Must Destroy – Underdog

Studio projects can accidently grow into some of the best things, like the Foo Fighters. So when Arno of Generation Graveyard and Szymek who is now in Mortad started one that grew into a band it has to be good.  The line-up has changed but the music and the concept of Must Destroy remain the same.  Must Destroy are a black metal band that much like the evil rise of the Furbee have grown more than anyone expected.

Must Destroy

The band have several tracks, one of which is Underdog.  Underdog embodies Must Destroy as a powerful and sinister riff climbs over impressive drumming in the race to dive down your ears.  Generation Graveyard vocalist Max also takes over the duties here and delivers searching and angry vocals.  Fusing vocal and combat clips in with their music Must Destroy possess your ears for over six minutes as the song grows and grows.  The lyrics are littered with references to drugs, paranoia and uprising as Must Destroy explore the darkness.

Must Destroy play metal straight up, and have created a dark and powerful sound.  Different to all the bands this projects members have come from Must Destroy maintains the same high level of playing.  If you enjoy any of the bands that make this project you will enjoy it without hearing a repeat of their other work.  Hear the track on their Myspace.

Must Destroy on MySpace

Must Destroy on Facebook

David Horn

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