09/01/2013: Audiowhores and Elle Rayenne

It’s a good week for music!  We couldn’t decide on one so here’s two tracks for you this week.

The first comes from a previous free download, Audiowhores.  Starting 2013 in style the band are hitting you with a new track and a new a video.  The track is called Slice of Life, and hit is definitely the word of choice.  As you press play a heavy riff slams into your ear drums.  Slice of Life storms along like a drunk looking for pizza at 4am in the morning as undeniably funky vocals soar over the driven sounds.  A hooky chorus then completes the job before a big solo climbs out the mix.  A new development in Audiowhores sound, your ears need this – just sayin’.  Plus there are only 200 downloads available!

Download your copy of Slice of Life here.  Scroll down for Elle Rayenne.

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Next is Elle Rayenne.  They’re back with a new E.P and from it the track so catchy it should probably be illgel, Rayguns.  This is the E.P’s title track and once you hear it, it’s not leaving your mind.  Ever.  From the first ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’ it’s embedded in your brain.  Full of awesome indie vibes this track has it all; an obscenely catchy chorus, a bouncy pace and great vocals.   And this is only one of the four track E.P.  Get it your copy of Raygun here, because sometimes happy bouncy smiling is just what you need.

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