Up For The Let Down

Pop-punk is a great genre, least of all for the band names it can produce.  Up For The Let Down are a perfect example of this, happily they’re more than just a good name.  Up For The Let Down create pop-punk records with some ear catching twists.    They formed in 2011 initially as a five piece.  Today they are a four piece but still make plenty of good sounds.

Up For The Let Down

The female fronted Up For The Let Down hail from the Medway area.  They are formed of Lex on vocals, Jay on drums, Simon on bass and Scott on lead guitar.  So far Up F0r The Let Down have released six tracks into the great wide web.  One of these has the inspired title I Fear Sharks.  Attention grabbing drumming starts the track before a bright and charged riff storms in.  An infectious chorus and gang vocals complete I Fear Sharks.  The fact it’s a free download from their Facebook makes it even better.  That Summer shows Up For The Let Down’s ability to play with the pop-punk genre.  That Summer begins with a heavy and chugging riff and pounding symbol heavy drumming.  Pop-punk vocals surf the crest of this heavy sound whilst talking about something everyone can relate to.  There’s even a transformer sound.  These are just two of the six of the songs available to stream from their Soundcloud, showing their progression as a band.

Up For The Let Down Live

Currently in the running to support OPM, Up For The Let Down have played venues across Kent.  These include venues such the nationally renowned Forum in Tonbridge Wells alongside new venues such as The Rafters in Maidstone. Up-coming gigs include a return visit to the Forum, voted best small venue in the UK.  Up For The Let Down deliver an energetic and engaging live show.  No one in crowd is safe as front woman Lex wanders into the crowd, urging the audience in closer like a Miles Kane record stuck on repeat.  Just a few of the bands Up For The Let Down have played with include the long standing One Day Elliot, Third Place Victory and Down to My Last.  All this plus a busy schedule of gigs points to exciting things ahead.  No one will be safe from Up For The Let Down’s music; like a zombie virus which is actually good.

Find Up For The Let Down like Liam Neeson hunting down lost family members.   Scroll down to hear I Fear Sharks!

Up For The Let Down on Facebook

Up For The Let Down on Soundcloud

Get I Fear Sharks Here

David Horn

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Riskee and the Ridicule

All the best things grow with time.  Riskee and the Ridicule started as a two piece by Scott Picking and Jimbo Aglony before expanding to become the full band they are today.  They fuse acoustic guitars with energy and aggression, a powerful rhyme section, vocal harmonies and raw and relevant lead vocals.  The end result is a gritty, infectious and fierce sound.

Riskee and the Ridicule

Riskee and the Ridicule have several releases to date.  They released their  E.P The Success Pill in May 2012.  Recorded at Emeline studios The Success Pill contains four big tracks that showcase the bands energy and individuality.  The songs detail everyday life in a refreshingly relatable way.  Followed by a live E.P Riskee and the Ridicule’s latest release is King of the Dole.  Another everyday tale that will capture body and your brain, this was released as a free download to celebrate the survival of Ashford’s Platform 5.  These tracks have reached radio stations across Kent and beyond, with Riskee and the Ridicule being played on stations such as the BBC’s introducing show in Kent.  Alongside The King of the DoleThe Success Pill is also available for free.  Links are below.

On the back of their music Riskee and the Ridicule have played many gigs for a variety of bands and venues.  As well as playing venues across Kent the band have played shows at The 1o0 Club and at the Indigo2 inside the O2 Arena.  During their time as a band Riskee and the Ridicule have supported bands such as The Skints, Victims of Circumstance and Imperial Leisure.  Like an illegal firework display, Riskee and the Ridicule’s are always far more explosive than you anticipate.  The band have many live favourites such as Pool Water which always generate a reaction.  Moshing and high energy are standards for their shows, and much like a talking dog it’s something you have to witness.

Riskee and the Ridicule

The band have a new video and new recordings planned, Riskee and the Ridicule are definitely one to watch for the future!  Find download links below for the Success Pill E.P and King of the Dole.

Riskee and the Ridicule on Facebook

The Success Pill Download

King of the Dole Download

David Horn

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Dakota Ruins Are Coming

Dakota Ruins

The state of Dakota lies in ruins, and the culprits are on their way here.  Only kidding, Dakota is fine.  Causing fear and paranoia by using the media, I mean who would do that.  Six individuals under the name of Dakota Ruins are on their way here however, but hopefully you’ll like it.

Dakota Ruins are a metalcore six piece from Worcestershire.  They have a wide range of influences covering Kill Switch Engage, Bring Me The Horison and even Young Guns.  Dakota Ruins are supported in their quest to conquer the nation’s ear drums by Dry Ice Promotions and Etych Bodyart .  They’ve even played with local lads Artemis Redeemer, who recently gigged with the band at The Unicorn in London.  With this support Dakota Ruins aim to bring their own brand of metalcore to a place near you.

Dakota Ruins’ brand of metalcore is like a house party drinking mix without the bad taste or risk of internal melting.  Tracks from their debut album such as Respawn bring together their influences but also show their own creativity.  Respawn pounds forward with a foreboding tone.  The vocals go from dark growls all the way through to clean vocals, giving Dakota Ruins intensity and sincerity.  Underneath this the powerful riffs and ear catching effects help to keep you more hooked as the track drives on than a teenager that’s just discovered porn.

Dakota Ruins1

Making these tracks work live is important to Dakota Ruins, and the live experience is a kinetic one.  They believe in doing their music and crowds justice on stage with a big stage presence.  There’s a high chance you’ll feel moved.  You won’t laugh or cry, but you will bounce around a mosh pit.  See Dakota Ruins for yourself in June, they’ll be playing Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone.

Get your ears around this band!  Visit their Bandcamp for a free download to tempt you and visit their Facebook to hear even more music.

Dakota Ruins on Facebook

Dakota Ruins on Bandcamp

David Horn

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Feature: Smash Yo Records – Charity Mixing and Mastering

Normally smashing your records is the last thing we’d want you to do.  There are some people though that bring a new meaning to the term Smash Yo Records.  The mixers and masterers of Smash Yo Records strive to bring professional services to those that wouldn’t normally have access to them.  Their site even has a quote from the Harold and Kumar movie, so you know they’re good.

Smash Yo Records began in November 2011.  Managed by Nachos Narcis they work  with any genre of music.  Smash Yo Records state “there is nothing that we don’t like. In a world that experiences change every second, we expect every track and artist to be different if not unique.”    From mixing, mastering and promoting to assistance with song arrangement Smash Yo Records offer a host of services to those starting out in the music business.  Starting off in style the first track Smash Yo Records worked on has been signed to Virgin Music.  The track was even produced and recorded at BBC studios.  The goal of Smash Yo Records is to set those they work with the tools and material to secure record deals with industry majors.

Smash Yo Records

The driving force behind Smash Yo Records is an ethos of charity and opportunity.  “We started like anything is started in this world, because of a need – the need to provide help and support to those in more need. As the world works, we help it along.”  The services they offer are available to musicians for free.  An important part of Smash Yo Records’ founding ethos are mistakes.  They place value in the making of them and what is learnt from them.  All the best things are learnt by mistake, like gravity and combining chocolate and peanut butter.  Underpinning all this is a sense of quality, every track being made with the intention of release.

The man behind Smash Yo Records is Nachos Narcis, and it’s safe to say he’s been around.  For the last six years Nachos has been involved so many music pies he should probably wear a bib.  Nachos’s career in music began in the United States where he worked as a DJ before moving to the UK an becoming a Entertainment Manager for two night clubs.  He learnt engineering from the engineers at the legendary Abbey Road studios.  Music has been part of his life since birth, his mother was an acclaimed pianist.

Nachos Narcis

The future is bright for Smash Yo Records.  They plan to offer work experience for graduates and those interested in careers in the music industry.  The also plan take an even bigger step and open a recording studio, partnered with a label with links to an industry major.   Giving them them an even wider range of services including distribution this will ensure that Smash Yo Records have an even bigger 2013.

Smash Yo Records is a label with big plans and skills, built on an ethos of kindness, quality and charity.   “In 2012, we had a good year, full of knowledge and contacts. 2013 will bring an extension to this, to promote and support emerging artists.”  They should be any musicians’ first stop on the musical ladder.  If you’re feeling generous you can even donate to the cause, helping them achieve even more.  Email submissions to info@smashyorecords.co.uk to get involved.

SmashYo Records on Facebook

Smash Yo Records on the internet

Smash Yo Records on Twitter

Smash Yo Records on Soundcloud

David Horn

Feature: Phatta Sound Promotions

Exploring the streets of Canterbury you’ll notice the image of headphones has started to mark shop windows everywhere.  Nope, not a graffiti problem – these mark the arrival of Phatta Sound Promotions to Canterbury’s diverse music scene.  The brain child of Charlie Vanstone, Phatta Sound Promotions have already hosted their first gig featuring Sincerity, Then The Wave Came, Within The Silence and Locusts.  With much more planned they’re a promoter to look out for.

So, Phatta Sound Promotions then.  They began in September powered by Charlie Vanstone’s passion for music.  Recently called ‘the last bastion of live music in Canterbury’ by BBC Kent Introducing The Beer Cart Arms is Phatta Sound Promotions’ main home.  Phatta Sound Promotions came into existence as a way for the team to put on gigs their own way in conjunction with Phatta Sound Solutions.  Joining founder Charlie Vanstone is Loz Regan, previously of Save Target As, stage managing alongside members of Canterbury band ShyChlo.  Joe Dawson manages the door, Joel Prince supervises proceedings with Shane Elvy and Rick Whale completing the crew.

The crew have a wealth of experience between them; Save Target As and ShyChlo both playing to a high standard with numerous gigs in a variety of venues.  Whilst not in a band, Charlie began his involvement with music at the age of 13 at the Sellindge Music Festival.  Since then he has worked with sound engineering company Rs-blu, working with famous acts and big festivals along the way.

Phatta Sound Promotions’ goal is to bring bigger acts to Canterbury, and to put it on the map.  Only one gig in the team already have events headlined by The Shallow and Hindsights lined up.  Done for all the right reasons founder Charlie finds the best bit of the job seeing ‘the smiles on people’s faces enjoying themselves at our events’, as well as working with the team.  The team have been tight lipped about their future plans but they’re Facebook activity suggests it’s going to be a bit special.

Phatta Sound Promotions offer a variety of services.  They book and manage live events whilst also providing P.A systems.  Providing bands from across the UK with the opportunity to gig in Canterbury they manage bands, including Magnitude and Perks.  Based on this experience Phatta Sound Promotions offer advise on how to begin in music and how to make the most of your band.  If you were wondering where the posters come from, well that’s local designer Reese Designs.

A young team, they have big ideas and big drive.  Come to their shows to see for yourself, as well as great local and out of town bands.

David Horn

Phatta Sound Promotions on Facebook

Reese Designs on Facebook

Magnitude on Facebook

Feature: Dan Lucas and Anchor Baby Recordings

The Mighty Boosh went all the way to the desert to the find the new sound.  Kent doesn’t have a lot of deserts (unless you’re reading this in the year 2100) but hidden away in the Garden of England is a place.  In this place not only will you find the new sound, but you’ll leave with the new sound sounding better than ‘want a cuppa?’  This place is called Anchor Baby Recordings.

Anchor Baby Recordings is the creation of Dan Lucas.  A musician and producer, he has connections running out throughout the music scene.  You could play the Seven Degrees of Separation game, it probably wouldn’t take seven degrees to link a band to Dan/Anchor Baby Recordings however.  Dan has a few musical skills (which helps with the general concept of being a musician).  He can sing, play piano, play drums, guitar and bass.  Not bad going, let’s be honest.  The musical call beckoned at the humble age of eight when he heard Pink Floyds ten minute epic Sheep, followed by Disintegration by The Cure.  Diverse from the beginning, it’ll come as no surprize that being a musician has helped Dan get around a bit.  He has toured with Unwed Sailor, an Oklahoma based instrumental band, and garage band The Higher State on their tour of Germany.

Maintaining this spirit of diversity Dan plays in three bands currently. I hope whoever first said men can’t multi-task is reading this.  If acoustic sounds are your thing then Dan’s band Tener Duende has you covered with alarmingly funky jazz and flamenco sounds.  If you want something a little louder however Jairus will send frantic energy towards like a sonic bulldozer. Dan has toured with Jairus in 26 countries! Fiery bluesy rock even comes into the picture via The Black Waterside.  Get your hands on a track for free right here.  Surely it’s only a matter of time before there’s a DJ/Rap project to complete the set.

So that’s Dan.  With all that variety it stands Anchor Baby Recordings in good stead.  Unsurprisingly with the amount of bands making up Dan’s musical history he’s been on the other side of a producer a few times.  The perfect environment for a love of producing to grow.  Like all the best this happened by basically pressing buttons to see what they did.  Having said this some respected engineers also imparted their wisdom.  Anchor Baby Recordings is armed with an 88 channel analogue desk as well as more musical equipment than Arcade Fire on tour.  Whilst a musician at his core Dan finds that ‘in the recording and production environment that I get to be extremely creative too’.

Enjoying sharing the experience of creating new music with the bands that go through Anchor Baby Recordings the list is building up.  The varied list includes fip fok band Coco and the Butterfields, rising indie band Chutes and grunge metallers Tortilla Army.  These are only three bands though; the list is longer than I know numbers for.  This says a bit about my maths skills but a lot about the reputation held by Anchor Baby Recordings.  Dan’s ambition for himself and Anchor Baby Recordings is to do what he does on a slightly grander scale, but just to keep working in and with bands.

With fifteen years of experience Dan at 29 years old has plenty more time to make an impact on music both locally and on a larger scale.  Not just a talented musician and engineer, he’ll give you tuition to.  Whether you want to learn the drums or how to produce sounds so good they actually sound shiny Dan has a service for you.  If you’re a band though thinking about where to record, Anchor Baby Recordings should definitely be on the list.

Dan Lucas/Anchor Baby Recordings on Facebook

Anchor Baby Recordings

Tener Duende on Facebook

Jairus on Facebook

The Black Waterside on Facebook

David Horn (not on facebook)