14/01/2013: Slaves and Tyrannosaurus Alan

Start the week proper with some free music goodness!  We’ve got two tracks for you this week, a brand new track seething with punk energy and a oldie from a band sadly no longer with us.

Firstly, Slaves are back; and feeling generous.  A new track called Nervous Energy  is waiting on their Bandcamp for free or whatever you want to pay.  The Maidstone punk band have one minute and fifty three seconds of angry and dark sounds.  As socially critical as ever, the harsh tones of Laurie Vincent dive down your ears over the sinister riffs of Isaac Holman.  Another big track, Slaves have once again delivered punk at its finest.  All your’ for free!  Get Nervous Energy for yourself here.

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Because we’re feeling extra generous have one more track on us, well Tyrannosaurus Alan.  It’s been kicking around the dark recesses of this site for a while.  Tyrannosaurus Alan sadly stopped as a band at the end of last year after a pretty good run, let’s be honest.  S.T.B features Jak Brown.  A slice of hard and driving ska, you’ll feel happy to have it in your ears and sad Tyrannousaurus are no more.  Trumpets play over energetic snarling  guitars and raw vocals.  Genius!  Get your copy here!

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