11/02/2013: Go-Zilla and Enter Shikari

So far this year we’ve bought you a lot of things.  Let’s keep up the variety with some electro based rock!  Variety is the spice of life though, so wash your hands before touching anything … delicate.

First up are Go-Zilla!  The band fuse synths, beats and guitars seamlessly to create energetic and charged music.  Formed just less than a year ago the band support bands such as Sonic Boom Six.  See Go-Zilla support Sonic Boom Six tonight (11/02/2013) at the Ivy, Sheerness!  The songs are then brought to life by a big and entertaining live sets.  Check out the track Camden Queen.  Synths and drums build and break into an electrical storm of sound.  Guitars cut through as passionate and sincere vocals surf the music.  The song is laced with energy like a Russian dissident’s cup of coffee as it fills your head and moves your body.  Camden Queen then picks up the pace even more before ending abruptly.

To get your free download of Camden Queen click here.  There is also a full album available!  Scroll down for Enter Shikari and videos.


Image courtesy of Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics

See more images of Go-Zilla live here.  Because our Dave loves Enter Shikari MORE than biscuits have this download of Rou’s remix if Solidarity!  It adds a new feel to the track and still sounds huge!  There’s even a free E.P and more tracks to choose from.  They’re all yours for the small cost of an email address

Download Solidarity and all the tracks by clicking here.

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