18/02/2013: Circle of Rage – Society’s Secret

Circles.  They can make happy things by also angry things.  Five people from Ashford have made the circle into something purposeful and powerful.

Circle of Rage

Circle of Rage are a band that combine big and dominating music with swift and technical changes.  They use this platform to deliver pointed and political messages.  Interested in ‘Music, originality and truth’ the band don’t fail to deliver.  Society’s Secret opens with a foreboding riff before switching up the energy and driving forward.  Over this the vocals speak out about society and the need to resist.  These are delivered by a combination of clean and growling vocals that charge down your brain holes.  Society’s Secret then gains even more momentum as it storms into its final thirty seconds.

From the Curtains Up E.P Society’s Secret is inventive and passionate.  Get your free download of it by clicking here.

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