The Doctorates – Sorry Love

Having seen this band live I’m fairly sure there’s not a single doctor between them.  They have supported Oasis’s Bonehead however so maybe they have some medical skill.  Either way their debut E.P Sorry Love is well worth your attention.  The Folkestone based indie band have laid five tracks down like a row of colourful musical shots ready for your ears.

I Don’t Need This starts the E.P.  A strong drum beat and a warm guitar riff set the tone for this fast paced and hooky track.  Like all the best indie I Don’t Need This tempts your body into a cheeky dance whilst the pleasant musical after taste will leave lines stuck in your head.  Alongside  the chorus’ ‘oh no oh no oh no no no’ are lines such as like ‘Come and find me/Re-deisgn me’.  These sum up I Don’t Need You‘s contagious but hearty nature.  Unlike a lot of shots after the intelligent drumming, good lyrics and warm guitars you’ll be asking whats next.

Sorry Love

Relate-able, heartfelt and full of life The Doctorates show how indie should be made.  They continue this sound across their remaining four tracks.  Like all good rounds, The Doctorates stick to their core sound with twists and creativity to  keep your ears smiling.  The title track Sorry Love maintains the energy and adds a riff with an instant classic feel to it.  As another chorus with more hooks than a ship full of pirates means this song fills your brain.  She Won’t Be Found  shows elements of the band’s influence as vibes of the Stereophonics’ Mr Writer come through in Doctorates style.  The song delivers strong indie rock, direct like a a Tequila shot done through your eye.  Ground closes the Sorry Love E.P.  Another fast drum beat and a quirky guitar riff underline a tale of going out and relationship trouble.  As a big riff soars from Nick Thompkins guitar it ends the E.P leaving you wishing there were more tracks.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics Photography.

Image by Sarah Quinn / GIGgle Pics Photography.

The Sorry Love E.P’s stand-out track is Don’t Stop.  A creative guitar riff instantly grabs your attention as a more mellow drum beat gives it some love.  The track saunters about your head at a slower pace as typically catchy lyrics come through your speakers.  Don’t Stop shows the The Doctorates talent and ability at it’s best across the whole band.

The Sorry Love E.P is a big start for a band and points to big things from The Doctorates.  Recorded by Carl Crane sat CMC Studios it sounds crisp and clear.  Discover this band live and pick yourself up an E.P. G’wan.

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David Horn

Track Listing:

  1. I Don’t Need This
  2. Sorry Love
  3. Don’t Stop
  4. She Won’t Be Found
  5. Ground

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