Crashgate – As One

Crashgate have been going for almost two years and have their debut album Crude Jokes, Death Notes and Unicorns ready for release.  The band have been busier than a supermarket denying knowledge about horse meat and it shows.  Crashgate have a new single ready, an album launch party and a tonne of merch ready for you to get your ears, eyes and hands around.


The first single from Crude Jokes, Death Notes and Unicorns is As One.  A live favourite from their sets, this has received some studio treatment from Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios.  From the moment you press play a chunky riff hits you right in the face as Craig Sheridan uses all his lung power to drop an impressive ‘yeah’.  As the verse kicks in you’re struck creative production and delivery, complimenting the track perfectly. Energetic and furious riffs fused with pounding drumming drive As One forward.  As One only gets louder as it continues, building in energy like a storm made of sound.  From vocal effects and the band’s chant of ‘As one’ to the riffs and drumming As One is a strong and solid rock track which hooks your ears like a piece of candy does to James Woods.

Crashgate Album Launch

Their best release to date, As One points towards good things for their forth coming album.  Head to their Facebook to see information about a chance to win merch and entry to the album launch.  Or, just go to the Astor Community Theatre on the 15th March.  It promises to be a big gig.

Crashgate on Facebook

Crashgate’s album launch details

David Horn

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