Feature: Smash Yo Records – Charity Mixing and Mastering

Normally smashing your records is the last thing we’d want you to do.  There are some people though that bring a new meaning to the term Smash Yo Records.  The mixers and masterers of Smash Yo Records strive to bring professional services to those that wouldn’t normally have access to them.  Their site even has a quote from the Harold and Kumar movie, so you know they’re good.

Smash Yo Records began in November 2011.  Managed by Nachos Narcis they work  with any genre of music.  Smash Yo Records state “there is nothing that we don’t like. In a world that experiences change every second, we expect every track and artist to be different if not unique.”    From mixing, mastering and promoting to assistance with song arrangement Smash Yo Records offer a host of services to those starting out in the music business.  Starting off in style the first track Smash Yo Records worked on has been signed to Virgin Music.  The track was even produced and recorded at BBC studios.  The goal of Smash Yo Records is to set those they work with the tools and material to secure record deals with industry majors.

Smash Yo Records

The driving force behind Smash Yo Records is an ethos of charity and opportunity.  “We started like anything is started in this world, because of a need – the need to provide help and support to those in more need. As the world works, we help it along.”  The services they offer are available to musicians for free.  An important part of Smash Yo Records’ founding ethos are mistakes.  They place value in the making of them and what is learnt from them.  All the best things are learnt by mistake, like gravity and combining chocolate and peanut butter.  Underpinning all this is a sense of quality, every track being made with the intention of release.

The man behind Smash Yo Records is Nachos Narcis, and it’s safe to say he’s been around.  For the last six years Nachos has been involved so many music pies he should probably wear a bib.  Nachos’s career in music began in the United States where he worked as a DJ before moving to the UK an becoming a Entertainment Manager for two night clubs.  He learnt engineering from the engineers at the legendary Abbey Road studios.  Music has been part of his life since birth, his mother was an acclaimed pianist.

Nachos Narcis

The future is bright for Smash Yo Records.  They plan to offer work experience for graduates and those interested in careers in the music industry.  The also plan take an even bigger step and open a recording studio, partnered with a label with links to an industry major.   Giving them them an even wider range of services including distribution this will ensure that Smash Yo Records have an even bigger 2013.

Smash Yo Records is a label with big plans and skills, built on an ethos of kindness, quality and charity.   “In 2012, we had a good year, full of knowledge and contacts. 2013 will bring an extension to this, to promote and support emerging artists.”  They should be any musicians’ first stop on the musical ladder.  If you’re feeling generous you can even donate to the cause, helping them achieve even more.  Email submissions to info@smashyorecords.co.uk to get involved.

SmashYo Records on Facebook

Smash Yo Records on the internet

Smash Yo Records on Twitter

Smash Yo Records on Soundcloud

David Horn


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