Fine Times – Hey Judas

Fine Times

Synthy goodness.  This is one of the best kinds of goodness and Canadian two piece Fine Times have it down.  The first single from their forth coming self-titled debut album is Hey Judas.

Entering your ears in a big shimmering cloud of synths Hey Judas drifts along at a lazy pace, sounding like a fun fair squashed into a record.  After the triumphant opening the synths are joined vocals.  These add an indie vibe to the Hey Judas and sound more like they are talking to you  rather an listening to someone sing, or yodel, tracks at you.  The drums are instrumental in creating the relaxed vibe of the track.  They sound restrained and warm, like a friendly polar bear.

Fine Times

Adding an infectious layer to Hey Judas the chorus kicks in.  ‘Woah oh oh oh woah oh oh oh, woah oh woah oh oh’.  Lyrical genius, no.  Will you be singing and thinking it after two seconds? Yes.  Happily the verses are there for all your lyrical needs.  The verses tell a story of a close couple sharing life together.  The romantics among you will say ‘awww’ at first as they buy meals for each other.  As the song continues, what the couple shares gets more and more personal however.  ‘Just beat me and rob me like a heathen.’  The song asks  if they are deviants, it’s up to you want the answer is.

As the song ends it gains a big feel like the ending to some cinema epic, set in slow motion.  Hey Judas is a joyfully synthy and indie track.  With a relaxed Sunday vibe it is the perfect song to chill to, it would also make a pretty interesting Sunday. The album will be released in April.  If you remember anything from this track remember ‘Don’t Stop here’.

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David Horn

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