Lots of dangerous creatures are making their way to our humble little island – all of them nasty and venomous.  So lets make it fun – and add all the animals we wish lived here.

Lets start vaguely scientific – meerkats.  Thanks to  a horrendously catchy advertising campaign literally everyone in the county loves meerkats – everyone save for an angry woman in Bristol but she hates everything. even toast!  Their also naturally immune to poisonous things and can eat escaped snakes and spiders.

Bears.  We need bears.  Dangerous maybe but imagine how much exciting a walk in the woods with Granny will be with the risk of bears.

Finally for now, to make our waterways that much more entertaining – river penguins.  Strictly speaking these don’t exist but we can get a load, confuse  them and let ‘em lose hoping for the best.  We can’t lose they’ll either be graceful and majestic or hilarious.


David Horn

This was posted originally posted on a previous blog here.



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