Thomas Ashby – Eat My Heart/Little Us E.P

For every artist in the top 40, maybe even the top 100, there are a thousand artists waiting to impress us. My maths is shaky, so don’t quote those stats, but my ears I’m pretty sure are doing ok. Thomas Ashby with his latest E.P Eat My Heart/Little Us is one of the things making giving them smiles.

Thomas Ashby, Eat My Heart, Little Us, Music, Acoustic, KentThomas Ashby is my one to watch this year, and recently featured in the’s Welcome To 2015 series. Eat My Heart/Little Us is quite delightful, delivered by acoustic guitars, piano, bass drum and even the occasional banjo or xylophone. All of these are played by Thomas and they help Thomas Ashby to tell stories in a touching, heart-warming and intelligent way.

It all starts with Eat My Heart. Lively and warm, Eat My Heart carries you with it as it persuades your feet to stamp. Joined by an instantly memorable chorus, a well-placed breakdown keeps Eat My Heart alive in your ears as even a little banjo creeps in. Little Us changes this energy with a tender subdued opening. Gradually it grows and expands as a story grows – hitting you right in that warm thing next to your lungs. At it’s end it’s a lively and warm beast (like a squirrel?), but still with that same tenderness. Aptly, Bittersweet End closes the E.P, told via a simple acoustic guitar. Bittersweet End showcases how Thomas can re-tell our world, elements reflecting it as it is but also making it sound finer.

Thomas Ashby isn’t reinventing the wheel here. However the place it takes you to and the road you travel on make this E.P an ideal travel companion. This three track E.P, released at the close of 2014, cries out for a full live performance and sharing with an audience.

8 / 10

David Horn


The Banned Reviews Takeover 17/03/13

What an awesome show!  The underground and unsigned music in Kent and across the UK is incredible!  We want to congratulate Tank Trap again on earning a slot at this years Isle of Wight Festival and Syd Arthur for their appearance at this years SXSW.  Both these and all the bands we play have bright futures.  See who we played below and go find them live, you won’t regret it.  Listen now for great independent music and again on Sunday at 8 … and Friday at 6.30.  There’s no escape … wait, no excuse not to check it out.

Track Listing:

Blacken the Name – Jekyll and Hyde / On Facebook

Wheres Billy – Tears and Essays / On Facebook

Tank Trap – My Animal / On Facebook

CzechMate – With Me / On Facebook

Skies – Magical / On Facebook

Klac Tik – Reborn / On Facebook

The Alamo – More to Learn / On Facebook

The Lightwings – Revolution / On Facebook

Syd Arthur – Ode to Summer / On Facebook

Optional Rubber Duck – Jackie Chan / On Facebook

Internal Skars – Undertaker / On Facebook

Border:Line Fire –  I Wanna Go / On Facebook

Mr Beane (Rebirth Records) – July Mix / On Facebook


The Banned Reviews Takeover 10/03/13

Another great night of music!  Bands from the UK, Canada and America fell out your speakers into your ears!  There was even a twenty minute portion of Pawse’s most recent DJ set!  Our ears are still feeling happy!  Check out tonight’s show for more great Kent and underground music!  Listen anytime for independent music here.

Track Listing:

Artemis Redeemer – Something More / On Facebook

Voodoo Brother – Still Water / On Facebook

Third Place Victory – One Year Wasting / On Facebook

The Gang – Mania / On Facebook

High Tide – Home / On Facebook

Craig Sheridan – Nitewish / On Facebook

The Zolas – Escape Artist / On Facebook

Escape the Ocean – One Sided Dice / On Facebook

Insult – Young and Reckless / On Facebook

Insult – Our Money Your War

Generation Graveyard – The Empty / On Facebook

Go-Zilla – Throwdown /On Facebook

Pawse – Live at Wooly’s 03-02-2013 / On Facebook

Much love,

Banned Reviews

The Banned Reviews Takeover 03/03/13

We hope you enjoyed more great underground and unsigned music.  It pressed lots of nice buttons in our brains, like a kid hitting lots of red buttons.  The end result was plenty of amazing sounds from artists and producers from across the UK, and even one band from Chicago.  AudioWhore’s album is just out and a bit good! Meanwhile we’re expecting great new material from Atlantica soon.  We hope their tracks got you excited!  Hear it again on Friday at 6.30 or listen now for great independent music.  Do you like what you hear?  Any requests?  Email

Track Listing:

AudioWhores – Slice of Life / On Facebook

Tyrannosaurus Alan – S.T.B feat Jak Brown / On Facebook

Atlantica – In Vivid Colour / On Facebook

Fish Tank – Kakapo / On Facebook

The New Diet – See Millions, Saw Few / On Facebook

Matt Appleby – By Night / On Facebook

Common Outlaw – Catalyst / On Facebook

Wildfowl – She Opened Her Legs / On Facebook

Up For The Letdown – I Fear Sharks / On Facebook

Slaves – Cease Fire / On Facebook

Slaves – Nervous Energy

Wolfstone Ft. Romy Harmony & Alexander – I’ll Never Let You Go (Fade Remix) / On Facebook

Afro Dizzy Jack Remix – Talking with myself 2012  Afro Dizzy Jack Remix / On Facebook

Mr Beanie – Trap Mix / On Facebook

Much Love.

The Banned Reviews Takeover 24/02/13

So, last night happened.  An hour of big local music from bands across Kent and a few cheeky extras (the best kind).  We have to be honest, it did some nice things to us.  With new material from Crashgate and The Black Waterside we enjoyed it a lot.  Check out all the acts we played live, they’re all kind of awesome.

Track Listing:

Stone Kings – Psycadelic Lady / On Facebook

Tank Trap – Shot Down / On Facebook

IRIS – Long Walk to Sleep / On Facebook

Riskee and the Ridicule – King of the Dole / On Facebook

The Doctorates – Don’t Stop / On Facebook

Andy Robinson – Louder (DJ Fresh Cover)

Elle Rayenne – De-Construction / On Facebook

Thumbscrew and The Flicknife Barbers – Faceache (No Money) / On Facebook

The Black Waterside – Ole Death / On Facebook

Crashgate – As One / On Facebook

Mr Beanie (Rebirth Records) – Deep n Tech Mix / On Facebook

Pawse – Contact / On Facebook

Kilo Kish – Navy / On Facebook


Riskee and the Ridicule

All the best things grow with time.  Riskee and the Ridicule started as a two piece by Scott Picking and Jimbo Aglony before expanding to become the full band they are today.  They fuse acoustic guitars with energy and aggression, a powerful rhyme section, vocal harmonies and raw and relevant lead vocals.  The end result is a gritty, infectious and fierce sound.

Riskee and the Ridicule

Riskee and the Ridicule have several releases to date.  They released their  E.P The Success Pill in May 2012.  Recorded at Emeline studios The Success Pill contains four big tracks that showcase the bands energy and individuality.  The songs detail everyday life in a refreshingly relatable way.  Followed by a live E.P Riskee and the Ridicule’s latest release is King of the Dole.  Another everyday tale that will capture body and your brain, this was released as a free download to celebrate the survival of Ashford’s Platform 5.  These tracks have reached radio stations across Kent and beyond, with Riskee and the Ridicule being played on stations such as the BBC’s introducing show in Kent.  Alongside The King of the DoleThe Success Pill is also available for free.  Links are below.

On the back of their music Riskee and the Ridicule have played many gigs for a variety of bands and venues.  As well as playing venues across Kent the band have played shows at The 1o0 Club and at the Indigo2 inside the O2 Arena.  During their time as a band Riskee and the Ridicule have supported bands such as The Skints, Victims of Circumstance and Imperial Leisure.  Like an illegal firework display, Riskee and the Ridicule’s are always far more explosive than you anticipate.  The band have many live favourites such as Pool Water which always generate a reaction.  Moshing and high energy are standards for their shows, and much like a talking dog it’s something you have to witness.

Riskee and the Ridicule

The band have a new video and new recordings planned, Riskee and the Ridicule are definitely one to watch for the future!  Find download links below for the Success Pill E.P and King of the Dole.

Riskee and the Ridicule on Facebook

The Success Pill Download

King of the Dole Download

David Horn

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