Darktown Jubilee Release Video For Stay

Manchester indie rockers Darktown Jubilee have released the video to their next single Stay.  Stay follows their last single Breakdown and is available on iTunes now.

Filmed in the best location, at a karaoke bar, the video features a wide array of people.  Inside the bar everyone from your gran to Elvis and even little people in gimp suits can be found singing and dancing to Stay.  Finding her way through a sea of happy and unique people is Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkins.  As she enters a clothes shop dressing room she finds herself in this karaoke Narnia.

Directed by Jason Wingard, Stay is a genius take on the karaoke bar and the people that can be found there.  You’ll laugh, you’ll (not) cry and you’ll laugh again.

Vocalist and guitarist David Boardman says “…we were keen to show another, more playful, humorous side to the band whilst still remaining true to the essence of the song. The initial idea was to have the lead character enter a surreal, dreamlike scenario in which a procession of weird and wonderful characters were singing the song in karaoke style…It was a cool video to make which included nods to some favourite films and formative influences!”

David Horn

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