Platform 5 In Ashford Has One Last Chance Of Survival Or Closes Thursday


One of Ashford’s only music venues  faces closure on Thursday.  The venue has been a center piece in the Ashford’s music scene.  It has hosted events covering every genre of music from drum and bass to hardcore.  Bands such as Riskee and the Ridicule have benefited greatly from the venues support, as have many charities.  Platform 5 has been focal point for tours, including bands from America  and Europe.

Platform 5 is hosting a free entry event tomorrow to make the £2000 it needs to continue.  Blacken the Name and Riskee and the Ridicule will play from 8pm.  The event is an opportunity to show your appreciation for Platform 5 and help save it, and Ashford’s music scene.

See details here.

***Platform 5 survived***

David Horn

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