28/01/2013: The Reason I Failed History – Doom De Doom

Personally we love history; the pyramids, the Romans and trying to remember what happened last night.  This band clearly aren’t so keen.  The Reason I Failed History do sound a bit good though so we’ll let them off.  They even have an ace and helpfully  free track for you to wrap your ears around.  Check out Doom De Doom.

Doom De Doom opens with gentle and tentative guitars … for four seconds.  The guitars then have some energy drink and explode into life.  Climbing over them are upbeat and passionate vocals.  With a summer guitar sound and infectious gang vocals the track drives forward.   Doom De Doom ends abruptly on a guitar solo, leaving you with the urge to play it from the start all over again.  Vitalized drumming fuels Doom De Doom and is key to the track as it explodes in your ear like a pinata filled with too much chocolate.  As hooky as this track is the lyrics add another dimension.   As they speak about changes they lift you up reminding you about the good days and to stay true yourself.  Good times for your ears and your brain.  The front cover even has a bad ass solider sub-machine gunning demons, so you know its good.

Click here to get your download of Doom De Doom by The Reason I Failed History.

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Doom De Doom


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