My Heroine – Driven To Distraction

my heroine2

Every good story and even reality needs a good heroine, so when four come together at once it has to be a good thing.  My Heroine are a four piece all girl rock band from the South East of England.  My Heroine cite influences from old school metal all the way through to pop-punk and have even managed to gain a comparison to The Bangles.

Driven To Distraction is My Heroine’s debut release.  A punchy riff and an ominous bass line bring in the opener Be With Me.  Fast and direct, Be With Me showcases both sides of My Heroine.  Gritty verses turn into a poppy and hook laden chorus.  Strong riffs,  powerful bass lines and insistent drumming carry Be With Me forward, coming together the sonic version of chicken and bacon.  The barbecue sauce comes in the form of vocals.  Heartfelt, purposeful and filled with harmonies; the vocals complete My Heroine’s set up and establish them as a strong and talented band.

My Heroine

The strength shown in Be With Me is echoed across Driven To Distraction.  A strong bass line gives Spit It Out a  groove in its verses before another upbeat chorus surges down your ears.  Interesting vocal production turns into one more passionate and energetic chorus. The groove turns into a heavy riff driven finish as Spit It Out comes to an end.  Breathe starts with an acoustic guitar, creating a dark feel to the song this vibe continues as the rest of the band join.  Breathe  has a slow and foreboding pace.  Never racing out the speakers My Heroine manage to create a big sounding track as Breathe’s dark energy seethes down your ears.  Show and Tell shows more of the My Heroine’s pop-punk influence.  A strong drum fuels Show and Tell as it hooks you in like Magpie to a shiny thing.  Despite a big chorus and pop-punk element Show and Tell stays true to My Heroine’s sound and further establishes the power of their riffs and song writing.  The vehicle of sound that is Show and Tell stops so suddenly that the crash test dummies that are your ears fly through the windscreen and right into Driven To Distraction’s closer.

I’ll Be Your Heroine is Driven To Distraction’s closer and first single.  A dominant bass line joins guitars as the song grooves it way to an  infectious chorus.  As the the line ‘you give me super powers’ loops in your head you may even crack a smile.  I’ll Be You Heroine grows as more well crafted riffs fill your ears.  Joined by skilled vocal harmonies, I’ll Be You Heroine shows each element of My Heroine at its finest.  

My Heroine

My Heroine have an accomplished first single and an even more accomplished E.P.  A band that don’t try to be anyone, they are one you need to see live.  After just finishing one nation wide tour more are sure to follow.  The fact My Heroine have worked with Smashing Pumpkins’ Raymond Coffer is just an bonus, like finding £20 you forgot you had.  Get the single I’ll Be Your Heroine on Amazon MP3 or the full E.P at My Heroine’s gigs.  Scroll down to see the video to I’ll Be Your Heroine.

My Heroine on Facebook

My Heroine on Amazon MP3

David Horn

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