Blaise Paisel Change Their Name

In favour of a name easier to find Blaise Paisel have changed their name.  After several releases including their debut single Magical, Blaise Paisel have changed their name to Skies.

Skies had this to say about the name change:

BLAISE PAISEL served us very well, but our music’s also changed alot since we named the band back then and we feel our new name is going to be the best thing for us! We’re all really excited! Hope u are too! Here’s to the future! Much love x

Find Skies on Facebook.

David Horn

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YaMaHaRaHaRA, IRIS, Left of the Right Side and Atlantica at The Bar Below, Folkestone : 26/01/13

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.  Don’t worry it’s not an angry bee; but it was the atmosphere at The Bar Below, Folkestone on Saturday.  Organised by YaMaHaRaHaRa and run by Below the Radar Events and Promotions four big Kent bands took to the stage for YaMaHaRaHaRa’s comeback gig.  Alongside YaMaHaRaHaRa’s  highly anticipated return were Atlanica, Left of the Right Side and IRIS.  All three bands gave the night more support than a super effective push up bra as it built to its close.

First up to kick out some energy across the Bar Below were Atlantica.  As their set began, the lights went dark and a thought-provoking intro sailed across the Bar Below, and then as the drums kicked in the band and helpfully the lights exploded into life.  There and Back Again started the bands set and showcased the bands sound.  Atlantica also showed their experimental side.  I know what you’re thinking, and no there was no hardcore/jazz fusion.  There was however a new addition to the bands set up with vocalist Elliot Dixon using a delay pedal.  The result was some occasionally funny and often genius vocal effects.  Elliot showed his prowess as a front man with a variety of poses and even the occasional crowd invasion,  all accompanied by many facial expressions.    Carried by a tight band, the set even featured guest vocals from Cairn Livingstone.  The set ended with a not yet perfected but entertaining cover of Rise Against’s Prayer of the Refugee.

Image by Sarah Quin / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Following this was Left of the Right Side.  They filled the Bar Below with a rock vibe and captured the audience’s attention once more.  Left of the Right Side delivered another strong performance as even guitarist Shaun Taylor made it out on to the floor.  Despite a few beers vocalist Rich Packman put in an active performance.  Despite some vocal issues he carried off the heavy aspects of the tracks, Left of the Right Side continually getting a big cheer from the audience.  Whether you were at the front of the stage or giving the bar some love, the bands strong and accomplished playing bounced around the room and didn’t fail to impress.  Not to be out done by Atlantica, their set even featured its own addition.  YaMaHaRaHaRa’s guitarist had a brief moment of pretend guitar playing on Shaun Taylor’s guitar as he was playing it.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Engineer Records’ IRIS took the role of main support and didn’t disappoint.  IRIS filled the stage with a big presence and sent sounds cartwheeling across the room.  The  band sounded on top form as they delivered a professional set whilst also evidently highly enjoying what they do.  Playing tracks from their last release Out of Fiction and some new songs IRIS worked the crowd repeatedly.  They even nobly sacrificed their bassist to start a pit, as he jumped into the crowd still playing.  The alt. rockers filled the room with energy from the YaMaHaRaHaRa merch clad front man through to the drummer with an impressively versatile face.  More interactive than an iPhone swearing at you whilst shooting angry birds at your face, IRIS left their mark on you.  Either directly via their bassist or just with big sounds climbing down your ears.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Finally it was time.  YaMaHaRaHaRa took to the stage making Below the Radar’s booking manager Andrew Kesby and a room full of people very happy.  Equally happy to be back YaMaHaRaHaRa delivered a powerful set.  Jokey and friendly between songs, the band then exploded in a frenzy of noise, before ending the song and asking for shots.  A bit like a friendly but thirsty volcano might.  The crowd reacted well to YaMaHaRaHaRa, enjoying and moving rhythmically, dancing?, to the music.  They commented on how nice it was to see old and new faces.  Any new faces however might have had a slight shock as front lady Kate Wintie detonated in their ears.  The whole band played a kinetic and tight set.  YaMaHaRaHaRa went for it so much that at the end of the set they were exhausted.  During the final few songs Kate could be seen laying on her keyboard whilst the band’s drummer sat motionless on the floor when the band finished.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

YaMaHaRaHaRa ended the night in a big way but were ably supported by the performances before them.  As comeback shows go it was pretty big.   See all these bands where ever you can!  Scroll right down to the bottom for one more photo!

David Horn

Band/Promoter/Photography Links:

Below the Radar Events and Promotions

GIGgle Pics on Facebook / GIGgle Pics Blog / Full Photo Album


Left of the Right Side

IRIS / Engineer Records


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Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics.

21/01/13: Melrose and YaMaHaRaHaRa

It’s an exciting week for gigs.  To get you in the mood we have free music from pop punkers Melrose as well as the returning band YaMaHaRaHaRa!

Melrose are a pop punk four piece.  The band bring a refreshing heavy edge to pop punk and have a whole E.P for you to check out.  Our free download of the week is the E.P closer No Thanks Man, I’m High On Life.  Melrose start the track with a drum part and riff more infectious than the virus in 28 Days Later.  The band fuse the hooky and relate-able nature of pop punk with heavier riffs and vocals.  The end result is exciting and energetic pop punk/easycore.  Well produced, No Thanks Man, I’m High On Life even throws up a other moments that will do nice things to your inner jelly.

Get your copy of No Thanks Man, I’m High On Life here, alongside the whole Let Me Remind You E.P.  Yours for free or whatever you think it’s worth.  See the band this Thursday (24/01/13) here at The Beer Cart Arms, Canterbury.


Next up are the returning Folkestone heros YaMaHaRaHaRa.  Newly reformed, the band have their Ignite E.P available.  From it is the track Ribbons.  Coming at you from the first second with a big and building riff Ribbons is a driving and powerful beast of a track in the choruses.  In the verses however it is a much softer animal, showcasing vocals and lyrics as much as anything else.  Ribbons builds and builds, complete with some powerful guitar and vocal moments.  Passion, motivational lyrics and energy; what more do you need?!  One of three tracks on the Ignite E.P, check it out!

Get your free download of Ribbons here.  See information about the band’s come back show this Sataurday (26/01/13) here at The Bar Below, Fokestone.

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Mistiksin, After the Enclave, Escape the Ocean and Insult at The Bar Below, Folkestone : 12/01/2013

Well that happened. This is the only way to describe what happened Saturday night at The Bar Below, Folkestone.  The Below the Radar gig started with angry punk and ended with a performance from  Bat Girl.  It was as much a spectacle as it was dominated by big sounds across a range of genres.

The night began with Insult.  The Fokestone based punk band, something they were keen to deny, started the night in a frenzy of noise, aggression and attitude.  After a strong 2012 Insult’s sound and presence were at new heights.  Happily for their first gig of 2013 this meant nothing but make the band better at being raw, raucous and in your face.  Something that those new to Insult in the crowd fully understood. Josh Battams and Jak Colins sharing the role of front man and getting right into the crowd.  As well as live favourites such as The Old Bill, Insult played newer songs such as one dedicated to Folkestone’s homeless.  Insult played an energetic set, entertaining people whilst also giving their brains something to munch on.  The set even featured reluctant guest vocals from The Half-Wits’ Konrad Harris.


Escape the Ocean took to the stage next.  Starting in a cloud of distortion, they left the crowd hanging until guitars climbed out the storm of sounds.  Joined by the rest of the band the thing that struck you first, especially your ears, was the power of front man Lee Morrison’s voice.  Even as Lee Morrison hung back from the mic like the moon orbiting the earth his voice powered out the P.A.  The whole band played a tight set, delivering their songs in a strong and accomplished way – aided by some special facial expressions.  Driven forward by powerful drumming, this continuously threw out exciting moments.  Another band on form, Escape the Ocean are a band to see in 2013.

Escape the Ocean

Keeping the momentum, After the Enclave claimed the stage next.  Their first gig of the new year, they didn’t hold back.  Bringing their heavy sound to the small basement bar they filled the room with riffs and dominating vocals.  As After the Enclave brought track after track to the audience they carried across a Disturbed vibe, the band – not people needing help, which is never a bad thing.  The band impressed as they played tracks such as their signature song Crucified.  Good crowd interaction made After the Enclave the devil on everyone’s shoulder, tempting them into a cheeky head bang.  Coming at people like a shark with knees the out of town band are a strong live band!

After the Enclave

After over a year since their last gig, Mistiksin finally reached the stage.  An all star line-up took to the stage.  First up was a six foot something Bat  Girl, followed by Ryu from Street Fighter.  The line-up was completed by a drumming skeleton, Batman and …. a sailor.  After a few jokes the music started.  Something tells me these weren’t the original characters however.  The expectant crowd was treated to some big metal as it screamed across the room.  The crowd approved, starting a mosh pit.  Playing strong originals like Unleash the Beast it was clear Mistiksin had been missed.  You also wouldn’t have been able to tell it was new guitarist Nick Price’s first gig with the band.  Alongside originals were strong covers of Killing in the Name and a destructive cover of Let The Bodies Hit the Floor.  The band put on a show, with Bat Girl aka vocalist Andrew Lawence singing from the bar and a sofa.  As the show came to an end a beer keg emerged.  This then got smashed by the band and crowd alike ringing across the room and bringing the gig to a close.

See band, promoter and photography links below.


This was another good gig put together by Below the Radar Events and Promotions.  All photos are courtesy of GIGgle Pics.  See all these bands if you get the chance, another quality gig at The Bar Below.

Below the Radar Events and Promotions on Facebook

GIGgle Pics on Facebook / See all images from the event here

Insult on Facebook

Escape the Ocean on Facebook

After the Enclave on Facebook

Mistiksin on Facebook

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YaMaHaRaHaRa Are Back

After a year long hiatus the Folkestone based YaMaHaRaHaRa are back.  Playing energetic and strong post hardcore rock the band have come back with a bang, with a return gig set for the 26th January.  Playing alongside IRIS, Left of the Right Side and Atlantica the band’s popularity was proven with over 90 confirmed attendants in four days.  When the YaMaHaRaHaRa announced their return they said they were “Thrilled to be back, and cannot wait to see you all again.”

Made up of  Kate Wintie, Andy Wintie, James Kemp and Richard Russel, YaMaHaRaHaRa released their self titled three track E.P available for free from their Bandcamp profile.  Coinciding with their return YaMaHaRaHaRa have also announced the recording of new material.  After several high profile break ups at the end of last year this is a positive change for 2013.

YaMaHaRaHaRa on Facebook

YaMaHaRaHaRa on Bandcamp

David Horn

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09/01/2013: Audiowhores and Elle Rayenne

It’s a good week for music!  We couldn’t decide on one so here’s two tracks for you this week.

The first comes from a previous free download, Audiowhores.  Starting 2013 in style the band are hitting you with a new track and a new a video.  The track is called Slice of Life, and hit is definitely the word of choice.  As you press play a heavy riff slams into your ear drums.  Slice of Life storms along like a drunk looking for pizza at 4am in the morning as undeniably funky vocals soar over the driven sounds.  A hooky chorus then completes the job before a big solo climbs out the mix.  A new development in Audiowhores sound, your ears need this – just sayin’.  Plus there are only 200 downloads available!

Download your copy of Slice of Life here.  Scroll down for Elle Rayenne.

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Next is Elle Rayenne.  They’re back with a new E.P and from it the track so catchy it should probably be illgel, Rayguns.  This is the E.P’s title track and once you hear it, it’s not leaving your mind.  Ever.  From the first ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’ it’s embedded in your brain.  Full of awesome indie vibes this track has it all; an obscenely catchy chorus, a bouncy pace and great vocals.   And this is only one of the four track E.P.  Get it your copy of Raygun here, because sometimes happy bouncy smiling is just what you need.

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