The Zolas Release Video For Escape Artist

Escape Artist is one of the deeper and more thoughtful moments on The Zolas’ album Ancient Mars, and has now been put to moving pictures – commonly called a video.

Escape Artist is the half way point of Ancient Mars.  A reflective piano starts the track  as bare and honest vocals tell the story of someone forced to hide their true self from the real world.  Restrained and subtle drumming add to a dynamic edge to the song as the story picks up. As the person lives their dream Escape Artist finds a new and sense of energy and positivity.  Escape Artist is a feat in story telling and  delivery.

The Zolas

The video shows the duel life of the protagonist, at first fitting in with friends before returning home to live out what makes him happy.  Escape Artist translates into a video which shows the contrast and of these two worlds and the level of happiness each brings.  The video shows story in an engaging and human way, ending bitter sweet as the main character rejoins the life he has to live.

David Horn

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