25/03/2013: Coco and the Butterfields – Low/Encore


Fip Fok.  A genre you might not be aware of but one you need to wrap your ears around quick.  Coco and the Butterfields are the Canterbury based band that created this genre, and as well as having a live E.P available they’ve just launched their shiny new website.

Available from the site are three free downloads.  This weeks free download is the first of these, a fusion of Flo Rida’s Low and Jay Z’s Encore, brought together by Coco and the Butterfields’ unque sound.  Sailing in on a violin Low/Encore anchors in your head instantly.  Driven by a double bass, guitar and bango Coco and the Butterfields even have a beat boxer.  A genius combination already; the rapping completes this fast paced and joyful mash-up of Low/Encore alongside the inventive beat boxing.  You won’t have heard anything like this anywhere else today.

Your ears need this inside them.  Get your free download of Low/Encore by Coco and the Butterfields here.  Also find a cover of Just a Dream by Nelly and Feeling Good by Nina Simone.  They’re only available for a limited time however so get them quick.

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18/03/2013: Stone Kings – Armageddon

Lurking in deepest and darkest south east Kent there is a band.  Built on dark tones and big riffs, Stone Kings have played many an energetic and packed out show. Currently planning the pressing of their latest E.P, we thought we’d whet your appetite with this little and importantly free gem from Stone Kings’ music library.

Stone Kings, Megadeath, David Ellefson, Armageddon

Certified by Megadeath’s David Ellefson.

Armageddon is four minutes and twenty six seconds of dark intensity.  Carried by strong drums, guitars and vocals join forces to create an unrelenting and seething track.  As Armageddon warns that ‘this world has got it coming /now its come around’ you’ll be forgiven for feeling more enjoyment than fear.  Even as Stone Kings talk about the destruction of planet it’s over shadowed by a decidedly ear tingling break down and big riff.  Armageddon is a big slice of hard rock/stoner metal which point towards great things from Stone Kings’ new E.P.

Get your free download of Armageddon here.  You can also find a slightly lighter and creative side to Stone Kings with a track called Midnight Warning up for free download.  Scroll down to hear Armageddon via Youtube and for related posts.

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12/03/2013: Optional Rubber Duck and Up For The Let Down

Another free download of the week, two more awesome bands!

Optional Rubber Duck caught our eye instantly, I mean who wouldn’t say yes to an optional rubber duck.  Especially when it comes with inspired and playful pop-punk.  Released on the 3rd September 2013 it even somehow comes from the future.  Jackie Chan is a short and punchy pop-punk track with a focus on the punk.   Starting with the line ‘I love you like I love the smell of bacon’ your word senses should already be tingling.  The lyrics only get more genius as gang vocals and a oriental inspired riff fly down your ears.  Short at just under two minutes this is well worth the clicks.  A hard riff and driven sound combine with humour to create something that will do nice things to your insides.

Click here to get your free download of Jackie Chan and a second track My Kingdom here.  Scroll down for Up For The Let Down!

Optional Rubber Duck

Included in a forth coming post check out Up For The Let Down’s track I Fear Sharks.  Another fast paced track, I Fear Sharks opens with a bright riff and dominant drumming.  This is completed by a big and infectious chorus that will climb into your head and like an angry student protester, never leave – but you’ll be ok with that we think.  I Fear Sharks comes to a big finish as the whole band raise the level and join in on vocals.  Read more about Up For The Let Down very soon, better yet – catch them live!

Click here to download your copy of Up For The Let Down’s I Fear Sharks.  Scroll down for related posts.

Up For The Let Down

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04/03/2013: The Gang – Mania

In the city of Canterbury there is a gang.  You won’t catch them defacing public property or running large scale drug distribution operations, but you will find them making plenty of good noises.  This gang, in fact The Gang, have just released their new E.P BLVDEVARD.  It’s a diverse collection indie enthused guitar music with a brittish edge you should get in your life

Our free download this week is BLVDEVARD’s opener Mania.  Mania is short at just over two minutes but won’t fail to leave it’s mark on your ears.  A chiming guitar opening soon turns into something more alert and frenzied.  The drumming then addseven more to this alert and frenzied sound.  Just as your ears have adjusted  to this Mania shifts again into a more calm and drum lead verse.  Over the top of this are vocals which manage to fuse a sense of desperation with cool sounding indie vocals.  As Mania draws to a close the guitars return like a sequel to Planet of the Apes which is actually good and end the song abruptly.

Get your free download of Mania and the whole BLVDEVARD E.P here.

The Gang

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26/02/2013: The Black Waterside – Ole Death!

Ole death, it reaches all of us sometime.  Which is why it’s important to fill the time between with fun happenings and lots of good music!  One song we recommend to keep your ears entertained is The Black Waterside’s newest track.  Ole Death! is another blusey monster from the band and yours to own for literally no more effort than some keyboard taping and a mouse click.

The Black Waterside once again use vocal samples to genius effect to enhance Ole Death! further.  As a thick southern drawl fades out the powerful voice of Adam Bray storm  in and fills Ole Death! with raw urgency.  Ole Death! soon finds its groove as creative drums add a new element to the track.  The feel of Ole Death grows and grows as the track continues, gaining a bigger and more accomplished sound as it goes on.  Adding to all of this is gritty and powerful guitar playing.

The Black Waterside

Get your free download of Ole Death! here!

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18/02/2013: Circle of Rage – Society’s Secret

Circles.  They can make happy things by also angry things.  Five people from Ashford have made the circle into something purposeful and powerful.

Circle of Rage

Circle of Rage are a band that combine big and dominating music with swift and technical changes.  They use this platform to deliver pointed and political messages.  Interested in ‘Music, originality and truth’ the band don’t fail to deliver.  Society’s Secret opens with a foreboding riff before switching up the energy and driving forward.  Over this the vocals speak out about society and the need to resist.  These are delivered by a combination of clean and growling vocals that charge down your brain holes.  Society’s Secret then gains even more momentum as it storms into its final thirty seconds.

From the Curtains Up E.P Society’s Secret is inventive and passionate.  Get your free download of it by clicking here.

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