Melic – An Hour to Anywhere

Melic create versatile, talented and creative rock music with pop hooks and an uplifting spirit.  This was written for GIGgle Pics.

Variety is the spice of life they say.  Probably because much like a curry plenty of variety will leave you with a big smile, a red face, streaming eyes and a runny nose; but all in a good way except maybe that last one.  With this in mind I hope your ears enjoy a good musical curry because Melic certainly give you plenty of sound spices.  Melic, on Beatnik Geek Records, are here with their debut album An Hour to Anywhere.

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Must Destroy – Underdog

Studio projects can accidently grow into some of the best things, like the Foo Fighters. So when Arno of Generation Graveyard and Szymek who is now in Mortad started one that grew into a band it has to be good.  The line-up has changed but the music and the concept of Must Destroy remain the same.  Must Destroy are a black metal band that much like the evil rise of the Furbee have grown more than anyone expected.

Must Destroy

The band have several tracks, one of which is Underdog.  Underdog embodies Must Destroy as a powerful and sinister riff climbs over impressive drumming in the race to dive down your ears.  Generation Graveyard vocalist Max also takes over the duties here and delivers searching and angry vocals.  Fusing vocal and combat clips in with their music Must Destroy possess your ears for over six minutes as the song grows and grows.  The lyrics are littered with references to drugs, paranoia and uprising as Must Destroy explore the darkness.

Must Destroy play metal straight up, and have created a dark and powerful sound.  Different to all the bands this projects members have come from Must Destroy maintains the same high level of playing.  If you enjoy any of the bands that make this project you will enjoy it without hearing a repeat of their other work.  Hear the track on their Myspace.

Must Destroy on MySpace

Must Destroy on Facebook

David Horn

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Generation Graveyard

Living your music takes a lot of skill if you’re a band that combine hardcore, metal and punk.  You have to drink hard, play hard and even play your songs.  The songs have to sound dominating live and equally speaker tormenting.  Generation Graveyard have all of this.  Not only are Generation Graveyard finishing the mixing and recording of their new record, they’re also playing shows with local boys Artemis Redeemer and the mighty 69 Eyes.  

Track three on the new record, The Empty gives you no time to prepare.  Pounding drums and a riff that sounds more like a call to arms come at you instantly before you’ve even taken your finger back off the play button.  This storm of sound is added to by dark and snarling vocals.  Starting with the command ‘Come on’ they mirror the tracks tone perfectly.  Swept along by The Empty Generation Graveyard fill you with a sense of contempt towards daily monotony and entrapment.  You’ll feel angry.  Angry enough to break the spell and get on it.  As the track rolls into its last minute an increased sense of energy and intensity takes over before The Empty winds to a close.

Generation Graveyard

Generation Graveyard explore the punk side of their nature with Deleatist.  Sounding like a sonic punch to the face Deletist has a frantic and desperate determination to it.  Alongside ADHD based drumming and a cutting riff the vocals charge down your ears on a sea of distortion urgency.  As the chant of ‘Deleatist‘ goes up it is clear this track will smash venues and radicalise audiences.  Deleatist drives the listener to rise up and be free and fills them fury and energy, to y’know just help it along.  This isn’t a song to just hear.  Deleatist makes the listener an active and empowered participant.  At it’s core it is build on integrity and values.  Get Deleatist now from Generation Graveyard’s Bandcamp.

Generation Graveyard make music to react to.  Driven by core values these songs are the work of a band with a purpose.  The fusion of styles gives Generation Graveyard’s music even more appeal.  Watch Generation Graveyard.  They are producing music that not only sounds interesting and has a purpose, but needs to be heard because it’s just good!  Click the link to GIGgle Pics to see more information and photos from a recent Canterbury gig.

Generation Graveyard on Facebook

Generation Graveyard on Bandcamp

Generation Graveyard on GIGgle Pics

David Horn

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The Apostates Stream New Track ‘Wide-Eyed’

‘London’s best kept secret’ The Apostates are here with a their debut album and a new track for you to rap your ears around.  Fresh from recording with James Bragg and Pete Miles of Middle Farm Studios the band are ready to unleash Wide-Eyed and Determined on the world.

The punky rock band have added Wide Eyed to the list of tracks you can stream, and it bodes well for the album.  Driven and passionate vocals play over a pounding and heartfelt wave of drumming and guitars, complete with the odd vocal harmony.

The Apostates deliver fiery and honest music built around integrity rather than sales.  Get in on London’s best kept secret, your ears will be happy.  Keep an eye out for their album Wide-Eyed and Determined, it could be a bit special.

David Horn

Lynchpyn – Drop The Blade

They say music should make you feel something.  Lynchpyn will make you feel like you’ve been punched in the face by Chuck Norris.  Lynchpyn are here with their debut release Drop The Blade.  Over two tracks they show you their mission statement.  Loud, direct and so riff heavy the stage probably sinks a little at gigs.

Leading you into their world is Can You Speak Now.  This slams into you instantly with a big riff.  Big riff could get used quite often in this, time to start a swear jar.  But Can You Speak Now storms along. Surfing the riffs are demonic and tortured vocals that sound like they’re coming from another place.  Probably from below the stage.  Punchy and rapid Lynchpyn show you what they’re about, complete with more guitar break downs than a strung-out rock star.  A few well timed stops manage to jolt your mind just that little bit more.  There’s no getting away from the fact this is a metallic beast.

Compared to the release’s other track though this is the pop hit.  Drop The Blade is somehow even heavier, the opening riff sounding like the sinister intro to some evil being.  Then it breaks into a riff even more destructive.  More tortured vocals crawl down your ears as the guitars wreak havoc.  The sheer pace of metal the monster drags you along by your feet, slamming your head into every note along the way.  Lynchpyn somehow manage to sound concerned through the sound storm of pounding drums and guitars as ‘I am here/Drop the blade’ escapes the maelstrom.  A menacing bass line completes the scene.

This is just a starting point.  This band can only get heavier and more destructive, and bigger.  Find them and enjoy them, because they’ll probably come and find you anyway.  Enjoy!  Get Can You Speak Now free here.

Lynchpyn on Facebook

Lynchpyn on the internet

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Can You Speak Now
  2. Drop The Blade

12/11/12: Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now

Fancy some metal?  Whether you do or not Lynchpyn are going to give you some!  The track is Can You Speak Now and it’s a beast!  The band ooze riffs and heavy energy!  Kick the week off in a big way!!  See them live on Friday, more details can be found in the Gig Guide!

Get the track here, enjoy!