26/02/2013: The Black Waterside – Ole Death!

Ole death, it reaches all of us sometime.  Which is why it’s important to fill the time between with fun happenings and lots of good music!  One song we recommend to keep your ears entertained is The Black Waterside’s newest track.  Ole Death! is another blusey monster from the band and yours to own for literally no more effort than some keyboard taping and a mouse click.

The Black Waterside once again use vocal samples to genius effect to enhance Ole Death! further.  As a thick southern drawl fades out the powerful voice of Adam Bray storm  in and fills Ole Death! with raw urgency.  Ole Death! soon finds its groove as creative drums add a new element to the track.  The feel of Ole Death grows and grows as the track continues, gaining a bigger and more accomplished sound as it goes on.  Adding to all of this is gritty and powerful guitar playing.

The Black Waterside

Get your free download of Ole Death! here!

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