IRIS – Out of Fiction

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IRIS are reaching the end of their February tour.  The tour has seen them play venues across the country, supporting their E.P Out of Fiction as well as new material.  Out of Fiction is happily very real and will do all kinds of nice things to your inner jelly.  Signed to Engineer Records anyone that’s seen IRIS live will have seen the strength of their songs, professionalism and performance.

IRIS’s sound is a fusion of passion, energy and emotive riffs.  This exemplified across the six track E.P.  The title track Out of Fiction starts the E.P with energy and urgency.  A fast pace and infectious chorus sweep you along as Out of Fiction charges down your ears.  IRIS’s sound reflects the wide range of influences and continually keeps you on your toes as the band switch the delivery and urgency of the song naturally and seamlessly.  The band continue with the fluid transitions of style and delivery across the E.P.

Adding a bright sound Your Surprize is an energetic and fast paced track.  Vocal harmonies, crisp drumming and intelligent guitars show IRIS’s technical skill as much as their creativity.  The guitars maintain a bright but heavy edge as vocals and drums provide more hooks than a giants curtain rail.   A drum breakdown steals your ears as the song builds back up to a high energy finish.  This heavy and dominant sound is also reflected in Long Walk to Sleep.  The band’s latest video, Long Walk to Sleep hits you instantly with heavy and driving riffs.  More strong drumming adds to this to help carry the chorus and another chorus you’ll begin to sing instantly.   As the track goes into a dark vocal break down you anticipation builds, before Long Walk to Sleep explodes back into life.  The Out of Fiction E.P is a tale of relationships, something everyone can relate to they are driven down to the center of your brain harder than a shot of tequila to the eye by passionate and direct vocals.


IRIS do have a softer side however.  The Shade begins with another emotive riff as strings sound above it.  As the guitars soften, Adam Smart’s vocals have a more delicate feel to them.  These add to the fragile sound of The Shade and show IRIS’s versatility.  As your ears get comfy however The Shade packs a big guitar lead heartfelt chorus, snapping them alert like a dog that’s heard the word walk.   This mostly delicate sound is echoed in the E.P closer Thicker Than Water.  An acoustic track, clear guitars complement tender vocals.  Despite being an acoustic track Thicker Than Water picks up intensity as it continues.  Despite working acoustically when played live on electric guitar it will still sound all kinds of good.

On an E.P of strong songs Lie To Me shines a little brighter.  Aggressive from the start; riffs, drums and vocals conspire to create a louder and pounding monster of a track.  Lie To Me flies out your speakers as one more vocal breakdown breaks the track into a new urgency.  Even with thirty seconds to go the track reaches a new level of energy and determination as everything turns up and vocals become screams.

IRIS have a dynamic and versatile sound which will press all the right buttons in your brain.  This E.P promises big things of new material to come.  See them and hear them.  You know it makes sense.  Scroll down to see the new video to Long Walk to Sleep.  See live photography links from IRIS’s last Canterbury gig below.

Image by GIGgle Pics / Sarah Quinn.

Image by GIGgle Pics / Sarah Quinn.

IRIS on Facebook / IRIS’s Music

Engineer Records on Facebook

IRIS Photography from GIGgle Pics

David Horn

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