Pawse – The Contact E.P

Electronics and a soul.  This didn’t work out well with Frankenstein, and I Robot wasn’t too successful either – and then there’s sat navs.  Maybe they were doing it wrong however, one person has cracked it.  Pawse has combined the two without any monsters, violence or irate sounds.  What Pawse has done is make the Contact E.P, which fills your ears with more sounds than you thought it possible to handle.  Get comfy and stick on your chunkiest headphones, this is a bit good,

Standing Still opens the E.P with a subtle piano line, drifting through your mind like mist through a forest.  As your mind relaxes the beat kicks in joined by a host of electronic sounds.  These combine to make something effortless and serene.  Low dub vibes and high chimes make a sound both peaceful but intriguing.  You’ll be entranced until a digital spirit does a mildly evil laugh that jolts you back to your senses, only for a second.  It’s OK to admit you jumped a little or at least thought ‘what the…?’, I know I did.  This sets the standard of the Contact E.P both musically and on a production level.  The tracks are clear and sharp; letting every sound, and there are a few, shine through.

Whilst this sets the musical standard it doesn’t confine Pawse’s approach in any way.  A genius array of instruments, sounds and samples keep your ears more engaged than the banks call center all the way through.  Beyond the odd sneaky sample (the best kind) there are no words.  Even still Pawse manages to say a lot and create moods.  More than a lot of records.  Tracks such as Capsize manage to create an adventurous and curious vibe with synths, as dub sounds add a deeper layer to the track.  Cosmo Crunch has an entirely different feel to it.  Dominant dub and direct synths create something which makes itself felt, without drastically changing the the Contact E.P’s pace.  It literally makes itself felt.  Many of the sounds that climb down your ears will feel like they’re having a physical impact on your insides.  You may the urge to try and scratch the inside of you ear/brain, but they don’t make fingers long enough so enjoy the … odd sensation.

I Need You stands out on the E.P.  The use of electronic and organic sounds creates a mesmerizing track with an eastern feel.  Adding to this is the incredible use of sampling.  From breathing to the line ‘I need you’ the sampling sends shivers down your spin.  The contrast between the delivery of this line between soft and urgent vocalists only adds to the tracks magic.  It ends with your mind not entirely ready to leave that place.  The title track Contact also sticks in your mind with its glitchy delivery and smooth piano.  The track gives off a warm vibe as guitars give it yet another element.

If you let it this E.P will sink deep into your brain and do nice things along the way.  Creative and inventive the Contact E.P is yours for free, proving that the best things really are free.  When it’s over it you’ll probably be too relaxed to move.  Enjoy this.  Visit Pawse’s Bandcamp to download your own copy at .

Pawse on Bandcamp

Pawse on Facebook

Track Listing

  1. Stand Still
  2. I Need You
  3. Capsize
  4. Contact
  5. Cosmo Crunch
  6. Neurotransmissions

David Horn

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