Darktown Jubilee – Stay

Manchester has always had a thriving music scene, proven to this very day with emerging bands such as The 1975, and Darktown Jubilee.  Here with their debut album, Darktown Jubilee have a whole new set of warm and honest indie rock.

The single version of Stay has been mixed by Cenzo Townsend, who has previously worked with the Vaccines and Macabees.  Working with Cenzo Townsend vocalist and guitarist David Boardman said “It was a dream to get Cenzo to remix it for us. He has mixed some of the greatest records of the last 10 years and I think he definitely brought out the best in the track.”  The result is a charged and emotional record.  Coming in straight on a drum beat the track storms along on a hooky riff and heartfelt synths.  Adding to the audio blender are the vocals.  These add an honest, emotional and sincere quality to the track.  Stay has all the horn marks of an indie rock classic, showing the bands influence from bands like The Killers but also their own sound

The debut album The World, The Flesh and The Devil is available on iTunes now.  Find this band for some heartfelt indie rock.

Darktown Jubilee on Facebook

Darktown Jubilee on iTunes

David Horn

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