18/03/2013: Stone Kings – Armageddon

Lurking in deepest and darkest south east Kent there is a band.  Built on dark tones and big riffs, Stone Kings have played many an energetic and packed out show. Currently planning the pressing of their latest E.P, we thought we’d whet your appetite with this little and importantly free gem from Stone Kings’ music library.

Stone Kings, Megadeath, David Ellefson, Armageddon

Certified by Megadeath’s David Ellefson.

Armageddon is four minutes and twenty six seconds of dark intensity.  Carried by strong drums, guitars and vocals join forces to create an unrelenting and seething track.  As Armageddon warns that ‘this world has got it coming /now its come around’ you’ll be forgiven for feeling more enjoyment than fear.  Even as Stone Kings talk about the destruction of planet it’s over shadowed by a decidedly ear tingling break down and big riff.  Armageddon is a big slice of hard rock/stoner metal which point towards great things from Stone Kings’ new E.P.

Get your free download of Armageddon here.  You can also find a slightly lighter and creative side to Stone Kings with a track called Midnight Warning up for free download.  Scroll down to hear Armageddon via Youtube and for related posts.

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One thought on “18/03/2013: Stone Kings – Armageddon

  1. Awesome guys. Bloody awesome.

    Reminds me of when Hard, Grunge, Stoner metal was great.

    Cannot stop listening to this music. Well done guys.

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