the Radar Events and Promotions.

The third of four bands, Down to My Last played for us on our debut line-up at The Beercart Arms, Canterbury. Helping to make it one of our busiest gigs the band maintained the shows energy with a kinetic and passionate set. Drawing in the crowd like people shaped magnets they hit the audience with a slick and professional set, and even busted out a genius cover of Katy Perry alongside some quality originals.