The Banned Reviews Takeover 27/01/13

What an hour!  Lots of tracks, remixs and mixs from amazing Kent bands!  We hope you liked them as much we do!!  Check out these bands for more music and gig dates!  Thanks for listening!  Listen to Somojo radio now for the best independent music.

Track Listing:

Atlantica -There and Back Again / On Facebook

Avenge Thee + Naime – Song 2 / On Facebook

Melrose – No Thanks, I’m High On Life / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – Lightning / On Facebook

Empire Light – Too Old For Buses / On Facebook

The Doctorates – Sorry Love / On Facebook

BattleSka Galactica – All Aboard The Mary Celeste / On Facebook

The Objectors – There and Back / On Facebook

Skrillex Ft. Damien Marley – Meloki’s Trap Remix / On Facebook

7 Day Conspiracy – Enough to Make You Sick / On Facebook

7 Day Conspiracy – Another Song about War / On Facebook

Up For The Let Down – I Fear Sharks / On Facebook

Mr Beanie (Rebirth Records) – Do You Rock Mini Mix / On Facebook

Much love,

Banned Reviews


The Gig Guide: 3rd – 9th Dec

It’s a week.  A new week.  A new week full of gigs!  As always there’s plenty to keep you entertained this week!

Our week starts on Tuesday at The Beer Cart, Canterbury with Below the Radar.  Ska band Imperial Leisure are touring the country, they’ve done some dates with Sonic Boom Six and are doing their own headline tour.  They’ll hit Canterbury supported by some big local talent!  Canterbury’s own ShyChlo, Riskee and the Ridicule fresh from Camden, ska punk band My Third Leg and indie ska band Firstborn Heroes will make all kinds of good noises.

Wednesday at The Lantens in Folkestone get some beats in your life with The Winter Warmer.  A night filled with great local talent this night is also in support of the local homeless shelter!  As well as the tunes get your hands on the local music compilations with all profits going to the shelter!

Thursday it’s back to The Beer Cart, or the future – which ever works, for another big night.  Come down for Phatta Sounds first gig.  It’s a big line-up!  Sincerity, Then the Wave Came, Within the Silence and Locusts will put on an big show.   Sincerity alone have just supported Fear Factory with a genius light show!  Alternatively if you’re feeling some indie folk get down to The Windmill in Ashford for Blaise Paisel and Elle Rayenne.  Celebrate with Blaise Paisel as they launch their video for Magical.

I’f you’re want another fix of Imperial Leisure they’re playing The Tubman in Hastings on Friday.  Alternatively The Forum in Tonbridge Wells has Weezish!  The Weezer tribute band will give you an epic fix of college rock with some big tunes!

Saturday get yo’self down to new venue The Rafters in Maidstone!  The mighty Vivid Nation will playing there.  If you’ve not seen them they combine atmospheric guitars with passion and performance!  If you have seen them, see them again!  Closer to Tonbridge?  Get back to The Forum for a big night of rock! All The Above + Zombie Met Girl + Ugly Love + Nod and Toxic Rock DJ’s  will loud noises for you!

Have a great week!  What have we missed?  Check our full gig guide for more!

The Gig Guide: 26th Nov – 2nd Dec

Happy Monday, yeah it’s Monday – not the best day but here are a few things to look forward to!

Our gigs start from Thursday this week at The Forum, Tonbridge Wells.  Watch The Blackwater Revue, Escucha, Sanity FM and The Timing make nice sounds for your ears.

Back at The Forum on Friday its all about Genesis Elijah, Natty Speaks, Mr Basista & DJ SP and a Open Mic Night hosted by FS.  Fancy it?

On Saturday there’s so much stuff happening you’ll have to split yourself into five.  Like a really bad dating show, option one.  Toot ‘n’ Skamen are at The Westcoast, Margate for some great ska vibes.  In Folkestone at the new venue Rokanrolla check out Alaska, March on March, Atlantica and Unspoken dreams for the Kent Music Best of Show!  Get in the Christmas Spirit in Deal at The Astor Theater.  Check out the amazingly talented Pip Bowers, Jack Bowden and Chris Marsh providing acoustic music.  Down in Hastings?  Get some rock and metal in your life at The Carlisle with The Self Titled, Stormborn and Never Say Die.  Finally you could go back to The Forum (movie references 🙂 ) and catch Trash Talk.

There’s even a gig on Sunday, the best way to spend a Sunday.  In Ashford a Platform 5  go to Selective Noisze 2 feat. DJ Blaize, Kev Boi, Dark Side Tribe, Jessta and Critical, Mic B and Ziphedz.

See all the gigs we know about here on the Gig Guide.  What are we missing? Let us know.

Much Love,

Banned Reviews

The Banned Reviews Takeover 18/11/12

Boom! Our magic ninjas (from SPACE!) just took over Somojo radio for the second time!  With their help we just stuck in another hour of amazing Kent music!!  What did you think?  Here’s the track listing in case you missed any of it, it’ll be replayed Friday at 6.30 so you can hear it all again (we know you want to)!

Lynchpyn – Can You Speak Now / On Facebook

Seconds From Ruin – 442 / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – Exit Wound / On Facebook

Common Outlaw – Reborn / On Facebook

7 Day Conspiracy – Someday / On Facebook

History of the Trade – One Arm’s Length / On Facebook

Clacket Lane – Girl That Looks Like Sunshine / On Facebook

Andy Robinson of The Tied – Louder (DJ Fresh cover) / On Facebook

The Objectors – There and Back / On Facebook

Elle Rayenne – Celestial Navigation / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – Jack of All Trades / On Facebook

Mandem Productions feat. Matt Appleby – Working Class / On Facebook Mandem Productions Matt Appleby

Breeding Sequence – Jump Up (Vocal Mix / On Facebook

Rebirth Records Mini Mix by Mr Beanie / On Facebook

See you next week!

The Objectors – Dub Is Thicker Than Water

It’s getting cold outside.  Don’t mess around with all coats, thermal underwear or even flasks of coffee.  I prescribe you a nice warm earful of dub.  It’ll make you warm and toasty though it may give you the enjoyment sweats.  The dub of choice comes from The Objectors, the two piece have released their debut E.P Dub Is Thicker Than Water.  Across six tracks you’ll get the perfect dose of anti-winter.

Like all the best medicine this comes with instructions.  Before you press play be sure you’re sitting comfortably with food and drink.  You’ll be too relaxed to even consider moving.  As you press play The Objectors welcome you into their reality.  Built using old school reggae vibes it is shaped with haunting vocals (in a friendly way like Casper the ghost) that seem just out of reach at all times.  The guitar adds to the tone and mood.  The end result of this is music that will slip under your skin and into your brain before you know what’s happening.

Not sticking with one mood, the E.P uses dubbed out reggae as a platform to explore from.  Tracks like Storm In A Tea Cup send out warmth and sunshine through your soul as a tropical riff filters through your ears.  The guitar in this track also proves that even at a slow dub pace it can sound interesting and inventive.  Heads Up is a track which radiates laziness, bringing the relaxed state of your brain to a new peak as ‘Born too late’ slides out the background.   There and Back carries with it a triumphant sound, sounding like the theme song for a conquering king.

The vocals act more as something to think on as your mind wanders away than as lyrics, and in this role work very well.  The one track where they step up is the closer Cold Last Night.  Here they suit the tracks energy and perfectly and bring out the trippy nature of the E.P.  Across the E.P the array of sounds leaves plenty for your ears to think about whilst maintaining the balance and effect throughout.

A record to lose yourself in, if you have half an hour to spend there’s no better way than by listening to this.  Like all good medicine though I wouldn’t recommend listening to this while driving.

The Objectors on Facebook

The Objectors on Sound Cloud

David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. I, Object (Blocked Nose)
  2. Run Around In Circles
  3. Storm In A Tea Cup
  4. Heads Up
  5. There and Back
  6. Cold Last Night