Craig Sheridan – Nitewish

craig sheridan1Everyone has a wish. I wish right now I had a pack of biscuits next to me and Ron Burgundy wishes he’d never had milk. Craig Sheridan has an entirely more romantic wish though. Craig explains all with Nitewish, his first singe as a signed artist. Taken from his forthcoming album As I Am, this will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Nitewish begins on a gentle guitar riff that drifts through the air like a probably heart shaped cloud. Gentle and soothing this suits the lyrics perfectly, helping to create a melody you could easily lose yourself in. Nitewish has a patient and unhurried feel to it as the guitar picks up a Latin feel and draws you in further. Simple and stripped back Nitewish shows the importance and effectiveness of craftsmanship and good writing.

Key to the ambiance of the track are the lyrics. Delivered in a smooth and sincere voice it is hard to believe Craig Sheridan’s other project is the rock band Crashgate . The lyrics paint a picture of a highly romantic scene and show Craig Sheridan’s softer side. Nitewish manages to be a love song without the need for big hooks or by being in your face. It is the reverse, subtle and understated. It doesn’t taste like bubble-gum or sail too close to the disturbing seas of Fifty Shades of Grey. It has a happy medium.

Craig Sheridan

Nitewish invites you in to its world by your own free will. It is without question a love song in every sense. It does it well though without pretending to be anything it isn’t  Perfectly timed for release on Valentine’s Day, this will make Valentine’s Day 2013 even more special for those with someone to share it with. I don’t think anyone will disagree with Craig’s wish, in the mean time I still don’t have those biscuits and I think Ron is trapped in a glass case of emotion.  Find the track on iTunes and all good download sites.

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David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. Nitewish

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