Arnold the Newt 4: How It All Began

It was a slow quiet afternoon and Arnold the newt was kicking back and chilling – I’d go as far as bored if I’m honest.  Sitting nursing a coffee in one of those small boutique cafes that only sells stuff grown in organic leaf mulch he looked down at the tattered converse holding in his little newty feet and wondered where they could take him.  Draining the last of his coffee he first cursed for not remembering the name of the coffee in coffee language and then scanned the outside for excitement.

Truth be told Wickam-under-Siege was not the best place for the next about town.  Scanning the street the only two things of interest were a drunk squirrel – hilarious, right?! – and the pub.  Hilarious as drunk squirrels maybe, the only liquid they’ll be producing you don’t to drink (very bitter) so off to the pub for Arnold it was.  The rain left dark spots on Arnold’s converse and made the purple of his suit jacket look slightly green as he made the epic journey across the road.  Dodging on-coming traffic like a slightly unstable ninja Arnold made it to the other side, even if he was slightly bruised.

Hand out-stretched, fingers aching in anticipation Arnold was moments from opening the door when a suspicious alley way caught his eye.  Drifting down on a sea of incense and Jimi Hendrix Arnold arrived at a door way shielded only by beads.  After many many shots and a few tokes of something distinctly like tea leaves Arnold passed out.  Coming too Arnold realised he had somehow re-discovered pastry for the world.  Moving to a flat in said alley he became a famous inventor discovering things like the internet, alarm clocks and plants for mankind everywhere.

Arnold was ready to be great inventor, he had plans for the world.  Big plans.

David Horn

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