Circle Of Rage Release New Video

Circle of Rage, Fear, Does, Not, Exist, In, This, Dojo

Circle of Rage have released the video to their latest track Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo.  Produced by Kent based OYFE Productions the video is set in a dark and smoke filled room.  The video suits the track perfectly as the dark  and confined environment hosts foreboding drumming and an opening riff that sounds like it’s climbed out of hell.

Professionally shot and edited Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo captures the live spirit of Circle of Rage and the aggression of the track. There’s even a TV that gets smashed.  Watch Circle of Rage live on the 28th March at Canterbury’s Beer Cart Arms.   Scroll down for links.

Circle of Rage on Facebook /Circle of Rage live in Canterbury 28/03/13

The OYFE Production website

David Horn

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The Banned Reviews Takeover 17/03/13

What an awesome show!  The underground and unsigned music in Kent and across the UK is incredible!  We want to congratulate Tank Trap again on earning a slot at this years Isle of Wight Festival and Syd Arthur for their appearance at this years SXSW.  Both these and all the bands we play have bright futures.  See who we played below and go find them live, you won’t regret it.  Listen now for great independent music and again on Sunday at 8 … and Friday at 6.30.  There’s no escape … wait, no excuse not to check it out.

Track Listing:

Blacken the Name – Jekyll and Hyde / On Facebook

Wheres Billy – Tears and Essays / On Facebook

Tank Trap – My Animal / On Facebook

CzechMate – With Me / On Facebook

Skies – Magical / On Facebook

Klac Tik – Reborn / On Facebook

The Alamo – More to Learn / On Facebook

The Lightwings – Revolution / On Facebook

Syd Arthur – Ode to Summer / On Facebook

Optional Rubber Duck – Jackie Chan / On Facebook

Internal Skars – Undertaker / On Facebook

Border:Line Fire –  I Wanna Go / On Facebook

Mr Beane (Rebirth Records) – July Mix / On Facebook


The Banned Reviews Takeover 10/03/13

Another great night of music!  Bands from the UK, Canada and America fell out your speakers into your ears!  There was even a twenty minute portion of Pawse’s most recent DJ set!  Our ears are still feeling happy!  Check out tonight’s show for more great Kent and underground music!  Listen anytime for independent music here.

Track Listing:

Artemis Redeemer – Something More / On Facebook

Voodoo Brother – Still Water / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

The Gang – Mania / On Facebook

High Tide – Home / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

The Zolas – Escape Artist / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – One Sided Dice / On Facebook

Insult – Young and Reckless / On Facebook

Insult – Our Money Your War

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown /On Facebook

Pawse – Live at Wooly’s 03-02-2013 / On Facebook

Much love,

Banned Reviews

18/02/2013: Circle of Rage – Society’s Secret

Circles.  They can make happy things by also angry things.  Five people from Ashford have made the circle into something purposeful and powerful.

Circle of Rage

Circle of Rage are a band that combine big and dominating music with swift and technical changes.  They use this platform to deliver pointed and political messages.  Interested in ‘Music, originality and truth’ the band don’t fail to deliver.  Society’s Secret opens with a foreboding riff before switching up the energy and driving forward.  Over this the vocals speak out about society and the need to resist.  These are delivered by a combination of clean and growling vocals that charge down your brain holes.  Society’s Secret then gains even more momentum as it storms into its final thirty seconds.

From the Curtains Up E.P Society’s Secret is inventive and passionate.  Get your free download of it by clicking here.

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The Banned Reviews Takeover 17/02/13

Aaaaaaand we’re back.  There was no takeover last week due to technical difficulties.  We say technical difficulties we mean the laptop will all the good stuff on it was separated from it’s charger and went to sleep for a while.  Never fear though (we could tell you were fearful) it is back with a vengeance.  This week’s saw a host of great local and underground artists.  Listen back to the show on Friday 6.30-7.30.  Listen now for great independent music 24/7 here.

Track Listing:

Dakota Ruins – Respawn / On Facebook

Circle of Rage – Society’s Secret / On Facebook

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

ROAM – Less Than Productive / On Facebook

Jaguar Jones – No Gods No Masters / On Facebook

The Alex Beharrell Band – The Best Melancholy / On Facebook

Syd Arthur – Dorothy / On Facebook 

Mr Payne – Music / On Facebook

Eskimo Chase – On Top of Things / On Facebook

Clacket Lane – Girl That Looks Like Sunshie / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown / On Facebook

Biscuit Thief – I Can’t Find Homebase and I’m Getting Really Distressed / On Facebook

Afro Dizzy Jack remix (Rebirth Records) – Talking With Myself / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Camden Queen / On Facebook


Banned Reviews

Must Destroy – Underdog

Studio projects can accidently grow into some of the best things, like the Foo Fighters. So when Arno of Generation Graveyard and Szymek who is now in Mortad started one that grew into a band it has to be good.  The line-up has changed but the music and the concept of Must Destroy remain the same.  Must Destroy are a black metal band that much like the evil rise of the Furbee have grown more than anyone expected.

Must Destroy

The band have several tracks, one of which is Underdog.  Underdog embodies Must Destroy as a powerful and sinister riff climbs over impressive drumming in the race to dive down your ears.  Generation Graveyard vocalist Max also takes over the duties here and delivers searching and angry vocals.  Fusing vocal and combat clips in with their music Must Destroy possess your ears for over six minutes as the song grows and grows.  The lyrics are littered with references to drugs, paranoia and uprising as Must Destroy explore the darkness.

Must Destroy play metal straight up, and have created a dark and powerful sound.  Different to all the bands this projects members have come from Must Destroy maintains the same high level of playing.  If you enjoy any of the bands that make this project you will enjoy it without hearing a repeat of their other work.  Hear the track on their Myspace.

Must Destroy on MySpace

Must Destroy on Facebook

David Horn

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